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Fate & Fortune Comprehensive Analysis and Remedies

Gives a Clear Picture of Career, Finances


Fate and fortunes are interlinked and connected with one another at a deeper level because it’s fate that decides your fortunes. Or in other words you can say that, it something is pre-destined for you, certainly you will get it on your own.

Vedicfolks, plays a vital role in this area, we will identify your luck enhancement period and notify you through this report, so that you get an exact, clear picture of your career and finances.

Table of Contents in the Report:

  • Birth details and astrological details.
  • Birth chart & divisional charts.
  • Your query or concern.
  • Luck Redemption Period.
  • Raj Yogas.
  • Tips to enhance finances.
  • Affective Remedial measures.
  • Karma Remedies to solve the current issues.
  • Gemstone recommendation for your well being.
  • Rudraksha Recommendation for your growth.
  • Homas and temple puja will be suggested to overcome negativity.
  • Mantras – For your Success in this birth to solve problems for lifetime.
  • Mantras for quick redemption of problems.


You will come to know when to invest and certainly when to avoid investment. The time frame is the basic key point since if you invest in the right time you will get beneficial aspects, and investments during wrong or malefic period invite negativity and losses in your life.

Apart from all this, divisional 1, 2, 9 and 10th chart will be analysed and interpreted accordingly.

The Divisional 1 chart decides your mindset and it shows how you are going to perform to get maximum results, it draws you towards positive Karma.

The Divisional 2 chart indicates money, prosperity and enhancement. So you will get clarity as to when and how your life will get enhanced.

The Divisional 9 chart includes about luck and chance, so you will know the exact scenario of your own fate and luck by hard work or by chance.

Overall, the Divisional 10 chart reveals your Karma, mainly that you have pre-destined Karma to get money without major efforts or you have to work hard to get highest form of benefits.

Furthermore, you will be guided with luck redemption periods, so you will not make any mistakes and just work or move in the right direction to get the maximum benefits from your hard work and luck proportion.

Raj Yoga concept is known to everyone, if any Raj Yoga is forming in your chart then certainly you will become wealthy and rich without making any efforts in your life, so our Vedicfolks panel of astrologers will delve deeper in your charts and find out the best Raj Yoga for you and how you would be able to utilize those periods as well.

Additionally, Vedicfolks will provide tips to enhance your financial grounds and the period which you should avoid to get rid of negative substances with respect to your money and fate.

Last but not least, Karmic remedial measures bring quick and positive enrichment to your life.  With the help of the remedial measures you would be able to make exact and precise decisions which help you to get positive impact in your personal and professional front.