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Four Mukhi Rudraksha

Significance of Four Mukhi Rudraksha

Four Mukhi Rudraksha is a powerful rudraksha that brings auspiciousness and optimism. The four mukhis in this rudraksha blesses devotees life with knowledge, invention, cleverness and good communication skills.

The ruling deity of Four Mukhi Rudraksha

The supreme Lord Brahma, the creator of this universe, is the ruling deity of Four Mukhi Rudraksha. Lord Brahma is the guru or teacher of all the gods. This rudraksha amasses his powers and vibrancy. It brings four highest levels in knowledge: Jagrit or waking state, Swapna or dream phase, sushupti or intense sleep and turiya or ultimate stage of consciousness. The rudraksha governs the throat or vishuddha chakra.

How to use Four Mukhi Rudraksha?

You can use Four Mukhi Rudraksha by wearing it as neck, hand, or arm jewels. You can use it for rotating between fingers while worshipping and concentrating. Always keep the rudraksha clean in the temple when not using it. Chant "Aum Hreem Namah '' while worshipping the rudraksha to extract the highest benefits. One of the essential points to remember is always to purchase the rudraksha with your own money.

Who can wear Four Mukhi Rudraksha?

Anyone who understands the supreme implication of rudrakshas can wear and use four Mukhi Rudraksha. This rudraksha is best for those who lack confidence and presentation skills. If you want to gain vocal powers and confidence, wear this rudraksha with utmost devotion. If you are a poor speaker and possess stage speaking phobia, get four Mukhi Rudraksha to combat your issues.

Benefits of Four Mukhi Rudraksha:

Here are a few notable benefits of Four Mukhi Rudraksha:

  1. Four Mukhi Rudraksha strengthens memory and communication attitudes.
  2. It shatters ignorance and negativity from life, bringing enlightenment.
  3. It blesses devotees with the radiant blessings of Lord Brihaspati.
  4. It brings wisdom from the four primary cardinal directions.
  5. The rudraksha blesses devotees with increased insight and high proficiency.
  6. It helps in achieving success in all endeavours and tasks.
  7. The rudraksha also assists in combating stammering issues.
  8. It keeps respiratory illnesses away.
  9. The rudraksha blesses worshippers with spiritual sadhana abilities and assists in recognising one's instincts and capabilities.

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Four Mukhi Rudraksha
USD 70.00
  • Four Mukhi Rudraksha