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Vaikunda Ekadasi Homam 

Lakshmi Narasimha Homa

Lord Lakshmi Narasimha is the 4th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. His incarnation was done on the earth plane to bless people from the following:

  • Keeping you away from enemies
  • Blessing you with peace and happiness
  • Closing your debts
  • Health, wealth and prosperity
  2. What is done in Lakshmi Narasimha Homa?

In Lakshmi Narasimha, the fire place is ignited with divine fire and mantras (divine vowels and rhythms) to invoke the presence of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. There are many steps that are performed authentically to invoke the fire and the lord out of it. It is strongly believed that Lord Lakshmi Narasimha blesses the native performing the Homa and the people present during the sacrificial fire, with whatever they ask for.

Japas or mantras are recited accordingly for each Homa by a sacred group of priests who are   authenticated, devoted and sincere. It is essential that a Japam (mantra) is spelled rightly for the right effect. And, our group of expert priests makes sure that they perform the Homa in the authentic and traditional way with the right syllable for the right effect!

It is known to spiritual people that at the end of every Homa, sacrificial ghee (clarified butter), clothes   and other divine things are offered to the fire—Agni Devatha. Once the fire swallows all these divine offerings, it bestows the people assembled for the gathering and the performer with all that they ask for. It is believed that Lord Lakshmi Narasimha is present all over virtually and blesses and grants your wishes in person!

What Will I Receive?

Lakshmi Narasimha Homa—Bid a Farewell to your Enemies and Evil Eyes!

If you perform this Homa, you will be blessed with a health ailment free life. All your spiritual and material benefits will be accomplished and granted by Lord Lakshmi Narasimha himself. You are also bound to erase all your sins and proceed towards a sin free and uncomplicated future.

After performing the Homa, we will send over the Prasad (vermillion/sacred ash). If you are able to attend the Homa, you will be given the Prasad in person, or else this will be sent over to you. Please be informed that it might take 4-7 business days for your Prasad to reach you.

Lakshmi Narayana Homam – For wealth, prosperity and spiritual well being

Why Lakshmi Narayana Homam?

Whether you seek wealth, prosperity and success in material life or health, happiness and progress in spiritual life, Lakshmi Narayana Homam, a highly beneficial and effective Vedic ritual, is a powerful boon to realise all the desired goals of your life.

Who is Lakshmi Narayana?

Lakshmi Narayana is the married form of Lord Narayana and Godess Lakshmi devi. Lord Narayana also known as Maha Vishnu is the preserver of the Universe and the embodiment of Dharma or righteousness. Lakshmi Devi is the embodiment of wealth and prosperity.  

Benefits and significance of Lakshmi Narayana Homam

Lakshmi Narayana Homam invokes the blessings and grace of both Lord Narayana and Lakshmi Devi. This is an invincible combination because Lord Narayana acts as the protector of righteousness and vanquisher of evil deeds whereas Lakshmi Devi offers material growth and prosperity. Together, they endow both material as well as spiritual progress and well being throughout your life. 

Bestows material affluence and financial stability

If you are going through a difficult time financially, heavily in debt or not able to accumulate wealth, Lakshmi Narayana Homam will help you overcome all your financial difficulties and will bestow wealth in abundance. Lakshmi Narayana Homam ensures financial stability and material progress, thereby makes you lead a peaceful and joyful life.

Improves your body, mind and soul

To enjoy the benefits of wealth and prosperity, you must definitely have a healthy body, mind and soul. This too is achieved by performing Lakshmi Narayana Homam as it improves your health and well being since Lord Narayana is the caretaker of overall wellness. 

Protection from enemies and evil deeds

Serving as a powerful shield, Lakshmi Narayana Homam protects you from your enemies and evil deeds. This helps you accumulate good karma, which will act as your saviour in this life and afterlife too. 

Advances your material and spiritual growth

When Lakshmi Narayana Homam is performed, Lord Narayana takes the role of a father and Lakshmi Devi plays the role of a mother so that the child(that is, you!) is well endowed with all the necessities for both material and spiritual success whether you seek it or not.  

Just like your parents take care of all your needs irrespective of your knowledge, Lord Narayana and Mother Lakshmi take care of all your present and future needs(in this life and afterlife too) by abundantly bestowing you with financial growth, spiritual progress and unlimited happiness. This is the speciality and greatness of Lakshmi Narayana Homam, which enriches and enhances all the aspects of your life.

Ideal days to conduct Lashmi Narayana Homam

Pournami or full moon day is strongly recommended to perform the most merciful Lashmi Narayana homam that begets wealth, prosperity and spiritual well being. Performing Lakshmi Narayana Homam once in every year will help you achieve all the goals of life.

To achieve the maximum benefits of Lakshmi Narayana Homam, seek the guidance of a learned Vedic pundit at Vedic Folks. 



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