Durgashtami – A Day to Dissolve Karma, Sins & Get Divine Protection, Success

5 Priests 6 Hours Grand
Chandi Saptashati Parayanam Homam

Resolves Challenges, Fear, Grants Materialistic & Spiritual Boons

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Durgashtami – A Day to Dissolve Karma, Sins & Get Divine Protection, Success

Durgashtami is a very auspicious day that falls every month on the eighth day of Shukla Paksha. On this day, Goddess Durga, a creation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, is invoked. She appeared to destroy evil, in the form of demons, on earth. Fasting and performing rituals on the day pleases the mighty female power that helps to get rid of bad karmas of past life and sins. She improves love and relationships, self-confidence and courage. The rituals and fasts protects from disease, brings health and prosperity. On this day, you clear all difficulties with the blessings of Goddess Durga. She makes sure you get divine protection, success, prosperity, happiness and peace. Invoking Goddess Durga by reciting Devi Mahatmayam is sure to fetch favourable results to the devotee.

Trayambaka’s Three-Fold Grace - Ensures Success, Wealth & Prosperity to All

Goddess Chandi is a composite personification of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati having plenty of attributes of Trayambaka with three eyes that spans past, present and future. She rescues the distressed and oppressed who surrender before her whole heartedly. In such a state, no one goes astray and no misfortunes befall the devotee. Her divine grace works to destroy our inner enemies and when she is pleased she mitigates all sufferings and brings success, wealth and prosperity into the lives of people.

Chandi Saptashati

Chandi Saptashati Parayanam Homam - Resolves Challenges, Grants Materialistic & Spiritual Boons

Saptashati Parayanam Homa is dedicated to the powerful form of Durga. It addresses the problems of joblessness by clearing all obstacles, it also bestows a trouble free life and puts your career on the path to progress.

It refers to the thirteen chapters taken from Devi Mahatmyam that pays obeisance to the goddess who removes fears and blesses us with grasping powers of knowledge.

The thirteen chapters are divided into three parts – Prathama, Madhyama and Uttara. The first chapter explains the glory of Maha Kali, the second and third and fourth chapters glorify Goddess Maha Lakshmi and the last nine chapters from fifth to 13, describe the glory of Saraswati.

This divine compendium is a guidance of what man should do to attain salvation. It helps to resolve all problems and bestows both materialist and spiritual boons.

Also called the Chandi path, Saptashati when recited, makes you unconsciously aware of the presence of the divine power that guides you out of all troubles.

It says that it attracts the minds of the intellects or Gnanis so that they are obsessed with the Goddess. It helps destroy fear among the mortals and provides auspiciousness as they meditate on her sensibly. She is readily available to ward off fears, sorrows and adversities of her admirers. It describes her as Shiva Swarupa, and fulfils all wishes.

The Chandi Saptashati Parayanam involves the recital of the 13 chapters in which 700 verses exist. After reciting each chapter the priests will offer Purnahuti, which are sacred offerings, to the homa kunda while chanting specified mantras. The mantras are very powerful that they not only purify the space but also satisfy one’s desire. Finally, after the Parayanam of the 13th chapter is completed, a Maha Purnahuti will be carried out by offering a red sari to the most benevolent goddess Mother Chandi.


Benefits of Chandi Saptashati Parayanam

  • Chapter 1 – it gives relief from stress and worries. It also overcomes fear of the unknown enemies besides annihilating your most dangerous foes.

  • Chapter 2 – It removes obstacles and even if your enemy more powerful that you, the ultimate victory lies with the devotee for whom the verses are chanted.

  • Chapter 3 – grants assurance of victory in legal matters and win in battles which may be psychological, physical or any other turmoil in life.

  • Chapter 4 – it blesses the devotee with a beautiful spouse, wealth, strength to continue his devotion towards the goddess.

  • Chapter 5 – it inculcates faith and feeling of spiritual closeness with the deity. It eliminates fear of unnatural spirits,nightmares, evil designs of enemy.

  • Chapter 6 – it frees the person from all obstacles and opens path for progress and prosperity.

  • Chapter 7 – it fulfills desire, and all the material needs that you desire.

  • Chapter 8 – showers you with wealth, enhances your charisma, attraction and improves personality.

  • Chapter 9 – regain what is lost, with promise of wealth and prosperity.

  • Chapter 10 – it traces lost people i.e. those kidnapped or missing people. It also grants strength and bestows child blessings to the devotee.

  • Chapter 11 – it helps to progress in business, removes worries and offers peace and happiness.

  • Chapter 12 – it grants respect and fame in society, eliminates diseases, removes fear of the unknown.

  • Chapter 13 – it develops the devotions towards the mother and fulfills all needs and desires of the devotee.

Divine Boons of Chandi Saptashati Parayanam

  • Reduces the malefic effects of all weak planets in your horoscope
  • Negative influences like evil eye, dosha, obstacles are removed
  • It bestows prosperity in the form of wealth, grains and children
  • Prevents calamities, poverty and troubles
  • It protects against enemies, accidents due to fire and flood.
  • The Devi presents herself at the time of the recital.
  • Grants power, courage, motivation and fearlessness.
  • Rejuvenates the cerebral nerves and blood vessels in the body
  • The positive waves generated creates a positive impact on the devotee.
  • Improves health, blesses with longevity and good disposition.

Auspicious Puja & Energized Devi Idol - Bestows Complete Blessings of Chandi Devi

Durga Suktam Puja - Removes Darkness, Obstacles, Saves From Perils, Wrongdoings

The Durga Suktam is part of Mahanarayana Upanishad of the Krishna Yajur Veda. It emphasizes the role of Agni as a boatman who ferries the devotee towards enlightenment or Agni. The fire god connects us with the divine forces and that’s why he plays a major role in all rituals and worships. Agni signifies Kriya Shakti or the power of action and goddess Durga represents Kriya Shakti. She empowers the whole universe. Lord Shiva is ‘shava’ or corpse without his Shakti. Therefore, Agni and Durga are one and the same, according to the Vedas. A Durga suktam puja is very auspicious on Durgashtami along with Saptashati Homa and it transports the devotee to the sublime level and one feels her energy and grace. The Durga sukta puja leads you away from darkness of ignorance and evil by protecting you and saving you from perils and wrongdoings.

The suktam puja removes difficulties and obstacles, grants you material prosperity in the form of land, shelter and agricultural holdings. It bestows innumerable prosperity to our children, and drives away adversities. The suktam appeals for protection of the body by granting good health and safety from accidents. It also prevents enemy hindrance, increases happiness, and bestows good fortunes of all kinds.

Energized Brass Durga Idol - Keeps Evil Away, Offers Powerful Vibes, Fortune

Durga the invincible embodies fearlessness and patience. She is the root cause of creation, maintenance and destruction. Durga is universal mother who vanquishes forces of evil and is the protector of all that is good and harmonious.

A mother who protects her children from adversities, the Durga statue would be a divine gift for you. The statue made of brass, when venerated drives away negativity from your dwelling or professional spaces. Get lucky enough to possess this energised idol for best results in your life. Sing praises in the Mother’s glory after gently placing her in your puja space. Worship her every day for all time protection and auspiciousness.


Basic Package (One Devotee Only)
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  • Chandi Saptashati Parayanam Homam
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  • Chandi Saptashati Parayanam Homam
  • Durga Suktam Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees Only)
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  • Chandi Saptashati Parayanam Homam
  • Durga Suktam Puja
  • Energized Brass Durga Idol