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Agasthiyar Siddhar Homam


About Agasthiyar Siddhar

Agasthiyar Siddhar is a renowned sage in the Vedic area. Siddhars are those proficient spiritual learners and sages who possess miraculous powers or siddhis. There are eighteen supreme Siddhars, and Agasthiyar is the guru of all of them. The powerful Siddhar is tagged as the father of Siddhar medicines. Agasthiyar Siddhar owns prestigious titles of Siddha physician, scholar, alchemist, and miracle performer. The commanding Siddhar is the holder of ashta siddhis or eight great supernatural powers.

Importance of Agasthiyar Siddhar in Vedic philosophy

Agasthiyar is a known and celebrated Siddhar in the Vedic realm. His contributions have added more glory to the spiritual world. Various legends elaborate that Agasthiyar Siddhar came to light with the blessings of Lord Shiva. He also finds elaborative notes in great legends such as Mahabharata and Ramayana. Agasthiyar has been an ardent devotee and disciple of Lord Murugan. The mighty Agasthiyar Siddhar is behind the invention of Kaya Kalpa medicine. He is a big name in the Siddha medicine system region. He ruled the Tamil Siddha medicine network as the head of Tamil Sangam.

Great saints and scholars including Babaji, Thiruvalluvar, Macchamuni and Boganathar are the known followers of Agasthiyar Siddhar.

Significance of Agasthiyar Siddhar Homam

In Agasthiyar Siddhar Homam, a fire kund is lightened to attract the glorious blessings of great saint Agasthiyar. The Homam includes chanting mantras and meditations to please the mighty Saint. Various rituals occur, such as Sankalpa being performed and offerings being presented to add more grace to the homa ritual.

Benefits of Agasthiyar Siddhar Homam

Here are a few notable windfalls of Agasthiyar Siddhar Homam:

  • Agasthiyar Siddhar Homam brings glory and bliss in life.
  • This Homam enlightens life with the morals and inspiring lessons of Agasthiyar Siddhar.
  • It brings riddhi and siddhi in life.
  • This fire ritual boosts spiritual cognisance and brings immense consciousness to life.
  • The Homam grants liberation from all the material and unrealistic bondage.
  • This Homam embellishes life with yogic values and has immense calmness.

Attain all the above boons with the seamless organisation of Agasthiyar Siddhar Homam. Contact us and know about the importance of sage Agasthiyar. We will help you execute a homa ritual to nurture your life with the enormous blessings of Agasthiyar Siddhar. We have proficient priests as perfect arrangements to execute the fire ritual for you. Prosper under the glory and guidance of sage Agasthiyar Siddhar. Hurry up! Book for the Homam with our team and unveil miraculous advantages.


2 Hours Package
USD 255.00
  • No of Priest - 2
  • Up to 501 Ahurthis
5 Hours Package
USD 575.00
  • No of Priest - 3
  • 10008 Ahurthis
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
USD 2,820.00
  • Up to 10 Priest
  • 125000 Ahurthis