Ashta Kubera Homams


Ashta Kubera Homam


Significance of Ashta Kubera Homam

Ashta Kubera Homam brings the blessings of the mighty Lord Kubera; he is the god of wealth whose blessings have the enormous powers to nurture life with prosperity and abundance. The mighty Lord is also the protector of the world or Lokpal; his pious blessings remove all the catastrophic elements from life and cherish absolute bliss. Ashta Kubera fire rituals attract the blessings of eight supreme incarnations of mighty Lord Kubera.

  • Maha Kubera Homam- Brings abundance and prosperity in life.
  • Dhana Akarshana Kubera Homam- Enriches life with riches and revenues.
  • Akshaya Kubera Homam- Keeps monetary stress away and blesses with economic boons.
  • Dhanya Vriddhi Kubera Homam- Cherishes life with abundant prosperity and surplus food supply.
  • Dana Vriddhi Kubera Homam- Enhances development and inflow of money in life.
  • Ratna Kubera Homam- Brings jewels, treasures and an abundance of gems in life.
  • Vashiya Kubera Homam- Removes all adverse elements that hamper revenues and incoming wealth in life.
  • Lakshmi Kubera Homam- Adores life with blessings of mighty Lord Kubera and Lakshmi.

Boons of Ashta Kubera Homam

Here are a few prominent windfalls of Ashta Kubera Homam-

  • Ashta Kubera Homam brings wealth and fortune to life.
  • The Homam blesses with success in all endeavours, especially the ones related to financial aspects.
  • It brings harmony, rejuvenation and revitalisation to life.
  • These Homam blesses with riches, revenues and success in all endeavours.
  • The fire rituals bring the blessing of mighty Lord Kubera, who nurtures our life with great economic prosperity.
  • They bring peace and stability in life and shatter all the adverse catastrophes.
  • Ashta Kubera Homam keeps away debt traps and unstable economic conditions.

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