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Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha

Significance of Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha

Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha is a powerful stone fruit that contains highly sacred spiritual energies. The rudraksha controls the heart chakra of the human body. It creates perfect alignment in heart chakra blessings with good heart health. 

The ruling deity of Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha

The Supreme Lord Shiva is the godhead of fifteen Mukhi rudraksha. He regulates its vitality and vibrations. Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha is linked with planet mercury.

How to use Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha?

Wear Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha as a neck chain, bracelet, arm cuff or ring to use it. The best way to use it is to wear it as a necklace keeping it near your heart. Make sure you keep the rudraksha in a clean place. Worship the rudraksha daily with utmost sincerity and devotion. Chant "Aum Hreem Namah" and "Aum Namah Shivaya" while worshipping the rudraksha.

Consult an astrologer before wearing it so that you can extract the best benefits out of it. One important thing to remember is always to buy the rudraksha with your own money and not from borrowed money to extract complete windfalls.

Who can wear Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha?

Those who believe in the vast powers of rudrakshas can wear and use Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha. If you want to unveil fortune and abundance in your life, then this rudraksha is the one for you. The rudraksha works like wonders for those who are facing heart ailments. It will help you recover fast, blessing you with a long lifespan.

Benefits of Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha:

Following are the significant benefits of Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha:

  1. It removes doshas and afflictions related to the Mercury planet.
  2. The rudraksha eliminates the effect of past life sins and all the bondages.
  3. The rudraksha grants liberation from all material attachments, opening the easy path to salvation.
  4. It blesses with immense harmony, peace and goodwill.
  5. The rudraksha protects from respiratory diseases.
  6. This powerful rudraksha enriches life with love, generosity and compassion.
  7. It removes heart-related ailments and blesses with harmonious health.

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Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha
USD 1,330.00
  • Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha