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Infertility solution for couples in Medical Astrology


Infertility is a serious issue in couples that can snatch happiness and peace from their life. It not only plucks the boon of a child from couples but also subjects them to taunts of society and family members. Infertility can torment mental health and can even create a bitter distance between both partners. Some of the plausible reasons for infertility in women include- ovulation syndromes, ageing issues, tubal factor, endometriosis, endometrial polyps, and uterine fibroids. Infertility issues in men include- varicocele, ejaculation disorders, tumours, hormonal disruptions, sperm translocation issues, and certain genetic disorders. There are a few astrological elements too that cause infertility in couples.

Causes of Infertility in Couples from the Astrological perspective

Some afflictions on the planet, horoscopes, and houses can lead to infertility in couples. Here are a few prominent reasons behind infertility according to some critical astrological influence -

  • The fifth house is the main house that deals with infertility issues and healthy progeny. Infertility can peak if the fifth house Lord is present in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house.
  • The adverse conjunction of Mars and the fifth house Lord also trigger infertility in couples.
  • The presence of Ketu in the fifth house intensifies infertility cases or raises the related symptoms.
  • Rahu in the fifth house promotes miscarriage, stillbirth or infertility in the couple.
  • The presence of Saturn in the fifth house also worsens infertility issues.

Significance of Astrology in identifying and managing Infertility in Couples -

Astrology is one of the most exceptional ways of identifying the core reasons behind infertility and helps manage it. In astrology, the fifth house is the primary planet that governs progeny. Any defect or presence of any adverse outgrowth in this house can lead to infertility issues in couples. Vedicfolks is here to assist you with all the infertility issues by checking your horoscope's astrological influences. Our chief astrologer will work on you and your partner’s horoscope and birth chart stating all the plausible reasons that might be triggering infertility. He will make sure that the fifth house of you and your partner is perfectly free from all the misalignments. He will check the alignment of lagnas, chakras, and houses to find out the reasonable reasons behind infertility.

In the interactive session, there will be an analysis of the D1 Rashi chart and D6 Saptamsa chart to focus on all the health and wellness parameters. The analysis of D60 Shastiamsa chart will assist you in comprehending whether any of your past life action is leading to your infertility or not. The most reasonable part of our assistance is that you will get incredible spiritual remedies to cope with all your issues. Our chief astrologer will advise you on which Homam, gemstone, yantra, or mantra can bring the boon of a healthy and active progeny in your life. He will assist you by eradicating the imbalances in your horoscope, helping you shed infertility problems as soon as possible. So, unveil all these remarkable benefits by getting in touch with us and get seamless assistance on infertility from an astrological glance.

Interactive Astrology

All the Interactive reporting services will be handled by our Founder Chief Vedic Scholar Dr. Navnit J Krishna. You will get complete lifetime guidance and his connection once you started using any of his Astrological predictions and remedies. We follow Raja Jyotish and Jaimini’s Methodology of predictions with Advanced Divisional chart analysis to make our predictions close to 90% accuracy.

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How it works?

At Vedicfolks, we have a unique system of Jaimini astrology prediction that involves interactive reporting as follows :

  • We first interact with our client in Zoom.
  • The client can ask any questions related to the topic chosen for the day.
  • An audio recording of the session will be given as a blue print report at the end of the meeting.
  • The report will help the client reflect upon the questions and answers in a profound manner.
  • The report provides key answers to all questions asked to the chief astrologer during the interactive session.
  • Finally, our valued clients have access to an audio file and also a blue print of the entire session with a clear idea of the problems they face and their remedial measures.