Vaikunta Ekadasi

Doors of Heaven Open for Material and Spiritual Blessings



Vaikunta EkadasiVaikunta Ekadasi – A Propitious Day to Get the Maximum Benefit from Two Great Vedic Scriptures

Vaikunta Ekadashi is also called Mukkoti Ekadashi and on this day the gate of Lord Vishnu’s inner sanctum is opened. The energies of the lord are very close to earth on this day. Therefore observing fast on this day helps attain salvation and purifies all sins. In temples of Lord Vishnu, special prayers, discourses, speeches and rituals (pujas and homas) are conducted.

The day holds great significance at the Tirupati Balaji Temple, Srirangam Sri Ranganatha Temple and at the Bhadrachalam Temple. In Kerala, it is widely known as Swarga Vathil Ekadashi.  It is observed during the Shukla Paksha Ekadasi that falls this year on January 06. The time for Vaikunta Dwaram opening is at 4:30AM.

Vedicfolks plans to perform the Dasavatar Maha Homa on the day dedicated to the supreme lord Vishnu which acts as a protective armour against all negative influences.


Dashavatar Maha Homam

Embark Momentous Beginning For Plenitude of Health, Wealth and Prosperity

Scheduled Live on January 06, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


This event has been completed

Please visit this link by performing individual Vaikunda Ekadasi homam



Out of the ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu, this is the first form. A living creature in water, with four arms having upper torso, of a man and lower part, of a fish. Lord Vishnu took this form to save a dedicated devotee Manu the first man, from a severe storm and flood. This formation was a timely judgment by Lord Vishnu to restore Dharma, according to Matsya Purana.

Mathsya Homa Invoke Creativity, Morale and Healthy Life

Matsya homa invoke timely support from Lord Vishnu who will be the first to protect us from disaster, let that be, a nature or man-made. If you are dedicated devotee of Lord Vishnu you will be saved against the evil spirits and hidden enemies. This homa also acts as a medication to all our physical and mental instability.


  • Helps to forecast the hidden danger and get timely and appropriate support
  • Get rid-off past mis-deeds, women curses
  • Harvesting, rain-making and seeding, to prosper and live creatively.
  • Alternative for doctrine medication


Lord Vishnu to churn the ocean of milk from Mount Mandara, to obtain Amrita, the magic of immortality. As gods gone weak due to a curse from sage Durvasa, invited asuras in the process. The serpent Vasuki serviced as rope and Mount Mandara turned as a churning stick.  Lord Vishnu in Kurma Avatar gave the support on his back, to firmly hold the mountain.

Kurma Homam Invoke Peace and Harmony, Accelerate Positive Energy Forces

Kurma Homa helps to balance the evil effects and crisis to restore peace and harmony within the family using the positive energy forces. This homa is divine in nature which organizes the flow of energy in the positive direction and balance the influence of ill-effects and mis-fortunes.


  • Ensures protection from disease, bestowed with healthy and long life-span
  • Strengthen your Saturn and achieve Good fortunes in life
  • It helps for safe mother-hood and family bonding
  • Get rid-off delays and obstacles, provides greatest support and strength


Lord Vishnu in the form of Boar is also termed as ' Yajna-varaha' has to destroy the evildoers, has to fight with a demon Hiranyaaksha killing him to purify the universe with positive energies and to protect the happiness and welfare of the living creatures.

Varaha Homa Invoke Good Qualities and Nurtured Behaviours

Varaha Homa invokes orderly and principled life, free from worries and diseases, overcome the birth chart problems and after effects, make life with value of strength and happiness, win over unexpected and untimely death


  • Relief from negative energies like devils, ghosts, and invoke positive spirits
  • Get rid of enemies and get position of high value equal to King
  • Achieve success in life, wealth and victory in all deeds
  • Free from curses, witches, bad chants and gives courage and confidence.


Lord Vishnu in the form of part lion and part man is a glorified avatar to protect and save the universe from an unruly arrogant demon King Hiranyakashipu, who destroyed the religious beliefs, command hostility and ill-treatment, those who worshipped Lord Vishnu.

Narasimha Homam Invoke Love and Affection, Remove Fears and Hatred

Narasimha Homa, relieve you from debts and insolvencies, get protection against severe and acute shortages, relief from infinite problems, overcome inappropriate happenings, save you from prolonged illness, diseases and grief and provide you only with happiness, welfare and good deeds around you.


  • Relief from dictatorship, encourages positive bonding
  • Shield from harmful evil spirits, offer a safe and protective surroundings
  • Defeat the impediments and provide a smooth support and protection from the bonding.
  • Provide abundance wealth, elevate your planetary position and emancipation, to prosper.