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Liver Treatment in Medical Astrology


The liver is a fundamental portion of the human body; any issue in the liver can significantly affect the everyday living of a person. There is a multitude of severe liver diseases ranging from acute illnesses to chronic health issues. Diseases induced by viruses in the liver include hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Fatty liver and cirrhosis are two serious liver problems caused by excessive drug or alcohol consumption. Liver cancer, hemochromatosis, and Wilson disease are a few other prominent liver issues. Apart from scientific reasons, there are various astrological disturbances that create liver issues.

Reasons behind Liver Diseases in Astrology

Some serious malefic elements in horoscope, doshas in horoscope and Lagna create room for liver diseases. Following are the primary astrological reasons which lead to liver ailments.

  • Jupiter is the fundamental planet that governs the pancreas and liver. Any affliction on this planet steers to liver illnesses.
  • The presence of fifth house lord in sixth, eighth or twelfth houses drive both short-term and long-term liver problems.
  • The placement of Jupiter and Saturn in navamsa leads to liver diseases.
  • The affliction of Jupiter by Saturn and Mars leading to its placement in the sixth, eighth or twelfth houses causes liver ailments.
  • The conjunction of the fifth or ninth house lord with Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu, leads to liver disorders.

Significance of Astrology in identification and management of Liver Diseases

Astrology is one of the most effective ways to get a seamless understanding of various diseases. Astrological explorations help us comprehend the afflicted planet, stars and houses that might be the hidden reason behind health concerns. The basics and solutions of liver ailments can be effortlessly discovered in the astrological realm. Vedicfolks is the most promising place to get incredible assistance on liver issues. The fifth house and Jupiter planet mainly govern the liver; our chief astrologer will work on these two to ensure all your liver issues stay away.

Our proficient astrologer will execute a deep analysis of your birth chart and horoscope to determine the troubling astrological elements. There will be an investigation of D1 Rashi and D6 Saptamsa charts to state the reasons behind your ailing health. D30 Trimsamsa chart exploration will assist you in analysing the role of past life actions in present life misery. D11 Rudramsa chart study will state whether you will encounter any fatality or harsh loss because of your liver diseases.

Our principal astrologer will also help you cope with liver issues by suggesting some incredible astrological remedies. There will be recommendations on the best Homam, gemstone, puja, yantra and mantra to help you fight back vigorously with all your liver diseases. Get in touch with and bid farewell to all your liver diseases by getting customized astrological assistance from our end.

Interactive Astrology

All the Interactive reporting services will be handled by our Founder Chief Vedic Scholar Dr. Navnit J Krishna. You will get complete lifetime guidance and his connection once you started using any of his Astrological predictions and remedies. We follow Raja Jyotish and Jaimini’s Methodology of predictions with Advanced Divisional chart analysis to make our predictions close to 90% accuracy.

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How it works?

At Vedicfolks, we have a unique system of Jaimini astrology prediction that involves interactive reporting as follows :

  • We first interact with our client in Zoom.
  • The client can ask any questions related to the topic chosen for the day.
  • An audio recording of the session will be given as a blue print report at the end of the meeting.
  • The report will help the client reflect upon the questions and answers in a profound manner.
  • The report provides key answers to all questions asked to the chief astrologer during the interactive session.
  • Finally, our valued clients have access to an audio file and also a blue print of the entire session with a clear idea of the problems they face and their remedial measures.