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Get Protection From Noxious Diseases, Misfortunes & Unexpected Evil
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Power-Packed Devi Combo - Pratyingara Devi Pratyingira Devi: The Goddess Makes You Prosper & Removes Evil in All Forms

Pratyingara Devi is a very powerful goddess who emerged from the third eye of Sarabheswara, a manifestation of Lord Shiva with 1,008 lion heads, 2,016 hands and a blood stained tongue lolling out. She rides on a majestic chariot pulled by four lions, representing the Vedas. This terrible form of the goddess has dark complexion, reddened eyes and in four hands she holds a trident, a serpent in the form of a noose and a damaru or drum and a skull. When her energy manifests, it’s often a very swift and a ferocious current. According to ancient literatures, after the Narasimha Avatar, Lord Narayana was in a destructive state and the gods of heaven were terrified. Shiva tried to calm him in vain. He took the form of Sharabha, with two heads, two wings, eight legs of the lion with sharp claws and a long tail. Seeing this, Lord Narasimha took the form of Ganda Berunda i.e. a ferocious two-headed bird. At this time, from one wing of Sharabha, Pratyingara Devi appeared.
She is a combination of lion and human and is also called Narasimhika. She calmed the avatar god by sitting on his lap. The goddess repels all forms of witch-craft, destroys negative karma and guides those taking the spiritual path. She makes you prosper in life, destroys curses, black magic and all forms of evil. She’s the most lovable mother for those who are devoted to her and seek solace in her. 

Power-Packed Devi Combo - Sheetala DeviSheetala Devi: Confront the Harsh Summer by Worshipping the Cool Goddess 

The Skanda Purana has mentioned that this powerful goddess should be worshipped for smallpox. She is the cause and the cure for the disease. She arose from the sacrificial fire and Lord Brahma told her that she would be worshipped as long as the seeds of a particular lentil, the black gram or urad dal. She travelled with her companion, Jvarasura, a demon responsible for fever, created from Lord Shiva’s sweat. They travelled together to visit other gods and during the journey, the lentils turned to smallpox germs and infected all those that they paid a visit. The gods prayed for cure and pleaded to take the germs to earth. In a moment of rage against a king who failed to accept her as superior to Lord Shiva, she released 75 different kinds of pox on his people causing many deaths. The king relented and the goddess healed him and his people.
The personification of the goddess is that she rides on a donkey, has four arms, and carries a silver broom stick, a small bowl, a winnow, and a pot of water. She rids the house of diseases, the broom is for sweeping away germs, and the winnow to collect them. She sprinkles water from the pot to purify the house. Her very name means cooling one. The time is right as the season changes from cold to hot, it is most essential to glorify the deity that stresses the need for human hygiene during the oncoming summer months. She motivates her devotees to keep the surroundings neat and hygienic. In the south, she’s referred to as Mariamman or Karumariamman.

Sheetala Ashtami: A Day Of Esteem Dedicated To Two Supreme Female Energies 

Seven days after the festival of Holi, the Sheetala Ashtami is celebrated during the spring season in the month of March or sometimes April. Summer months may be harsh and during the time people struggle for their lives unable to bear the heat which may also have adverse effects on their life. It is believed that worshipping Mother Sheetala, the goddess of healing, on her Ashtami would prevent you from encountering deadly diseases. She is a mother to her devotees and takes care of tiny tots and cures their diseases, especially related to sores, pustules, skin rashes etc. On the other hand, Goddess Pratyangira is no less. She protects her devotees from evil in all forms and to a true devotee she’s a protector par excellence. The goddess is the embodiment of dharma (righteousness), truth and justice. She frees her devotees of Karma and grants salvation.  
Performing Pratyangira Devi and Sheetala Devi fire rituals (homam) on the auspicious day of Sheetala Ashtami helps you tackle the onslaught of summer. It keeps you disease free, healthy, prosperous and evil free. 

Power-Packed Devi Combo - Homa KundamHere’s What Pratyangira Devi Homam Does To You

Get rid of all types of Black Magic, witch-craft and evil eye  
Stay clear of negative energy and evil forces
Blesses you with excellent career and business
Here’s what the Cool Goddess Sheetala Devi Brings To You 
Quick Recovery from Small Pox/Chicken Pox and other skin infection 
Removes all physical sufferings of children
Shoos away ghosts, evil spirits that haunt toddlers
For  a long & healthy life free of ailments 
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