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Sudarshana Jayanthi: Invoking the Divine Sudarshana Nullifies Sins & Grants Protection 

Sudharshana Homam - Sudharshana chakraThe Sudharshana chakra is synonymous with Lord Narayana and has much auspiciousness attached to it. One of the qualities of the divine wheel is Pida pradanam which means that it gives immediate relief to pain and suffering to the seeker/performer. Another powerful quality of the chakra is Papa Nashanam i.e. destruction of sins. A person needs to adopt these qualities in order to realise God. The mighty flame is an important aspect of Jwala Narasimhar who destroyed Hiranyakashipu, father of Prahlad, a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and who also resides in the Sudharshana yantra. Offering obeisance to Sudharsharana Chakram on its Jayanthi day is equal to worshipping ten forms of Maha Vishnu.
This year Sudharshana Jayanthi is celebrated on July 10, 2019 and Vaishnava Sects observe the day as Shukla Paksha Ashada Dasami. Rituals like Sudharshana homa on Sudharshana Jayanthi cure various illnesses. It’s also worshiped for attaining Moksha and for redemption of sins. 

Sudharshana Homam 

 Accelerate Business Profits, Uplift Career Prospects & Let Not Critical Ills Bother You

 Scheduled on July 10, 2019 


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Sudharshana Chakra – The Most Powerful Protective Armour

Sudharshana homam is dedicated to Lord Sudharshana. In this powerful homam Lord Sudharshana is invoked in a fire ritual and worshiped. The word Sudharshana means Divine Vision. Lord Vishnu has five weapons called Saarangamu bow, Nandakamu, Kaumodaki, Panchajanyam conch and Sudharshana chakram. In these five weapons most powerful one is Sudharshana Chakra. It destroys all evil effects and harmful enemies. This chakra is the most powerful protective armour to the worshiper.

Performing Sudharshana Homa on Sudharshana Jayanthi Empowers You with Positive Outlook 

The Sudharshana Homam on its Jayanthi day protects against harmful elements like enemies, evil eye, spirits and negative energy and so on. It empowers you with positivity, accelerates you business profits and also your career. It’s a great healer of complex health conditions and also has the power to prevent mishaps and unforeseen dangers. 

Sudharshana HomamSudharshana Homam: Put an End to Strong Negative Forces, Be Successful & Pure 

This powerful homam gets rid of all negativity like evil eye, black magic influences and obliterates enemies. It keeps you surcharged with positive vibrations and helps to foresee dangers that cause hurdles in your path to success. It improves your status in society by uplifting your career and business. Lord Sudharshana or Maha Vishnu is the chief deity of this homam and his chakra called Sudarshana relieves people of all sufferings. The wheel also has the power to weed out the sins of people. It provides relief from mysterious, long-suffering, incurable diseases. It safeguards your home against strong evil forces like Pishacha, Dakinee, Shakinee, Mohinee, Bhoota, Preta, Betala and Brahmarakshasa. The homam purifies the body deeply and cleanses it of all impurities. It promotes success in all ventures, bestows grace and vitality. It clears all karmic debts of all kinds. 
Do you know that once upon a time, the chanting of Sudarshana Ashtakam has cured an entire village that was infested with a severe epidemic? 

Significance of Sudharshana Homam 

Powerful mantras abolish all obstacles and bestow well being to the family. This yagya gives immediate relief to pain and sufferings. It helps to remove all evil causing negativities and negative effects from the path. By performing Sudharshana Homam you get health, wealth, chastity, generosity and prosperity. Sudharshana mantra has immense power to rid of all complexities due to planetary doshas, curse and evil forces. The Sudharshana chakra contains healing characteristics. Therefore Sudharshana Homam gives relief from unknown health problems and destroys evil eye castings. Worshiping Lord Sudharshana helps to achieve highest goals in life and to acquire highest positions in respective fields. 

Benefits of Sudarshana Homam

  • Fulfils all desires to the maximum
  • For success in career, education and business
  • Shields from black magic and evil eye casting
  • Provides wealth, health and peace
  • Removes obstacles in path to progress
  • Removes worries and grants happiness
  • Protects from bad energies and diseases
Additional Pujas to Please Lord Sudharshana