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Skin Disease Treatment in Medical Astrology


Skin diseases are pretty severe as they target the most visible part of the human body. They undermine the confidence of the sufferer and lead to low self-esteem, extreme stress and anxiety. Various skin diseases are commonly found in people, including eczema, acne, rashes, vitiligo, hives, rosacea etc. Skin diseases are caused by genetic upheavals, viruses, bacteria, fungus, allergy, bacteria and a poor environment.

Reasons behind Skin Diseases from an Astrological perspective

Some severe afflictions in Lagna, planets or your horoscope pave the way for significant skin diseases in you. Following are the primary reasons which induce skin diseases -

  • Mercury is the fundamental planet that governs skin. Any affliction on the Mercury planet leads to skin issues.
  • The shift of the sixth house Lord in the second house also aggravates skin concern leading to severe skin diseases.
  • The malefic elements in Rahu also cause severe skin ailments.
  • Affliction in Venus by some malefic elements creates major scopes for skin diseases.
  • The passive role of Saturn or its persecution by adverse elements creates complex skin issues.

The implication of Astrology in identifying and managing Skin Diseases

Astrology is a reliable medium to understand the conditions of skin diseases. Astrological studies state that creating an equilibrium between vaata, pitta, and Kapha doshas helps control skin diseases. Astrology suggests that eating neem leaves an empty stomach, and applying coconut oil on the skin eliminates most skin diseases.

If you are seeking personalized assistance on skin issues, then Vedicfolks is the stop for you. Our principal astrologer will execute a quick check of your horoscope and birth chart to analyze the basis of your skin ailments. D1 Rashi and D6 Saptamsa chart inspection will take place in the interactive session to guide you to the root causes behind your skin issues. Our chief astrologer will also perform a keen examination of D30 Trimsamsa and D60 Shastiamsa charts to rule out the karmic effects and previous life actions that might be troubling you in your present life by degrading your health. The most appealing part of our assistance is we will not only support you in evaluating the cores of your degrading health. But, our astrologer will also help you tackle all your skin issues thoroughly. He will suggest to you the best spiritual remedies, Homam, puja and gemstone, to assist you in combating your skin issues. Unravel dedicated guidance on skin diseases with us and get incredible benefits.

Interactive Astrology

All the Interactive reporting services will be handled by our Founder Chief Vedic Scholar Dr. Navnit J Krishna. You will get complete lifetime guidance and his connection once you started using any of his Astrological predictions and remedies. We follow Raja Jyotish and Jaimini’s Methodology of predictions with Advanced Divisional chart analysis to make our predictions close to 90% accuracy.

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How it works?

At Vedicfolks, we have a unique system of Jaimini astrology prediction that involves interactive reporting as follows :

  • We first interact with our client in Zoom.
  • The client can ask any questions related to the topic chosen for the day.
  • An audio recording of the session will be given as a blue print report at the end of the meeting.
  • The report will help the client reflect upon the questions and answers in a profound manner.
  • The report provides key answers to all questions asked to the chief astrologer during the interactive session.
  • Finally, our valued clients have access to an audio file and also a blue print of the entire session with a clear idea of the problems they face and their remedial measures.