60 Minutes Chief Astrologer Consultation - USD 150.00

Astrology Consultation

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Astrology services can solve many of your day to day problems by suggesting correct remedial measures to your planetary afflictions. Our expert astrologers analyse your horoscope in depth to predict your future and also remove any obstacles that may cause hindrances to your path to success.

Our astrologers are available online for direct consultation over Phone (+91-7338766066) or Skype (ID - Vedicfolks)  or you can even book online for consultation. You can even choose to fix prior appointment with our customer executives who can be contacted on the number mentioned.

You can consult our online astrologers and ask any number of questions of your choice.


Astrology Services – Solution to Problems Made Easy

The influence of planets on our birth charts varies from time to time. This has a direct impact on the progress of your life and may show positive or negative changes when the planets move from one plane to the other. For an immediate know-how of the astrological impact on your life, order from our list of reports that will be prepared for you exclusively by our expert professionals in astrology.


Consultation Available On Demand


Fate and Fortune Interactive Session

Raj Yoga Predictions Interactive Session

Determination of birthtime Session

Lifetime curse removal readings

Career forecast Interactive Session

Karmic AstrologyInteractive Session

Success Path Mapping  

Personalized Jupiter Transit Prediction Interactive Session

Master Health Interactive Session


We have slots only with our Chief Astrologer and for full reading we recommend to choose 60 minutes slot. You shall also visit following link for scheduling the Consultation slot :


60 Minutes Chief Astrologer Consultation
USD 150.00