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Bhuvaneshwari Homam(Moon)

Getting Relief From Sorrows And Other Problems In Life
Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is one of the ten aspects of Shakthi(power). She also stands for the universal energy and plays a key role in protecting people from various problems. Ancient Vedic contexts reveal that anyone who worships her can overcome sorrows and other problems in life. Performing Bhuvaneshwari homam may bring peace, health, wealth and prosperity in a home. It also provides methods for recovering from the sins in an effective manner by addressing exact needs.

Why Bhuvaneshwari Homam?

Bhuvaneshwari is considered as the ruler of this world. Anyone who performs homam on her can witness major changes in life.
•    Bhuvaneshwari homam is a suitable one for preventing health various types of health disorders.
•    Also, it helps to recover from major illness problems to increase the quality of life.
•    One can be able to reduce mental worries with this homam.
•    People who want to prevent untimely death can choose Bhuvaneshwari homam for minimizing fear.
•    In addition, it is possible to control potential threats from enemies and evil forces after conducting Bhuvaneshwari homam.