Rudraksha Beads help to overcome difficulties and obstacles in life, they do not have any negative effects like gemstones and can be worn by everyone, irrespective of sex, age, religion, culture etc. By wearing Rudrakshas during eclipses, Vishusankranti (the end of Mina and beginning of Mesha Masa), new moon, full moon and other such auspicious days, one is freed of all sins.By the mere utterance of the name of ‘Rudraksha’, one acquires the benefit of giving ten cows in charity. 

The base of the Rudraksha bead is Brahma, its navel is Vishnu, its face is Rudra and its hole consists of all Gods.

Srimad Devi Bhagavatam Says : "The desire for wearing Rudraksha is the result of attaining the perfection of knowledge and Blessings of God during previous births."