Maha Sudarshana Homam | Puja | Mantra | Yagna

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Maha Sudharshana Homam 

For Destroying Enemies, Warding Off Evil Forces, Healing  Health Diseases And Preventing Accidents. Also A Powerful Homam Done To Accelerate Career And Business Growth. 


It is believed that Vishnu the supreme God guides people to lead life in a right path by removing various types of obstacles and perils. Sudarshana is the other name of Lord Vishnu's wheel who uses the weapon for destroying enemies. 

Ancient Vedic texts reveal that Sudharshana has immense power that helps to get protection from evil forces and enemies. The wheel also enhances a person to overcome health, financial and karmic problems. Performing Sudarshana homam may lead to several benefits to live a wealthy and prosperous life

Why Maha Sudharsana Homam?

  • Sudarshana homam is a suitable one for those who want to conquer thier enemies in effective methods
  • This homam plays a key role in ensuring security by reducing negative forces in life. 
  • One can be able to get relief from the bad effects which are caused by wrong combination of planets in a horoscope.
  • Moreover, it is possible to control health disorders with this homam to live a wealthy life.

Conducting Sudharsana Homam With Vedicfolks

Maha Sudharshana Homam is considered as equivalent to ten homams. Therefore, it is necessary to seek support from a reputed Vedic firm for doing it in a proper manner. Vedic folks is a leading Vedic consulting company which offers valuable services for those who want to perform the homam depending on the needs. 

Online support is available for booking Sudarshana homam in advance. Expert pundits and priests will also give ideas for doing the homam based on the birth chart reports. 


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