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Dengue Treatment in Medical Astrology


Dengue is a severe mosquito-borne viral infection, and it is caused by a nibble of an infected Aedes species. Dengue creates severe troubling symptoms: muscle pain, nausea, headache, chills, fever and vomiting. In extreme cases, it can lead to low blood pressure and even death. There are specific astrological reasons that trigger Dengue.

Reasons which leads to Dengue according to Astrology

Any dosha in Lagna, zodiac sign or houses of horoscope can increase concerns linked with diseases such as dengue. Following are a few astrological reasons that trigger dengue -

  • Saturn is defined as an indicator of all chronic diseases. Any affliction on this planet can create room for Dengue.
  • The sixth and twelfth house denotes diseases and hospitalization. Persecution of these houses by any malefic agent leads to Dengue.
  • Rahu and Ketu monitor diseases and sufferings caused by insects, including mosquitoes. Any affliction in these planets can cause Dengue pretty often.
  • Mars also regulates diseases linked with blood, fever and stinging insects. Any malefic element on this planet can lead to Dengue.
  • The persecution of the Moon by any negative element can aggravate concerns such as Dengue.

Significance of Astrology in managing Dengue

Astrology not only helps in recognizing the root of Dengue in people; it also supports them in tackling it. Balance of concerning planets, including Mars, Moon, and Saturn, can lessen the chances of Dengue. The alignment of Rahu and Ketu also eradicates Dengue cases to great extents.

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