18 Siddhars Homam


18 Siddhars Homam

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Siddhars are the heavenly souls who are considered near to God. The term Siddhars refers to the one who is accomplished. They are the celestial yogis or Devarishis known for their innate power and wisdom. They are the immortals who bring the revolution of knowledge and philosophy to the world. The inspiring teachings of great Siddhars can be unveiled in Tamil literature in the form of poems and other sacred texts. The mystics were great devotees of the commanding Lord Shiva. They are known for their pious union with the supreme consciousness Shiva.

Siddhars are known to have the ultimate strengths of transforming the body, space and matter. They are esteemed to possess the best knowledge in Yoga, medicine, kundalini awakening, alchemy, spiritual science, philosophy and numerous other niches. These saints practised the highest states of meditation and attained mysterious powers. They are the spiritual leaders who have attained glorious powers. They are known for their rich knowledge and ideologies. Siddhars are called so because they have attained the highest grades of spiritual qualities or siddhis.

Siddhars possess the eight most extraordinary supernatural qualities or ashta siddhis. Here is a brief description of their ashta siddhis-

  • Anima- The mighty Siddhars are renowned for converting into the tiniest possible element like an atom
  • Mahima- Using this quality, Siddhars can gain unflinching proportions.
  • Laghima- It assists them in converting into the slightest form possible such as the vapour.
  • Garima- This quality allows Siddhars to grow as massive as a mountain.
  • Prapti- They can perform transmigration or the smooth entry into other bodies using this energy.
  • Prakamya- Siddhars also maintain the characteristics of Omni-pervasiveness or the quality of being in every element.
  • Isatvam- The supreme Siddhars also acquire omnipotence or the abilities to be in all the universal creations.
  • Vasitvam- They also possess the great attribute of being omnipresent or being everywhere.

These are the siddhis or the supernatural strengths which the imperial Siddhars possess. They acquire all these virtues because of their awareness, proficiency and divine vision. These qualities make them more renowned and notable. Here are the eighteen legendary Siddhars of the Vedic realm-

Agasthiyar Siddhar

Agasthiyar Siddhar is a renowned sage in the Vedic realm. His contributions have added more glory to the spiritual world. Various legends elaborate that Agasthiyar Siddhar came to light with the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Kalanginathar Siddhar

Kalanginathar Siddhar is a renowned Siddhar and teacher of Bhogar. He is an elite siddhar who possesses perfection in three forms of Tamil Siddha Medicine.

Nandi Devar Siddhar

Nandi Devar Siddhar, also known as Adi Siddha, is a celebrated Siddhar in the Vedic world. The commanding Lord Shiva initiated the mighty Siddhar.

Pambatti Siddhar

Pambatti Siddhar is one of the eighteen Siddhars. He holds a vast understanding of alchemy, yoga and medicines.

Bogar Siddhar

Bogar Siddhar is a revered sage and alchemist. Boganathar or Boyang owns a big name as the Tamil Shaivite Siddhar. He is widely celebrated as Palani Malai Siddhar.

Idaikkadar Siddhar

Idaikkadar Siddhar is a notable figure in the Vedic world. He contributed a lot to magnifying astrological findings. Idaikkadar Siddhar is a great devotee of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva.

Machamuni Siddhar

Machamuni Siddhar shares a glorious place in Vedic philosophy and is an expert on vaasiyogam. He is proficient in the kundalini knowledge, meditation, space and atomic sciences.

Sattaimuni Siddhar

The mighty Sattaimuni Siddhar has contributed to formulating 46 notable works on alchemy. He is known for being the guru of Sundaranar and Pambatti, two prominent Siddhars.

Pulipaani Siddhar

Pulipaani Siddhar discovers a notable place in the Vedic realm for his medicine and alchemy. He is known to be one of the most skilled disciples of Siddhar Bogar.

Sundaranandar Siddhar

Sundaranandar Siddhar is a celebrated figure in the Vedic and spiritual world. Sundaranar Siva Gnana yoga 32 and Sundaranar Vakkya Sutram 64 are the most important works by the prominent Siddhar.

Azhukanni Siddhar

Azhukanni Siddhar gloriously illustrates the Siddha medicine system and applied fields simply. His literary works are evidence of his proficiency in medicine and alchemy.

Kamalamuni Siddhar

Kamalamuni Siddhar acquires an important place in Vedic legends and verses. He illustrated numerous elixirs to the world on spiritual awakening and yogic knowledge.

Therayar Siddhar

Therayar Siddhar acquires a glorious place among the known Vedic scholars. The mighty Siddhar is a revered disciple of Dharmasowmiyar. He has played an impeccable role in classifying diseases and devising optimum solutions for them.

Ramadevar Siddhar

Ramadevar Siddhar is a renowned sage who occupies a special place in the Vedic realm. He is celebrated as the sage who holds strong possession of Attama siddhi.

Karuvoorar Siddhar

Karuvoorar Siddhar owns a significant place in the Vedic world. His devotion to improving the Tamil Siddhar system and knowledge of meditation and yoga makes him the most established Siddhar.

Goraknath or Korakkar Siddhar

Goraknath or Korakkar Siddhar discovers enormous importance in the Vedic region. He is a devoted follower and student of the great Machamuni Siddhar. Goraknath or Korakkar Siddhar is also one of the nine saints recognised as Navnath.

Thirumoolar Siddhar

Thirumoolar Siddhar occupies an integral place in the Vedic and spiritual world. Tirumantiram is the most acknowledged work by the imperial siddhar. It contains 3000 verses and detailed elaboration on Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta.

Kudambai Siddhar

Kudambai Siddhar is one of the most admirable sages and discovers a prominent was place among 18 renowned siddhars. The mighty scholar hailed as a great saint who enlightened people about the importance of sadhana and spiritual practices.