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Maha Shivratri – A Special Night of Lord Shiva to Keep Off Ignorance & Gain Knowledge & Power  

Maha Shivaratri is just not another festival, it’s a cosmic definition of how to protect the universe. It makes one aware of the universe, heralds the spring after the cold and dry winter, drives out ignorance, emits the light of knowledge and invokes the auspicious powers of Lord Shiva. An all night vigil, fast and worship on the day give the equivalent or more benefit of performing the Ashwamedha yagya, a ritual carried out by kings of yore to ascertain their supremacy. It is said that if 100 such Ashwamedha yagyas are performed, then one becomes kings of kings. Vedicfolks is performing the Laghu Rudra Homam to eleven forms of Rudra along with Rudrabishekam to receive the powerful blessings of the lord who gets pleased very easily on the day.

Maha Shivratri Special  


Multiply Assets, Achieve Worthy Career & Get Eternal Prosperity for Entire Lifetime
Scheduled Live on March 04, 2019 @ 6 PM IST
The eleven forms of Rudra are: 
  • Mahadeva - The Supreme 
  • Shiva - The Auspicious 
  • Maha Rudra - Destroyer Of Sorrows 
  • Shankara - Destroyer Of Doubts 
  • Neelalohita - Blue Throated One
  • Eshana Rudra- Ruler Of North East  
  • Vijaya Rudra – The One Who Grants Victory 
  • Bheema Rudra - The Tremendous 
  • Devadeva - Lord Of Lords 
  • Bhavobhava - The Origin Of Existence  
  • Adityamaka Sri Rudra - One Who Lives In The Soul

What’s Special about Laghu Rudra Homa on Maha Shivratri 

Laghu Rudra Homa - Maha Shivratri This powerful Homa easily pleases Lord Rudra or Shiva in all his forms and also fulfills wishes and removes sins. 
The Rudram Chamakam hymn corresponds to the recital of eleven mantras each having a meaning and benefit of its own that include education, benefit of progeny and destruction of enemies. 
In the second part, the devotee asks God for fulfilment of wishes. Here the devotee invokes the benevolent aspect of Lord Shiva and not the terrible aspect in order to fulfil his wishes. He connects himself with the Lord and asks him to grant everything. He wishes for his sensory organs to be healthy, for a sound mind and a peaceful old age. He seeks spiritual uplift, body fitness, good food, precious stones and sound body. The devotee asks the deity to grant him all the materials needed for the yagna and also involves higher spiritual elevation and hence called Jnana homam
Chamakam recital is a call for seeking all material desires and a final sense of fulfilment. The verses describe God as the ruling deity and that he’s immortal, infinite and has no barriers and he is the reason for heaven and earth, space and time and is immortal.
Eleven Eka Dasa Rudram chanting makes one Laghu Rudram and also when it done along with a homa it is called Laghu Rudra homa

Multiply Assets, Gain Worthy Career & Improve Well-Being with Laghu Rudra Homa on Maha Shivratri 

The Laghu Rudram is all about Lord Shiva and grants you assets in plenty, victory over enemies, increase of wealth, life and intelligence. It bestows development in every sphere of your life, healthy living, removes fear and sins. The lord blesses you with happiness, removes your mental distresses and bestows harmony. The vibrations of Rudram Chamakam are so powerful that it helps spread positivity everywhere. It helps you get a good life partner, a worthy career and also acquire knowledge. By invoking Lord Shiva through the homa, you can multiply assets, gain a worthy career and improve well being. 

Laghu Rudra Homa - Rudrabhishekam Get Eternal Prosperity for Entire Lifetime with Rudrabhishekam 

A popular ritual performed for the linga, a symbol of Lord Shiva worship, the Rudrabhishekam is a holy bath given to it. It is one of the most powerful forms of worship and bestows devotees with peace and prosperity besides removing sins of many births. During the puja, priests chant the Sri Rudram from Yajur Veda and sacred materials are slowly poured on the Shivaling.  Rudrabhishekam is highly beneficial to those seeking relief from tribulations in life and also grants spiritual progress.

Power Blessings to You on Maha Shivratri 

  • The Homa helps to multiply assets and wealth 
  • Gain a worthy career that keeps you prosperous for life
  • Remove mental agonies and get happiness forever
  • Increase longevity, become disease-free with Lord Shiva worship

Combined Ceremonies to Increase Outcomes on Powerful Mahashivratri Day


Neelakanteshwarar  Puja - Maha ShivratriNeelakanteshwarar  Puja - Stabilize Your Family Life and Gain more Blessings

In order to save the world, Lord Shiva swallowed the deadly poison (Halahala Poison). Lord Shiva’s throat turns into blue for that he gets the name ‘Neelakantha’. Neelakanteswara Puja honors Lord Shiva for saving the entire world from the deadly poison & bring longevity in life and freedom from poisonous and evil thoughts.



Pancha Rudra Parayanam and Homam Pancha Rudra Parayanam and Homam - Achieve five-fold blessings of Rudra

The Pancha Rudra Parayanam is a group of hymns which are recited during the Pancha Rudra Homam, the benefits of combining both the rituals is to invoke the five rudras of Lord Shiva to gain freedom from the bad effects of certain planets in specific positions which may cause harm.



Shiva Kavacham ParayanamShiva Kavacham Parayanam - Gain the protection of Lord Shiva

This mantra is recited by priests and devotees alike to invoke lord Shiva and request him to act has a shield to protect one from negativities and enemies.




Vilva Archana to Lord Shiva with Birth Star and Name Vilva Archana to Lord Shiva with Birth Star and Name - For Individuals and Family to be Blessed with Good Health and Immunity From diseases

Vila Archana is a special Archana performed with Vilva leaves which are said to represent the three eyes of Lord Shiva, the Birth star and name of the person is asked and the Archana is performed by chanting the mantra of Lord Shiva 108 times.

People who perform this Archana will get greater immunity power and blessed with good health for not only them but their future generations.