Medical Astrology


Medical Astrology

Significance of Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is one of the most organised ways of knowing the roots of diseases. It is also known as iatromathematics which has no scientific basis, but it works miraculously in knowing the cores of ailments. The realm of medical astrology is a historically applied department of astrology established mainly on the roots of melothesia. The branch of melothesia primarily deals with the peculiar association of numerous parts of the body. It nurtures information on diseases and drugs with the constitution of the sun, moon, all the planets, and the twelve primary astrological signs.

Benefits of Medical Astrology in managing a multitude of diseases

Medical Astrology works like a wonder in not just knowing the basics of diseases but also curing and managing them.

  • Medical astrology assists in recognizing the doshas and afflictions that lead to diseases.
  • It assists in identifying problematic planets, which degrades the health condition of a person.
  • Medical astrology works as a boon for knowing the adverse elements in horoscopes that lead to stubborn diseases and illnesses.
  • The methodologies of medical astrology assist in identifying the diseases at early stages, which helps in dealing with them on time.
  • Medical astrology portrays the role of heavenly bodies, stars and planets that create disturbances in horoscopes and lead to diseases and disorders.
  • The significance of medical astrology bolsters in figuring out the particular zodiac characteristics that make a person fall ill.

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