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Mahalaya Amavasya

Special Tarpanam at Marundeeswarar Temple
For Enriching Livelihood, Lifting Tribulations & Sorrows
Scheduled on September 28, 2019
This event has been completed
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Mahalaya Amavasya - A day of expressing gratitude to elders to receive their blessings

The act of offering various substances to our ancestors is called Tarpanam.  The word Trup means to satisfy and tarpan has been formed from the root word Trup. It is therefore done to satisfy these souls to seek their blessings and keep them happy. 
As we are indebted to our ancestors or pitrus, for our very biological inheritance, at some point of time in our lives we need to satiate them and show our gratitude. That’s what it’s all about and when we perform this ritual we are actually freeing them from bondage of this materialistic world.
If we don’t satisfy them we face tribulations and difficulties in life and if we do, we can be happy and victorious.

Mahalya Amavasya TarpanamWhy perform Tarpanam on Mahalaya Amavasya?

  • A perfect day for Karmic cleansing to overcome dilemmas
  • Find happiness, peace and prosperity forever
  • Remove obstacles and sorrows from your life
  • Receive  protection of pitrus for you and your family
  • Get wealth and boon of offspring from ancestral blessings
  • Blessings of pitrus for long and healthy life


Tarpanam on Mahalaya Amavasya Satiates the Departed Souls

The dark fortnight of September from 13th to 28th is called Mahalaya Paksha which is very special for offering oblations to departed souls. If knowingly or unknowingly our forefathers have committed sins it is reflected in our natal charts as Pitru Dosh or Pitra Rina and being their offsprings we are destined to suffer from the bad effects. Due to this malefic effect of planets, even beneficial planets also become unfavourable.
Mahalaya Paksha consists of fifteen thithis or phases of Moon i.e Pratipat, Dvitiya, Tritiya, Chaturthi, Panchami, Shashti, Ashtami, Navami, Dasami, Ekadasi, Dvadasi, Trayodasi, Chaturdashi and finally Amavasya. The last being the most auspicious called Mahalaya Amavasya. Performing pujas on this day and offering of food on this day can pull you out of all ordeals and tribulations in life and lead you to a path of success.  
Therefore, Mahalaya Amavasya is the perfect time to relieve ourselves of our sorrows and Vedicfolks is performing Tarpanam at Marundeeshwarar Temple in Chennai.

Tarpanam at Marundeeswarar Temple Is Auspicious For Pitru BlessingsMahalya Amavasya Tarpanam Temple

The temple located in Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai is about 2000 years old. The main deity Lord Marundeeswar or god of medicines is called so because he taught the great sage Agastya about some miracle cures. From that day, the temple is popular for therapy as it is said that if one prays to the lord here he/she is sure to find a cure to diseases and ailments. It is said that the revered sage Valmiki who wrote the Ramayana visited the temple once.
Hence the place was called Thiruvalmikiyur and later came to be known as Thiruvanmiyur. 
Of late, the temple has become famous for performing Tarpanam to pitrus on special occasions like Aadi Amavasya.
An area around the temple tank is allotted for the purpose and experienced priests are assigned the job of performing the same. 
Offering Agathi Leaves (Spinach) To Cow - Get Rid of Pitru Dosha & Bring Success In All Aspects of Life
Feeding cows with bunches of Spinach relieve you from Pitru Dosha, eliminates all the sins that you committed unknowingly, bring welfare of the entire family and generations.
Vedicfolks has made arrangements for Tarpanam on Mahalaya Amavasya. Order now and satisfy your ancestors by liberating them (Moksha) which makes them happy. You in turn will get their blessings for a lifetime!
Mail us your paternal and maternal ancestors details at to perform the Pitru Paksha Ritual.
Suggested Individual Ancestral Rituals
Monthly & Annual Amavasya Tarpanam
According to Vishnu Dharma Shastra, Amavasya is the perfect time to perform all type of rituals to three ancestral generations. There are 15 different thithis ruled by specific deities for e.g. moon rules Purnima or full moon, nagas rule Panchami and pitrus rule the Amavasya thithi. So, performing rites for pitrus on the Amavasya day appease them very easily. It protects the family of those performing the ritual from all types of distresses and hurdles.
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Thila Homam - Dissolve your Karma
Shraad Maha Yagya - Receive blessings from forefathers
Pitru Dosha Nivarana Puja - Fulfill Wishes of Departed Souls
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