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Karmic Astrology Interactive Session


What is Karma and What it Denotes?

The word "Karma" is a Sanskrit terminology in ancient texts, denotes "deed". It is an initialization of the desired acts without an ethical significance is the root path of causes and effects. In other words is an outcome of a person's desired act end up with good and bad endemic covering the twelve Law of Karma's including The Great Law, Law of Creation, Law of Humility, Law of Growth, Law of Responsibility, Law of Connection, Law of Focus, Law of Giving and Hospitality, Law of Here and Now, Law of Change, Law of Patience and Reward, Law of Significance and Inspiration.

Here, the point of understanding is, to justify the Karmic consequences, is good to learn our lessons from the matured experiences to make necessary changes in life and break the myth of instability and unnatural well-being . To overcome bad deeds, participate religious sacrifices and rituals, performed by scholars to derive an ultimate reconciliation from on-going obstacles, grey period, dooms and don'ts, negative vibrations and death eaters. Achieving Purity will clear your way to manifest desires in life.

Why Karma is Never Ending Process?

Karma is a continuous process until death, and never stops or relax. As Soul is our inner path for divinity and spirituality, Karma reflects our path of action which is continued as per Life pattern. It is popularly known as a natural make-over and a strong support for survival of all species in the world. When the life has to move with both good and bad karmas, we find less opportunity to reap the harvest of our deeds during this life time. Reaping the harvest is not a over-night achievement and it is a time process to get the rewards for the deeds. But guide us the path of what to do and what not to do, and more you do good, better result will come out of it. There are many changes takes place in one's life time and Karma differs from one person to other. So looking back the history of your life time, the betterment is not for the purpose of what is the deed and how can be recouped but it should focus for growth of the greater good during greater period. Therefore, understanding the life with good deeds from the teachings of karmic influences, better the time and the world will turn around to everyone.

Karma is not a path of bad influences. If you continue the way to continue with negative thoughts and perform disastrous deeds, the karmic cycle will not change and will follow with bad and negative influences. Unless people change the path of destruction and adverse approaches, the conscious for betterment will have no roads to success in life. People with the experience from karmic influences should start spreading love and affection with good intentions, to break the path of infinity of bad consequences.

Analysis of Karma Using Divisional Charts

Astrology is the arithmetic science showing the effects of planetary position in one's life who should be guided only by an expert with proper astrological reports, to make aware exactly the live positions of the planets at any given time, also showing how zodiac sign is projecting the influences in relation to the geographical location.

One of the method to know the influences of planetary position and overcoming the intricacies, use of our extensive report showing the specific areas of native's life based on the principles of Divisional Charts where specific charts describes Wellbeing of the person, Wealth and Property, Siblings status, Children and grand Children prospects, Spouse, Father and Mother, Strength and Weakness. Detection of exact position of the planetary positions invites lot of mathematical study which our Extensive Report provide the requisite details in a simplified manner.


Table of Covered Theme in the Session


Birth Details and Astrological Details

The Birth details summarizes his individuality, characteristics features and personal well-being

Birth Chart & Divisional Charts

We provide you the complete details about your Spouse, Career, Karma of Past Life, Strength, Details about Children, micro and macro matters, details about Siblings and knowledge.

Your Query or Concern

Answering your query will be our prime motive clearing your doubts and difficulties and provide you clarity of understanding on our reports. Customer Centric is our prime motive.

Astrological Affect Over Your Chart and Divisional Chart

Divisional Charts represents as a simple and short horoscope produced by us from the report bifurcating each indications from Natal Chart and further divided into number of sections.

Upapada Lagna, Arudra Lagna

Upapada Lagna denotes spouse and Arudra Lagna indicates how you resemble in the eyes of the world

Hora Lagna, Prana Pada Lagna, Ghati Lagna

  • Hora Lagna describes your Wealth and Money
  • Prana Pada Langa  describes his soft skills, individual leadership qualities
  • Ghati Lagna denotes aspects of life about human mentality and reliability

D9 Chart Analysis and Affect and Interpretation

D9 related everything related to wed-lock and marriage

D60 Analysis and Affect and Interpretation

D60 shows the effects of Karma of Previous Life

D10 Analysis and Affect and Interpretation

D10 talks about the career, achievements and awards

Affective Remedial measures

Solution to the environmental issues

Karma Remedies to Solve the Current Issues

Reversing the Bad Karmas, unfinished deed

Gemstone Recommendation for Your Well Being

A healing stone, by wearing brings strength, courage, and peace

Rudraksha Recommendation for Your Growth

A precious beads, in the name of Lord Shiva, gives clarity and vision

Homas and Temple Puja Will be Suggested to Overcome Negativity

Respective Temple worship and Homas are suggested for overcoming hurdles, achieve peace.

Mantras – For your Success in this Birth to Solve Problems for Lifetime

Reciting Powerful Mantras for Miracles, is a wisdom of thought and action

Mantras for quick redemption of problems

Reciting powerful Mantras to overcome problems without delay

Birth & Divisional Charts

The Divisional Charts is produced from Birth Particulars of the person

Main Chart provide you the details about Spouse, Career

Detailed Chart is provided on your request about the Person Career, Spouse and Other Life Particulars

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