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Consult India's Best Astrologer for Astrological Consultation - Timely, and Accurate Predictions - Cure All Your Life Problems Now!

Consult with Dr. Navnit J Krishna

An Ivy League Renowned Vedic Management Scholar

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Consult India's Best Astrologer who is Deeply spiritual, Enlightened, Follow a pattern of Analyzing the Birth Chart Predictions with accuracy, Suggest remedies to overcome at easy steps, where no other Astrology consultation or company follows.

Dr. Navnit J Krishna, a renowned Vedic Management Scholar and an Alumni of MIT Sloan, USA and IIM Indore is directly available for Vedanga Jyotish consultation. Dr. Navnit is an expert in analyzing Divisional Charts using Jaimini Sutras and 144 Charts focuses on Life Predictions of Individual Customers. Provide Remedy to Life Problems suggesting dedicated Pujas and auspicious Homams involving Vedic Mantras to solve the pressing issues in Birth Charts or Horoscope. Dr. Navnit has attained more than 90% success stories in all his personal astrology prediction cases.

The Astrology consultation is top-of-the-line, is timely, unique and accurate, is a professionalized consultation, covering present, past and future life instances, predicting what are the life's ups and downs, unfavorable planetary position and who are the evil enemies and how to corner and what remedies are to overcome, covering all struggles and hurdles. All these vital points will all be discussed to get well soon and will be blessed with Peace of Mind, Joy and Happiness in life.

Areas of Expertise : Corporate Astrology, Business / Career Predictions, Stock Market / Investment Predictions, Celebrity Astrology Use this Great Opportunity, Talk to Astrologer On Call and Fix an Appointment. He is available for Public Consultation Now.

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Read What our Customer Says:

This was a valuable consultation with Dr Navnit. Grateful for his time. Will be in touch- Regards 🙏

- Anagha Deshmukh

I’m so glad to get a chance for the consultation from Dr.Navnit. He is so generous, charm and explain things very precisely. Thanks to each team member of vedicfolks for their concern and support. Gurur Bhramo Gurur Deivo Gurrr sakshat para bhrama tasme sri gurve namaha 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

- Fariza Kalin

“Session with Navnit sir was definitely eye opening and was completely a different perspective on Kundali/ horoscope reading . That was a great Segway from the norm. I am definitely thankful for a completely different perspective and wisdom you have shared. I am yet to experience his karmic remedy during upcoming months however I feel the weightage of his firmness and confidence of having my issues resolved.”

- Vivek Mishra

"I am very much impressed with Dr Navnit’s deep and thorough knowledge in Astrology. I have derived great benefit and help from his readings and advice over the years and I hope to continue to do so. I wish him all success in his life and moreover I appreciate his noble approach to help people."

- Abdul

"Dr Navnit J Krishna has a done a thorough study on soul level which i feel is the way to analyse anyones birth chart. Dr Navnit J Krishna could identify the dev devatas which i was connected earlier but never understood the significance. I will definitely suggest for others to consult you as i found extremely useful to understand my limitations from the chart coming from my past."

- Venkateshwar Ramsetty

" Dr. Krishna’s explanation of astrological concepts was easy to understand. I appreciate his active listening and patience in answering all my questions and addressing my concerns. His warm and friendly demeanor put me at ease throughout the consultation. His insights into my personality traits based on my birth chart were incredibly accurate and resonated with me. Overall, I am highly satisfied with the consultation. I'll definitely recommend his services to friends and family who are interested in astrology."

- Kapil Sengar

" I found the reading to be incredible. The insites were above and beyond what has been revealed by other astrologers. I felt understood in my purpose and path and that I received excellent guides to help me have my best experience in life for my aims. "

- CocoKali Dhyan Premjot Kaur

" Consultation with Dr. Navnit Krishna was eye opening and enlightening. It was a session like I never had before and on a deeper spiritual level by revealing the soul journey and purpose. A must try if you are feeling stuck and looking for answers and guidance. "

- Parvathy Jayachandran

" Dr Navnit is an excellent astrologer - right on the dot with his predictions and analysis - very erudite and highly accomplished - May God bless him always - "

- Hiro Bachani

" Namaste Dr Navnit Ji, Many thanks to You for Your assistance & guidance to resolve Mrs Vidarshika Healthissues. And Many Thanks to You & Pandits Jis team for performing Maha MrityunjayaMaha Yagya to her.. "

- Abdulaziz

" Thank you! I just booked the Real You astrological services for my son, Kannan, as well. Dr. Navnit Krishna spending a lot of time to explain in detail and answer my questions! I sincerely appreciate. I will definitely be recommending your services to my friends and family. "

- Lavenia Chenteley

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