Ancestors Rituals

Karmic problems and doshas are caused by various reasons which affect a person’s life. It is very important to receive blessings from our ancestors to lead a successful life. The pithru dosham occurs when our ancestors souls do not get peace because of not done certain ritual like tharpanam to ancestors and if their desires are not fulfilled.

Vedicfolks conducts these ancestors’ rituals in an effective manner with the most authoritative expert priests who have knowledge and ease to make your forefathers and ancestor’s soul happy and get heartfelt blessings from them for happiest life ahead.

According to vedic scriptures certain rituals/ homam should be offered to ancestors atleast once in a year which helps the departed souls to get peace and attain salvation.

Why should you choose Vedic Folks?

We proudly possess a set of expert Homa performers who will ensure to carry out every single and small detail while performing a homa. Your homa needs right from purchasing the raw materials for the homa, until the end product of delivering the blessings through the sacred fire and prasadams will be planned and executed by these experts. It is suggested that conducting and participating ancestors ritual once in a year will progress your life by bounds and leaps.