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Migraine Treatment in Medical Astrology


Migraine is a severe disease that can hamper the quality of healthy life to a great extent. The prominent migraine symptoms include pain in the head, face and neck, dizziness, sensitivity to bright lights, vomiting, nausea, dull vision and irritability. The primary reasons behind migraines can be stress, extreme exposure to light, caffeine, missing meals, and anxiety. There are some critical astrological reasons that either trigger migraine symptoms or inflict them from the root.

Reasons which are responsible for migraine in astrology

Afflictions in some planets, horoscopes and Lagna are the fundamental causes of migraine. Following are the central reasons that help in identifying the basis of migraine -

  • The placement of the Moon in malefic planets induced headaches and led to migraines.
  • Sun is a governing planet that rules headaches and related issues. Any affliction in the moon aggravates headaches, further leading to migraines.
  • The weakness of planets during the Mahadasha regime in any person’s horoscope also provokes migraines.
  • The conjunction of Mars with Rahu or Ketu leads to migraine issues.
  • The intersection of the Moon with Saturn also paves the way for migraines and worsens their symptoms.

Interactive Astrology

All the Interactive reporting services will be handled by our Founder Chief Vedic Scholar Dr. Navnit J Krishna. You will get complete lifetime guidance and his connection once you started using any of his Astrological predictions and remedies. We follow Raja Jyotish and Jaimini’s Methodology of predictions with Advanced Divisional chart analysis to make our predictions close to 90% accuracy.

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How it works?

At Vedicfolks, we have a unique system of Jaimini astrology prediction that involves interactive reporting as follows :

  • We first interact with our client in Zoom.
  • The client can ask any questions related to the topic chosen for the day.
  • An audio recording of the session will be given as a blue print report at the end of the meeting.
  • The report will help the client reflect upon the questions and answers in a profound manner.
  • The report provides key answers to all questions asked to the chief astrologer during the interactive session.
  • Finally, our valued clients have access to an audio file and also a blue print of the entire session with a clear idea of the problems they face and their remedial measures.