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Amavasya Tarpanam

Obtain Freedom from Pains & Pressures of life with Monthly Tarpanam to Ancestors & Receive Everlasting Blessings from Them


Amavasya Tarpanam -  Time to Pay Spiritual Debts to Ancestors

The act of offering various substances to our ancestors is called Tarpanam.  The word Trup means to satisfy and tarpan has been formed from the root word Trup. It is therefore done to satisfy these souls to seek their blessings and keep them happy.

As we are indebted to our ancestors or pitrus, for our very biological inheritance, at some point of time in our lives we need to satiate them and show our gratitude. That’s what it’s all about and when we perform this ritual we are actually freeing them from bondage of this materialistic world. Amavasya is the day of the new moon

Aadi Amavasya TarpanamTarpanam Satiates the Departed Souls

There are two methods of tarpanam – Pitru and Karunya tarpanam. In the first, we have to pay spiritual debts every other day. One such is paying debts to ancestors. And when it is done on the day of Amavasya it becomes very special.

In Pitru Tarpanam, we pay respects to our recently departed ancestors such as parents, grandparents and so on. it elevates them to a higher plane and gives them relief from all kinds of materialistic discomfort. This procedure involves those having parental lineage and therefore all other relatives are excluded from this procedure. On the other hand, in Karunya tarpanam, all departed relatives, pet animals, friends etc can be included.


Why Amavasya Significant for Ancestral Worship

According to Vishnu Dharma Shastra, Amavasya is the perfect time to perform all type of rituals to three ancestral generations. There are 15 different thithis ruled by specific deities for e.g. moon rules Purnima or full moon, nagas rule Panchami and pitrus rule the Amavasya thithi. So, fasting, doing charity and performing rites for pitrus on the Amavasya day appease them very easily. Only fatherless sons are eligible for the rituals on Amavasya. It protects the family of those performing the ritual from all types of distresses and hurdles.


  • Amavasya Tarpanam helps to get direct blessings of God of Death Lord Yama.
  • Performing rituals brings relief to dead souls and gives them satisfaction too.
  • Get blessings of ancestors for your family to live a long and happy life.
  • It fetches wealth, brilliance, good intellect, success in all endeavours and brings provisions to you.
  • It gives protection to family members from all types of tribulations and removes any obstacles that stand in way to progress.

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Monthly Tarpanam
USD 75.00
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Annual Tarpanam
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