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Kamala Devi Homa Let your Life Blossom! 

Kamala Devi Mahavidya Homam- Ensuring More Wealth In Life

Goddess Kamala Devi, her elegance and divine blessing, filled with infinite fulfillment, being the tenth of ten Mahavidhyas, who is in the form of Goddess Parvati, is omnipresent. Her divine blessings acquire Venus benevolence presenting us as a clear bright personality.

She is judged by her character, who appears in golden complexion, is bonded with Goddess Parvati (Goddess of fertility), Mahavidya (Goddess of Power), Shivashakti (Goddess of earth) a combined cosmic energies, mounted on a Lotus flower in a padmasana posture signifies fruitful presence to protect the universe from evil spirits. At sunrise surrounded by four beloved tuskers, enjoys the bathing of the blend of sattvic botanicals and divine nectar pours through the trunks of the elephants engulfed from Amrita Kalasha, highlights the goodness, godliness and the symbol of power and strength, empowers life with fertile rains of monsoon which will plough the fields and reap the harvest.  She speaks the beauty through the heart of divine light invoked and glaring through her eyes and blessed with four unique hands, two holding lotus flowers, arisen from the Lotus-Bloom naturally fell on her hands and other two hands, one holds abhayamudra (symbolizes fearlessness) and other, varamudra (confers boon), symbolically denotes purity of mind and thought, resembles as an divine angel creature with the grace of the heaven.

Goddess Kamala Devi accomplishments is attributed to the welfare of the universe and all her spiritual practices are sacred and can be understood only by learned Guru's or Vedic experts. Her works and wonders are in the form of mantras and chanting during worship pleases the goddess who fulfills the aspirations in life, elevates the soul through faith, not limited to spiritually and but worldly, too. Chanting sacred mantras is perfect practice invoking quality of thought, purification of heart and soul and self- realization. Goddess Kamala Devi bless natives to reach true peaceful state, who supports in all walks of life, creates successful opportunities, bless valuable possessions, no wonder in terms of divine power and materialistic substances. Goddess Kamala Devi bless nourishment and other sustenance in life, profuse freedom of material affluence, inspirations and motivations culminated with love and affection in one's life.

Moola Mantra Of Kamala Devi Homam

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Hasou Jagat

Prashutyaya Nama

Significance of Goddess Kamala Devi

Goddess Kamala Devi is in the divine form, energy of Lord Vishnu, existing in the cosmic world and those who offer their prayers can be at peace and in this way prosperity taps every door in equilibrium to accompany in all the activities, in the divine form. It is quite natural, she is the root cause of the existence of the world, devoting to her through our prayers, will fills joy and happiness in the family. Goddess Mahashakti another form of Goddess Kamala Devi has given creation to the world of reality, have always been ready to sacrifice for the universe, but faced several discomforts in fulfilling the principles of life, due to the absence of grace and elegance in the minds of the natives. To manifest the glorious of wealth and prosperity in the universe, she incarnated as Goddess Kamala Devi as an amiable goddess, to seed the divine spirituality and provide abundance in life.

Goddess Kamala Devi Mahavidya Homam

This Homam invokes goddess of abundance to experience a spiritual wealth and beauty, bless with true happiness of positive energy; having faith in relationships, changing from trembling to triumphing, winning life with greatest source of wealth, makes us more enthusiastic and joyful, opening new doors of success. This homam helps to change one’s capacity to think in right direction, encourage excellence in life, rendering humanity inside your heart and divinity inside your soul, transforming negative energy as a miracle to pure creative forces with beauty and wealth in every walk of life, seeing greatness all around you. It guide you to replace the competitive energy with a divine picture of success to provide a sense of security in life, ushering abundance in all areas of life, blesses family with children, being generous. Enable freedom from ego-driven desires, resolution from obstacles, overcome disease and negative self-talk. This homam also creates simplicity in life with self-respect, as a divine mother teach us what is good and what is bad in life, fixing the financial crisis, plan to save instead of spend, envisage strategies settling all our debts, invest in wiser deals and transactions, free from reckless deeds and reduce selfishness and greedy. Goddess Kamala Devi remains as proper custodian with her glitzy divine blessings, being part of us in all our endeavours.