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Navagraha Homam

Reduces Bad Effects of Doshas And Uplifts Life

The Navagrahas or the nine planets play a very important role in Vedic astrology. Of the nine, seven major ones are listed according to the days of the week they favour, namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday respectively. Two other planets Rahu and Ketu are invisible and are assigned the north and south points of the lunar node. All theories and predictions involved in astrology are based on the positions of the planet in a particular bhavas or houses which it inhabits. There are 12 houses and each represents a particular aspect in a person’s life. Depending upon their location in the planetary system, they are considered either beneficent or malefic for an individual. If the positions of planets are beneficent then there’s all round progress and happiness but if the positions are inauspicious then they create disharmony and distress.   
These planets are treated as deities in Vedic astrology and have specific powers, nature and characteristic qualities depending on what they offer—good or bad. People revere Navagrahas to bring good fortunes or if they want to get over certain misfortunes in life. This may be due to doshas in the horoscope or can be due to past life karmas of ancestors. Besides rahu and ketu, who are demons, all the rest are gods.

Trouble Makers Of The Natal Charts

The worst trouble makers are planets Saturn, Rahu and Mars and they affect the good part of the horoscope leading to planetary doshas. Sometimes even Sun can be malefic in the chart and causes certain disturbances in the lives of people. 
The Navagraha homam/yagya removes all types of doshas or flaws in one’s birth chart. Since planets move from time to time, their presence in certain houses according to the dasas or ruling periods can favour or disfavour a person. Such rituals remove all types of defects and also transmit positive energies. For those suffering from great misfortunes or facing obstacles and failures, this ritual is very ideal. Here are the qualities the nine planets are bestowed with:-
Sun: Increased wealth, prosperity, occupation, career, courage, profession, etc.
Moon: success, mind, emotions, feelings, fame, vitality, etc. 
Mars: speech, communication, intelligence, memory, education, strength and vitality.
Mercury: speech, intelligence, memory, education, writer, publishes, editors, journalists, etc
Jupiter: education, knowledge, wealth, all comforts, logic, treasure, charity, etc. 
Venus: huge money and overflowing finances, vehicles, knowledge, art, music, long life, happiness, children, property and good education. 
Saturn: strict punisher of wrong deeds, longevity, chronic diseases, unrighteous conduct, miseries, evil, cruel, black magic, governed by Lord Yama.
Rahu: mysterious, intriguing, sudden surprises, gives huge income sometimes in immoral ways, evil, cruel, considers sun and moon as enemies, it behaves, like Saturn at times. 
Ketu: the planet of spirituality and moksha, knowledge of self, gives prosperity, all kinds of wealth, luck, luxuries, loss of appetite, good health, wealth, sometimes behaves like Mars, less malefic than Rahu, freedom from cycle of birth and rebirth. 

Navagraha Japam And Homam—Significance And Merits

This ritual is performed to satisfy and cool theplanets and get their blessings so that its strong effects can be minimised or eliminated to a large extent. It is said when this planet is malefic in the natal charts, even a king may lead a life of a beggar. So, rituals minimise the strong negative effects and also fulfil desires of people. The planet also bestows good luck, prosperity and peace. Rituals and ceremonies also pave way for uninterrupted all round progress both personally and professionally

Significance of Navagraha Homam

The Vedas have described that appeasing the Navagrahas bring prosperity and peace in a person’s life. The Navagraha homam makes 
feasible ways for reducing the doshas to avoid delay in marriages and other problems.
In addition, it’s possible to experience peace by getting rid of stresses and uncertainties with this homam by meeting exact requirements.
Anyone who wants to get relief from finance and health problems can choose this homam for gaining better prospects.
Furthermore, one’s life becomes stronger with Navagraha homam as it resolves complex issues.
Who should perform the Navagraha homam
—Those looking for fine opportunities and seeking improvements in life.
—Those looking for career development.
—Those seeking a happy married life or looking for perfect partners.
—Children who wish to perform well in academics. 

Benefits of Navagraha homam 

Navagraha homam removes bad effects and makes life healthy, wealthy and prosperous. 
This homam overcomes potential threats and risks to a great extent. 
Get blessings from nine gods to ensure success in all endeavors by  reducing obstacles. 
Also, this homam is suitable for gaining greater knowledge and wisdom.
How To Organize Navagraha Homam
To conduct Navagraha homam, it’s advisable to seek support from a leading Vedic firm for experiencing optimum results. Vedicfolks is a reputed Vedic consulting firm that offers valuable services to devotees for organising this homam. Expert priests and Vedic scholars offer ideas for doing the homam with powerful mantras and fire rituals. Online services are also available for booking Navagraha homam in advance.

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