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Tila Homam


What is Tila Homam?

Tila Homam is a Vedic ritual performed to appease the departed souls of the ancestors and blood relations family members, whose death have taken place unnaturally. Tila Homam is also an age old practice followed and a solution to Pitru Dosha, if identified in the natives birth chart where Sun signifies ancestors, afflicts ninth house, when Sun and Rahu or Ketu combines together creating negative effects, where Sun forms Pitru Dosha. Also, there is possibility of another Pitru Dosha, if Saturn afflicts the ninth house. If Chandra the moon forms part of Pitru Dosha, the inflictions are many, becomes more complicated ending with terrible sufferance.

If you say Pitru, it means "Forefathers, Ancestors". The souls of the ancestors or forefathers fail to rest in peace who sometimes die, unnaturally. The unnatural death can be due to:

  • Accident by vehicle, falling down etc.
  • Drowning in water
  • Serious body burns
  • Bite of deadly insect
  • Life ended by poisonous
  • Suicidal death
  • Death of prematurity
  • Killed by weapons
  • Strangling of neck
  • Died at-once when given birth
  • Left home being lunatic and seen dead

What is the Ninth House of Birth Chart represents?

In general it refers to Father, Guru, Ancestors, Spiritual Growth, Luck Aspects, Faith and Understanding, Religion, Traditional practices, Holy Spiritual Places, Temples, Knowledge and Higher Education, Colleges and Universities, Philosophy, International Business Affairs.

Why Pitru Dosha is Important?

In Astrology, Pitru Dosha is symbolically understood in the birth chart under the classic heading "Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra", in addition to other details. Ancient scriptures and puranas also have elaborated the Pitru Dosha afflictions in horoscope, the cause and effects on the natives, his blood relation family members and also mentioned what is the remedy to overcome the continuing problems, unending disputes, sober and crisis.

To rightly understand, strong curses of ancestors or forefathers are considered to be very serious in the lives of natives, can cause serious injuries, persistent health related problems, even at times can skip the eyes of medical examiners and fail to identify and diagnose the invisible dreadful disease and advise from doctors can also end up in futile and ineffective, as the status of the disease go beyond the eyes of medical practices. It can also give rise to physical, mental and social ill-being, lack of happiness, no prosperity, which can unsettle life, upset minds, uproot family growth and desert the life of natives.

It is by study and practice that the learned say from ancient times, that forefathers are very important root of our family generation and they should be kept in good spirit, performing yearly karmas, to appease their soul, to rest in peace. It is also given to understand that forefathers expect the successors in their family to offer their prayer performing Tila Homam, who are our divine souls and should seek forgiveness for any omissions, wrong doings and bad habits, seek their blessings, placing them well in our heart and soul.


What are the Pitru Dosha Inflictions leading to Physical, Mental, Social Illness and Disease?

  • Disease of any abnormal condition in body or mind
  • Physical and mental discomforts
  • Dysfunction, not in proper life functions
  • Distress which includes injuries, disabilities
  • Wrong Behaviors and psychological disorders
  • Physical Influences, genetic disease, toxic disease, malformation, disuse of parts of body
  • Heart Sins, which are seen through eyes, heard, but hidden within the heart
  • Influences of wrong intentions namely unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, hatred
  • One's own involvement in occult practices, black magic, wrong chants
  • Bloodline disease and illness on the natives and family members
  • Dishoner Parents, Grand Parents and Elders
  • Unpleasant Feeling, Perceived Risk, Danger, fear, uncomfortable situations due to torturing, being rude, uncontrollable anger, deliberately hiding from elders
  • Complicated Family issues like miscarriage
  • Unending Family Disputes
  • Persistent and Incurable Health issues
  • Growth distractions, hurdles for higher studies, displacement in career, poverty, family displacement, financial displacements
  • Delay marriages and unsustainable relationship with spouse
  • Being addict to bad habits, wrong friendship, terrible addictions
  • Mentally and Physically challenged right from birth
  • Frequent death in family, death of a child in young age

In addition to Tila Homam, Vedic scriptures suggest some remedy for "Pitru Dosha"

  1. The natives of a family should provide unexpected, unconditional services to their parents and elders, to get the grace of the ancestors and forefathers.
  2. Being Good in the life time with honoring behaviors, good habits, good intentions.
  3. Offering prayers to Lord Vishnu being our protector, as a Pitru Dosha Nivaran
  4. Helping Age-old needy, sanitary sweepers, offering food, clothing to poor
  5. Perform Amavasya a and Annual Shradh offering rituals regularly
  6. Offering Dhanyam like millets, maize and food grains to birds and shelters to bird family.
  7. Offer Food, Clothes to Brahmins on every Amavasya to reduce Negative Inflictions.

Arulmigu Ramanatha Swami (Lord Shiva) temple is situated in Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu. Once Lord Rama on his way back defeating Ravana, visited this temple with his consort Goddess Seetha, to redress the sin of killing Ravana, a Brahmin, Lord Rama visited Rameshwaram Temple, cleansing his soul and get relieved from sin, where Lord Hanuman on the advice of Lord Rama, consecrated an idol of Lord Shiva, from Mount Kailash. Once a ruling King was blessed with children in this land was blessed with four female children, where all the four were Lord Shiva's daughter, and on the request of the King, Lord Shiva married all the four in the form of Ambica in four places, one in this temple bearing the name as Sarivar Kuzhali. Goddess Parvati also bear the name as " Shoolikambal" once save a pregnant lady to give birth, in the absence of her mother. This temple is suitable to clear all Pitru Dosha, an Homam to clear the bad forms due to untimely or sudden death occurred in the family, ending up with sadness and sorrows in family, miscarrying, family disputes, delay in family partition, huge financial losses, removing evil spirits and ill-effects, bless with good job opportunities, overcome hurdles and obstacles, bestow long life, good bonding with your spouse and children, future generation growth with no troubles in life, abundance of wealth, health and prosperity. Performing this Homam by reciting the ancestors or forefathers names with Gotra, with proper guidance of Priest or Guru, invoke their eternal blessings and by this way, the souls of the ancestors, will rest in peace.

  • Pitru Dosha in Birth Chart gets cleared, brings back the joy and happiness
  • Natives Honor, Feelings, Positivity, Name and Fame is regained
  • Body parts like Eyes, Skin, Progeny is protected from any disaster
  • Relieve from Humiliation, Poverty, Embarrassing Situation, Bless Peace of mind
  • Relive from deed and karmas of ancestors, family gets united, lead happy family life
  • All untimely or accidental death wishes and desires gets fulfilled, rest to peace
  • Removes fear, harm, disharmony and burdens, bestows material wealth, prosperity

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