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Success Path Mapping Interactive Session

Make your future a grand success


The word Success may be viewed differently by everyone and they all want to be successful in their areas of life, which is quite normal for every individual.

All our notions, ideas and thought processes are revolving around success because being successful gives a better image in the family, society and make you famous as well.

In this fast moving life, everyone is having plans for their future and it is also a normal and important phenomenon to live a healthy life, but most of the plans are failing and they are not getting exact and precise results as per their wishes or mindset, do you know why this is happening? Because mere planning is not enough, you need to strategise them in such a way that your plans become a success; you need to also have a positive mindset, be courageous and unique.

Since in this competitive world, uniqueness gives exceptional success in your professional life.

Vedicfolks is bound to give you the exact and precise road map or we would say accurate plans for your future that will lead you to success.

Table of Covered Theme in the Session: 

  • Birth details and astrological details. 
  • Birth chart & divisional charts. 
  • Your query or concern. 
  • Analysis and Interpretation of D1, D2, D7, D9 and D10 chart. 
  • Success Redemption Period. 
  • Positive and Negative Yoga’s. 
  • Your progression towards success. 
  • Tips for success and prosperity. 
  • Affective Remedial measures. 
  • Karma Remedies to solve the current issues. 
  • Gemstone recommendation for your well being. 
  • Rudraksha Recommendation for your growth. 
  • Homas and temple puja will be suggested to overcome negativity. 
  • Mantras for quick redemption of problems.

On a general context the tenth house in birth chart and D10 chart connect you with your career, profession and Karma, moreover recognition and appreciation can also be foreseen from these houses and some other influencing factors are also foreseen.

With the help of your birth details, our learned and professional astrologers will prepare a success life path for you and by following those paths in your professional life, you will be able to get desired results and also you will be able to live a happy and prosperous life.