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Chandi Homam

Eradicating Hurdles To Lead A Successful life

Goddess Chandi is known for her fierce form and plays a key role in protecting devotees from potential threats and risks. She is also known as Chandi who helps for living a trouble free life by removing obstacles to a wider extent. According to Vedic scriptures, Chandi represents feminine energy and worshipping her will lead to various benefits. Chandi Homam is mainly conducted for clearing all the obstacles on the path to success.

The Chandi Homam is offered to Goddess Durga and helps in clearing deterrents and obstacles in the way to success. The center of the homam include a recitation of the Durga Saptashati. These are 700 mystery and effective mantras in acclaim of Goddess Durga in which she overcomes different evil presences. With the recitation of each one verse, offerings are made in the conciliatory flame summoning the Goddess.

Also chandi homam includes the recitation of Devi Bhagavatham Purana ( Vedic Scripture) which composed of twelve chapter, containing 18000 verses of  Maha Purana "VedaVyasa".  At the "Phalasruti" toward the end of Devi Bhagavata Vyasa favored the individuals who read, hear or consider with magnificent direction, flourishing, happiness,. Vyasa said that the perusers of Devi Bhagavata were qualified for accomplishment in life, great posterity, information and development of viewpoint in life.

Why Chandi Homam?

Chandi Homam - Bid Goodbye to the Evil    

- Chandi homam bestows a person with power and supremacy to achieve success in all endeavors to a wider extent.

- Chandi is considered as the powerful goddess among the Mahavidhyas and conducting homam on her will help to witness major changes in life.

- It is possible to overcome fear problems from evil forces and enemies with this homam by meeting exact requirements.

- In addition, one can be able to free from evil eyes and curses to gain better prospects.

- Another advantage is that it provides methods for getting relief from health issues in an effective manner.



Chandi Raksha Mantra


"Om Hreem Chaamunda Bhrakuti Attahaase Bheemdarshane
Raksha Raksha Chorebhyah Vajurvebhyah Agnibhayah
Shwapadebhyah Dushtajanebhyah Sarvebhyah
Sarvopadravebhyah Chandee Hreem Hreem Thah Thah"


Benefits of Chandi Homam

- Anyone who wants to recover from malefic effects of planets in a horoscope can choose this homam to live a problem less life.

- Moreover, it gives ways for reducing karmic issues and doshas to reach high levels in life.

- Chandi homam is a suitable one for ensuring wealth and prosperity by clearing all types of obstacles.

- People who want to eradicate negative forces in life can perform this homam to experience peace of mind.


The materials offered to Maa Chandi on your behalf: 

 - 13 Purnahuthi’s for 13 Chapter(with Sweet Pongal and Sesame Seeds in Silk Clothes)
 - Maha Purnahuthi with Chandi Maa favourite colored saree.
 - 108 Medicinal Herbals
 - Virali Manjal, it is in the form of solid (can say hard turmeric)
 - Honey
 - Ghee
 - Fresh Fruits(Apple,Orange,Pomegranate and Mosambi)
 - Banana’s
 - Panchamirtham
 - & Other Homam Materials


Organising Chandi Homam

To conduct Chandi Homam, one should seek support from leading Vedic firm for getting desired outputs. Expert priests and Vedic scholars will help to organize the homam with powerful mantras followed by fire rituals to get positive energies on the body. One can also book the homam through in advance to plan the event according to needs. Live TV shows are available after booking Chandi homam.


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