Dasa Mahavidya

Mahavidhyas or Wisdom Goddessess signifies a group of ten facets of the most powerful goddess the Mahashakthi. These ten aspects of Shakti are the epitome of the entire creation. 

·         Maha Kali: The goddess that destroys evil power.

·         Tara Devi: The universe bearer for boundless space.

·         Sadhoshi/Tripura Sundari: The symbol of purity and wholesomeness.

·         Bhuvaneshwari:  The symbol of Great Cosmic Wisdom.

·         Bhairavi: The teacher of a desire and temptation free world.

·         Chinnamastha: The symbol of self-sustenance.

·         Dhumavathi: The Goddess who preached destroying all evil forces with fire.

·         Bagalamukhi: The Goddess of black magic.

·         Matangi: The goddess who governs speech, music, knowledge and the arts

·         Kamala Devi: The Goddess of fortune.

Dasa Mahavidhya homam is for fulfilment of materialistic desires and moksha or spiritual liberation. This Vedic Yagna is too powerful and its implications cannot be understood by ordinary mortals. If you are a person, who is just not satisfied with simplicity, this Yagna could be right choice for its performance could shape your destiny.

Dashamahavidhya  Homam is one of the strongest too and promises results right away. It demands exceptional spiritual power on the part of the performer. It can also awaken the Kundalini chakra by arousing your subconscious self.  It helps to destroy negative tendencies, to attain victory in court cases, for abundance in wealth, to cure any sort of disease, to defeat rivals, to remove poverty, to bring luck and money and to safeguard one of black magic. Also, the malefic effects of planets can be controlled by doing the Homam.

     All our Vedic experts and pundits at Vedicfolks are professionals in performing this influential Yagna that continues for two days,the first day is dedicated to the japam, the repetition of the mantras, while the second is for executing the Homam.