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Cancer Treatment in Medical Astrology


Astrology plays a critical role in a person’s life; astrology’s deep and significant roots can help us know the bottoms of deadly diseases. Cancer is one of the significant causes of death; the disease is rapidly spreading worldwide and taking lives. The wrong combinations of planets and lords can affect a person’s health to the core. The misfit in planetary positions and movements can lead to a deadly disease such as cancer. Science says that abnormal mutations in DNA and cells cause cancer, but some base roots of cancer can be discovered in the astrology realm. Astrology assists us in identifying and balancing all the faults in our horoscope and helps us evolve some compelling results against cancer.

Combinations in Medical Astrology which predict Cancer

Following are the primary Astrological combinations that can intensify the probability of Cancer -

  • Rahu is the main planet linked with Cancer; it signifies poison, and if it is linked with Bhava Lord or Lagna lord, then poison intensifies in the body and can lead to Cancer.
  • Combinations such as Saturn-Rahu. Ketu-Saturn, Saturn-mars in the 12th house also induces Cancer.
  • The presence of Saturn and Rahu in the sixth house in any house also leads to Cancer.
  • The placement of sun in eight, sixth or twelfth houses raises the possibility of Cancer.
  • The persecution of sixth or eighth houses by Mars and Rahu also increases Cancer chances.

The implication of bad karma in causing Cancer

Karma plays a huge role in causing Cancer and worsening it; prarabdha is karma we hail from our previous lives into present ones. Medical Astrology assists us in understanding how our bad karmas are affecting our health in our present life. The analysis of zodiac signs and linked planets helps us identify what leads to mishappenings in our lives. Medical Astrology devises strong methodologies to study lagnas, doshas and karmic effects, leading to fatal diseases such as Cancer.

Role of Astrology in identifying and treating Cancer

Medical Astrology is coming out as an impeccable tool for early detection and timely treatment of Cancer. Bid adieu to the complicated stages of Cancer by getting it treated and detected as early as possible. At Vedicfolks, our chief astrologer will help you in examining whether you are prone to deadly Cancer or not. He will analyze your birth and divisional charts to bring out the prospects of Cancer in your horoscope.

There will be a deep analysis of the D1 Rashi chart in the session by focussing keenly on your health and wellness areas. There will also be a comprehensive exploration of the D6 Saptamsa chart for analyzing the chances of Cancer. There will also be a D60 Shastiamsa chart inspection to rule out the karmic effects leading to Cancer in your body. There will also be a deep study of the D11 Rudramsa chart to predict the chances of Cancer and death related to it. So, if you want to abstain from the adverse catastrophes of Cancer in your life, do consult us. We will predict the best remedial solutions for you by ruling correct predictions.

If you already know the reasons behind the doshas that can lead to Cancer in your body, you can assist yourself better and get a suitable healing time. So, consult us; we are a renowned firm in the astrology region. Our astrologer will not only help you in knowing the basis of your problem, he will lead you towards the path of healing and rejuvenation. There will be the provision of powerful yantras, mantras, Homams and pujas, which can help you resolve the imperfect combinations of planets and signs, ultimately keeping you away from Cancer.

Interactive Astrology

All the Interactive reporting services will be handled by our Founder Chief Vedic Scholar Dr. Navnit J Krishna. You will get complete lifetime guidance and his connection once you started using any of his Astrological predictions and remedies. We follow Raja Jyotish and Jaimini’s Methodology of predictions with Advanced Divisional chart analysis to make our predictions close to 90% accuracy.

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How it works?

At Vedicfolks, we have a unique system of Jaimini astrology prediction that involves interactive reporting as follows :

  • We first interact with our client in Zoom.
  • The client can ask any questions related to the topic chosen for the day.
  • An audio recording of the session will be given as a blue print report at the end of the meeting.
  • The report will help the client reflect upon the questions and answers in a profound manner.
  • The report provides key answers to all questions asked to the chief astrologer during the interactive session.
  • Finally, our valued clients have access to an audio file and also a blue print of the entire session with a clear idea of the problems they face and their remedial measures.