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Tripura Sundari Homam

Get Sixteen Types of Desires In Life 

In Sanskrit, "Sodasi", is a "girl of sixteen" born from the eastern face of Brahma, the creator, is a great divine mother, a feminine creative power, an abstract quality in human form, rules all that is perfect, complete and beautiful. She is the power of Lord Shiva, the ruler of "Trailokya" (three worlds), the heaven, earth and pathala. Goddess Sodasi is consort of Lord Shiva is also identified as  "Tripura-Sundari" the "beauty of three cities". Illuminates the three world from the light radiation from the three eyes of Lord Shiva, hence she is called, a "girl of sixteen" in whom the three forms of light, unite. As a form of the eternal night she  as " Sri Lalita Maha Tripurasundari" , the night of perfection. As a beginning of her rule she enthroned her right foot upon Sri Chakra.
Why And How Sodasi or Tripura Sundari Took Birth?
No doubt she is protector of evil spirits and she is highly a perfect goddess who saved the universe from darkness spreading the eternal night. She is believed to have taken birth to save the gods from the severe destructive effects from a mighty and wrathful demon "Bhandasura" who was created from the ashes of Kamdeva (a god of human of love and passion) by Ganesha. Fearing the demon and his deliberate cruelty and violent appearance, went into hiding and worshipped Goddess Para Shakti while he was enjoying the lust and luxury of the maya world created by Lord Vishnu. Demon Bhandasura came to know this worship and started attacking the gods at the spot where they were performing the yagya to please Goddess Para Shakti. Out of fear of cruelty and anguish of the demon the devas entered the fire pit and self-emolliated. Having known he has fully destroyed the devas, demon "Bhandasura" left the spot. Instantly, Goddess Para Shakti took birth from this fire pit as Goddess "Lalita Tirupa Sundari" to kill the demon Bhandasura and his troops. Using the astronomical theory of multiversity, restored peace and harmony and revived the duties and responsibilities of the Gods.
To Appease " Sodasi or Tripura Sundari" To Enlighten Divine Light
Aum Aim Hreem Shreem Aim Kleem
Sowm Kleem Aim Aum
Namo Bhagavathi
Tripura Dhevee Mama Vasam
Kuru Kuru Swaha
One can chant 3 times, or 9, 11 or 108 times as per your convenience, facing East.
Our Salutations to Lord Shiva (creator and destroyer), Goddess Saraswathi (knowledge and wisdom), Goddess Parvati (divine mother) and Goddess Mahakali (love and desire)
Our prayers to Goddess Tripura Sundari (god of night)
Open your eyes and bless us with good health, long span of life, knowledge, purity, love and desire, wealth and prosperity.
Importance Of Sodasi or Tripura Sundari Yagya
It is very special offering of prayers to Goddess Tripura Sundari who will protect you from misfortunes and misjudgments, and bestow with pride, happiness and success in all endeavours. This yagya is successfully helps you to get rid-off black magic effects and eschatological belief. Avert your perpetrators from promoting undesirable occurrences against you and stop problems from strangers and their causes and effects . Resurrect to life of strength and energy physically and mentally, undoing all twisted knots of negativity and evil-effects and relieve you unblemished. Devotees who offer their sincere prayers will be ushered with plenty of love and affection to their family, family bonding, friends and relative support and attachment, face no shortages or shortfall at home or business ventures.
  • Life will be with full of love, liberty, equality and brotherhood curbing disintegration, isolation or fear
  • Forgiveness, Contentment and happiness and curtail negative forces from hardship and domineering
  • Enrich knowledge, abundance of power with strength and support, removing all ill-effects and bad chanting.
  • Guide path for peace and harmony and blessed with plentiful of wealth, health and prosperity.

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3 Hours Package
USD 575.00
  • No of Priest - 2
  • 1008 Ahurthis
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
USD 2,820.00
  • Up to 10 Priest
  • 125000 Ahurthis