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Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

Significance of Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is a powerful stone fruit that brings the positive energies and supreme blessings of goddess Lakshmi in life. It is a promising spiritual instrument, and its usage wards off the negative aura and fulfills life with serenity.

The ruling deity of Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

The mighty goddess Lakshmi is the ruling divinity of Seven Mukhi Rudraksha. She is the one who governs the energies of this rudraksha. By adorning this powerful rudraksha, one can entice the pious blessings of supreme goddess Lakshmi. Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is loaded with the radiance and vibrations of divine energy Mahalakshmi.

How to use Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

You can use Seven Mukhi Rudraksha either by wearing it or using it while meditating and worshipping. You can wear it as a neck chain, bracelet, arm cuff or bracelet. "Om Hoom Namah" is the mantra you can chant while worshipping or wearing the rudraksha.

Who can wear Seven Mukhi Rudraksha?

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha can be adorned by anyone who believes in the supreme powers of mighty goddess Lakshmi and rudraksha. Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is best for those facing severe financial crunches. If you witness persistent failure in your undertaking, then this rudraksha will do magic for you. This rudraksha is advantageous for those who face physical and psychological health setbacks.

Benefits of Seven Mukhi Rudraksha:

Here are a few significant boons of Seven Mukhi Rudraksha:

  1. Seven Mukhi Rudraksha blesses with riches and material wealth.
  2. Those who worship or wear this rudraksha can greet the prosperous aura and blessings of mighty Lakshmi.
  3. It wards off all the venue planet doshas and afflictions from horoscopes.
  4. It brings abundance, prosperity and fortune in life.
  5. It grants immense success in all endeavours, mainly financial undertakings.
  6. The rudraksha blesses with sound cognitive and psychological health.
  7. It boosts physical health too and keeps severe diseases such as asthma and laryngitis away.

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Seven Mukhi Rrudraksha
USD 75.00
  • Seven Mukhi Rrudraksha