Surya Grahan, Jyeshta Amavasya, Shani Jayanthi –
Major Effect of Sun, Moon, Saturn on Earth

Navagraha Homam

Pacifies Malefic Planets to Give You Best Results
Overcomes Setbacks, Creates Positive Vibes,
Bestows Affluence, Negates Malign Effects

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Solar Eclipse & New Moon - A Day of Multiple Prominence & How They Impact You

This year 2021, the solar eclipse falls on June 10, in the mrighshirsha star. It begins at 13. 42 IST and ends at 18. 41 IST. It’s an astronomical phenomenon when the moon during its rotation around the earth comes in between the sun and the earth thereby blocking the sun’s rays from entering the earth’s surface during the eclipse period.

According to ancient beliefs, it is said that the nodal planets Rahu and Ketu have an enmity towards the sun and moon.

Therefore they create an eclipse over them as a mark of revenge.

A solar eclipse-affected zodiac leads to fear of disease, wealth loss and financial constraints. It may also incidents of death, hurdles from enemy, skin problems like leprosy etc. Vedic scholars’ advice donation of food or money or gold, cow charity, gayathri mantra chanting and charity to Brahmins.

The day is also significant for Jyeshta Amavasya which is highly propitious for remembering the forefathers. It is said that the Lord Saturn, the significator of karma and deeds, was born on this day. He is also the lord of justice and offers fruits according to the deeds one has performed in life.

On a day that has multiple significance due to the eclipse that has an effect on lives in earth and also Shani Jayanthi that falls on Jyeshtha Amavasya, a Navagraha Homam to please all the planets of Vedic astrology would be very beneficial for the welfare of one and all.

Navagraha Homam Pacifies Malefic Planets to Give You Best Results – Overcomes Setbacks, Creates Positive Vibes, Bestows Fortune, Negates Malign Effects

In times of pandemic and other pitfalls of life, it’s beneficial to invoke the blessings of nine planets of Vedic astrology. This is a collective homa for all nine planets of Vedic astrology. They control our deeds of the past and present – karma, desires, and what the results of those would be. By understanding the natal chart, our adept astrologers can figure out all the episodes of your life like sorrows, achievements, failures, success etc.

The Navagraha homam has cryptic or esoteric powers to nullify the doshas in your horoscope and paves way for you to flourish in life. It creates a favorable atmosphere, gives powers, courage and health to overcome the problems that you face due to unexpected situations or afflictions. It also strengthens the favorable and positive influences of planets that are weak in your horoscope.

The nine planets of Vedic astrology exhibit their characteristics differently and therefore their influence can also be diverse on the native. By appeasing them, the results can be made beneficial and favorable.

Sun (Surya) - If the sun is weakly positioned in the natal chart, it creates dosha and problems with health, family, property issues etc. crop up. The Sun homa promotes courage, strength, success and fame, dominance over enemies, relief from chronic diseases and health and prosperity.

Moon (Chandra) – Chandra dosha is caused when the moon is weak during the transition period. It spoils relationships with everyone and causes pains, diseases, depression and other mental tensions. It also means emotional disturbances, personality disorders and incompatibility with near ones. Moon homa bestows you to be a charming personality, blesses mental peace, excellent control over emotions, wealth, fame and success.

Mars (Mangal) – A malefic Mars makes you rash, foolhardy and temperamental. You develop tendency to quarrel, prepare for violence and take very aggressive steps. Your suffer diseases like piles, ulcers, fevers, surgical operations, psychic disturbances, eczema, rashes, cuts, wounds, electric shocks, etc. Homa to this planet offers magnificent health, wealth, power, prosperity, marriage blessings, eliminates the chances of robberies, accidents, fatal attacks and imprisonment.

Jupiter (Guru) – When you are gripped with guru dosha then, you have to deal with depression, pessimism and exhaustion. One struggles with other problems like loss of confidence, high expenses, hurdles in education, disharmony, lack of prosperity, fights etc. A homa to this scholarly planet grants virtuous strength and valour, purifies negative and bad emotions. Blessings of health, longevity, high education, philosophical skills, wealth fortune, and good progeny and religious affinity.

Mercury (Budha) – Doshas of Mercury can cause confusion, indecisiveness, nervousness, fear, low self-confidence, un emotional behavior, diseases of digestive system, nervous system, skin, asthma, kidney problems mental disorders, etc. Budha homa creates commercial success and growth, wisdom, wealth, relief from diseases of the nervous system and body functions.

Venus (Shukra) – A weak or malefic Venus means problems in marriage, love, lacking in comforts, afflictions, diseases of eye and ovary, gout problems, swelling of the internal organs, anemia, venereal diseases, urinary diseases, paralysis, excessive eating and drinking etc. Performing homa to this romantic planet ensures strong love and relationships, wealth and affluence, longevity of life, eminence in media, lovely children, progress in education and art, lovely children, all round domestic happiness.

Saturn (Shani) – a native with malefic Saturn has to endure business loss, sorrow, misery, poverty, accidents, disharmony, disputes, disappointments, hurdles, bad luck, struggles, and bad habits like drinking, gambling, laziness and lethargy. Diseases such as cancer, paralysis, rheumatism, asthma, defective speech, spine problems, skin diseases etc. are some of the adverse effects of Saturn. By pleasing the planet through homa one is blessed with health, happiness, mental peace, very effective for reducing the intensity of hardships caused by negativities.

Rahu – when Rahu is malefic, it causes negative results like fraudulent activities, deviating from religious path, physical, mental, emotional and financial challenges, legal cases, marriage delays, disharmony in married life, unstable business liaisons, ailments, diseases, etc. But blessings of Rahu through its appeasement grant enhancement of power, long life, good reputation, attractive, wealthy, fortunate, beautiful and wealthy.

Ketu – A debilitated Ketu or its dosha signifies poor concentration, weak eyesight, unending worries, anxiety, depression, bad speakers, stingy, quarrelsome, hard hearted, immoral, proud and sinful. Diseases like leprosy, cancer, anemia, poor blood circulation, nerve disorders, joint pain, paralysis etc. may cause worry. A homa to this nodal planet augments wealth, health, luck, domestic happiness, all round prosperity, reduces chances of loss of property and death due to poison.

Auspicious Nakshatra Puja & Energized Navagraha Mala - Bestows Complete Blessings of all Nakshatra Devatas & Nine Planets

Nakshatra Puja - Shapes Destiny, Boosts Confidence, Health, Wealth, Enhances Mental State

The nakshatra puja aims at correcting and pacifying the presiding deities of the nakshatra as per Vedic guidelines. It is performed to nullify the bad effects of the nakshatras prevailing at the time of birth and to ward off any dosha during the maha dasha (main periods) or antar dasha (sub) periods. You may face misfortunes due to planetary transits and other astronomical changes.

The Puja focusses on the presiding deity of a particular nakshatra and pleases the same for best results. The ritual helps to boost the confidence, inner power and subconscious aspects of a person. It enriches the thought process, instincts, mental state and plays a major role in shaping the destiny. It’s advisable to do this kind of homa for the overall health, wealth and happiness of the individual. Nakshatra Puja is very important to condition the mental status of an individual and leads to good karmic deeds.

This is an order based service that will be performed according to the sankalpa provided at the time of the Navagraha homam order.

Energized Navagraha Remedial Mala - Attracts Success, Name, Fame, Keeps Off Misfortunes, Dangers & Obstacles

The energized Navagraha remedial mala is an attractive rosary of colorful stones that relate to the nine planets or navagrahas of Vedic astrology. Wearing the rosary is very beneficial as it not only protects you from tribulations of life but also intensify the rays of the planets.

It is also a good solution to strengthen the positive effects of the planets as each stone is specific to certain planet and reflects the positive traits of a particular planet. It protects against misfortune, keeps off dangers and removes obstacles in your life. All the nine stones that cater to a particular planet are stringed in one rosary and therefore you get multiple benefits from this product.

The young and the old alike can wear this mala. It doesn’t matter who or what you are, this product increases the positive vibes around you by intensifying the rays of the planet. It ensures good luck and fortune. Attracts success, name and fame. It helps to keep away problems and produces a positive environment around you.


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  • Nakshatra Puja
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  • Nakshatra Puja
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