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Navagraha Homam

Power of 9 Planets, Remove Graha Doshas, Mis-fortunes, Mitigate Sufferings, Bless Long and Blissful Life, Flourish Ventures, Bestow Boundless Prosperity


What Is Navagraha?

Navagraha is Nine Powers of Cosmic Energy of Universe. In Sanskrit it is called as "Nine Astronomical Bodies". Nava is denoted as "Nine", Graha is denoted as "Planet".

What Is Karma and How It Plays An Important Role In One's Life?

The word "Karma" denotes work, action or deed by another action. The Spiritual understanding of source and outcome, where indent and actions of an individual has an effect in the future of the individual, where good indent and good deeds contribute to good karma and desire full rebirths, whereas bad indent and bad deeds lead to bad karma and vengeful rebirths. Also denotes saying Karma influence of present life, affects one's future in the current life and also the nature and quality of future life, too. Their destiny plays an important role in this karma, includes Navagrahas. The Navagrahas have the right to bear the fruit in human deeds and to this fruit, a science by name "Astrology" was born, which is in force since ancient time, traditionally.

All theories and predictions involved in astrology are based on the positions of the planet in a particular house, which it resides. There are 12 houses and each represents a particular aspect in a person’s life. Depending upon their location in the planetary system, they are considered either beneficial or malefic inflictions for an individual. If the position of the planets are beneficent then there is all round Progress and Happiness. But if it resides inauspiciously then they create disharmony and distress.  

The planets are treated as deities in Vedic astrology and have specific powers, nature and distinguished characteristic qualities depending on what they offer, may be good, may be bad, depending on the natives horoscope. People revere Navagrahas to gain Good Fortunes in Life. They also have remedies to overcome misfortunes, occur to wrong planetary placements. This may be due to Doshas in horoscope or due to the past life karmas of Pitris or Ancestors. Besides, Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets, where Rahu is a demon with a head and a snake with a body and Ketu head is like a Serpent, and torso is like monster.

The Navagraha's are:

1. Surya - The Sun - Wealth, prosperity, occupation, career, courage, profession

2. Chandra - The Moon - Success, mind, emotions, feelings, fame, vitality

3. Mangala - Mars - Communication, intelligence, memory, education, strength and vitality

4. Budha - Mercury - Speech, intelligence, memory, education, writer, publishes, editors,

5. Brhaspati - Jupiter - Education, knowledge, wealth, all comforts, logic, treasure, charity

6. Shukra - Venus - Money Abundance, vehicles, knowledge, art, music, long life, happiness

7. Shani - Saturn - Strict punisher of wrong deeds, longevity, chronic diseases, miseries

8. Rahu - Ascending Lunar Node - Mysterious, Intriguing, evil, cruel, considers sun and moon as enemies, it behaves, like Saturn at times.

9. Ketu - Descending Lunar Node - The planet of spirituality and moksha, knowledge of self, gives prosperity, all kinds of wealth, luck, luxuries, loss of appetite, good health, wealth, sometimes behaves like Mars, less malefic than Rahu, freedom from cycle of birth and rebirth

Navagraha Mantra

"Adityaya Somaya Mangalaya

BhudayachaGuru Shukra Shanibhyascha

Rahave Ketava Namaha"

Worshipping all the Nine Planets namely the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and seek their blessings for a successful completion of Deeds.

Navagraha Homam - Bless Success and Happiness, Remove Doshas and Karmic Influence, Bestow Good Fortune, Prosperity

The Vedic scriptures have described that appeasing the Navagrahas will bring prosperity and peace in a one's life. The Navagraha homam makes feasible ways for reducing the doshas to avoid delay in marriages and other problems. In addition, it’s possible to experience peace by getting rid of stresses and uncertainties in life. Natives who wants to get relief from finance and health problems can choose this homam for gaining better prospects. This ritual is performed to satisfy and cool the planets and get their blessings so that its strong effects can be minimized or eliminated to a larger extent. It is said when a specific planet is malefic in the natal charts, even a king may lead a life of a beggar. So, rituals minimize the strong negative effects and also fulfill desires of people. The planet also bestows good luck, prosperity and peace. Rituals and ceremonies also pave way for uninterrupted all round progress both personally and professionally and makes one’s life stronger with Navagraha homam as it resolves complex issues, subdue negative effects, Bless Money Abundance, Success, Intelligence, Education and Knowledge, comfort and luxury and all desires in life.


  • Clear adversities, Bless Courage and Strength and Divinity
  • Nullify Malevolent Effects, Bless Protection from Evil Effects, Negativities
  • Bless strong relationship with spouse, Peace and Harmony, Reduce Stress
  • Gain Intelligence to utilize the time efficiently, Remove Hurdles, Bless Knowledge
  • Bestow with good deeds in life, Remove depression, delays and frustration
  • Clear misfortunes, Constant Ailments, Bless Prosperity and Material Abundance
  • Healthy Life, Remove Chronic Ailments, Infectious Disease, Bless Disease-free Life.



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2 Hours Package
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Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
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  • 125000 Ahurthis