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Determination of Birth Time Interactive Session


For some, knowing the future may be a big challenge due to non-availability or ignorant of birth time, for instance. The natal chart or birth chart is an astronomical snapshot of the stars based on the exact day, exact time and exact place of birth. Even slight variations on the above, will give you inappropriate information about you. It is possible that you are aware of the exact date and place of birth but you don't know your exact time of birth. So, Vedicfolks solves this ignorance which plays an important role in identifying your birth time using astrological expertise.

You can rectify your horoscope or determine the exact birth time by requesting for the Birth Time Prediction Interactive Reporting from Vedicfolks, now.

This is a good instance to get the accurate prediction of your birth time as it’s highly significant and an very important data in predicting your future. With the birth time information available on hand, you can reach our experts by an email or by pre-booking for an interactive session to know about the major events of your past, personality traits, family data, or any other information of your personal interest. 


Why Knowing Birth Time Is Important?


First of all, a precise birth time is a must for astrological predictions. The rise and fall of a person is determined from the birth time which predicts the life events of an individual.

In astrology, the houses of each zodiac shift by one degree every four minutes and therefore the lagna or ascendant also shifts accordingly.

The division of lagnam is same as rasi where one rasi has nine stars or nakshatrapadas. In other words, a day is divided into twelve divisions and each duration last for two hours. Therefore, a person’s time and place of birth determines the lagnam, in his/her chart. So birth time is crucial for horoscope to know the lagnam and very vital for accurate astrological predictions.


Personalized interactive reporting


Our interactive session with you will be a very personalized one in a pre-fixed zoom. All the sessions between the client and the astrologer will be recorded. An audio file and also a blue print of the entire session will be handed over to the client.

Call us now for Vedicfolks Single Point Solution, to learn more about your birth time that helps to understand yourself better and also determines your future prospects!


Table of Covered Theme in the Session


Birth Details and Astrological Details

Summarizes your characteristic features, a road map for your life time solution

Birth Chart & Divisional Charts

We provide you the complete details about your Life Time Report Spouse, Career, Karma of Past Life, Strength, Details about Children, micro and macro matters, details about Siblings and knowledge.

Your Query or Concern

Answering your query will be our prime motive, clearing your doubts and difficulties. Through our reports provide you the clarity of understanding and aware your life situations. Customer Centric is our prime motive.

Planetary Alignment

Our Report gives you the order of planets starting with Sun and other solar system planets to know their effects and influences, to suggest remedies

5 Major Even Analysis & Predictions

Predicting the future from the birth chart and comparing with the planetary positions

Your Nature, Interest, Livelihood and Character

Our Report identifies from the planets connected with Education, Higher Studies as each house represents something completely unique.

K.P Analysis and Interpretations

Our Report gives you analysis and interpretations of each constellation in the zodiac sign and the Dasa's placement in one's birth chart.

Karma Remedies to Solve the Current Issues

The presiding law of nature invokes quality of life and quality of future life and remedy to overcome adversaries.

Life time Yoga’s

Identify the Life Time Yoga that provides incredible mind and strength for your life-time.

Gemstone Recommendation for Your Well Being

A healing stone, by wearing brings strength, courage, and peace

Rudraksha Recommendation for Your Growth

A precious beads, in the name of Lord Shiva, gives purity and divine

Homas and Temple Puja will be suggested to overcome negativity

Respective Temple worship and Homas are suggested to overcome hurdles, achieve peace.

Mantras – For Your Success in this Birth to Solve Problems for Lifetime

Reciting Powerful Mantras create Miracles, gives you wisdom and knowledge

Mantras for quick redemption of problems

Reciting powerful Mantras to overcome problems provide desired results

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