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What is a Rudraksha?
Rudraksha is a divine gift sent by Lord Shiva himself to the betterment of humanity. It is said that it is a fruit of a tree which is wooden by itself in appearance and is also believed to be the tears of lord Shiva. A rudraksha can range from 1 face to many faces—called Rudraksha till Badraksha respective to the faces.
Why Rudraksha?
A rudraksha, as already mentioned is the divine therapy believed to be sent by the Lord himself. There are many divine miracles a Rudraksha can bring to the human kind:

Avoiding accidents
Divinity and so on.
It is believed that a Rudraksha can heal diseases and can give you an everlasting cure for lifetime. Depending on your Birth Chart, an expert can tell you which faced Rudraksha will suit your requirements, which on wearing will deliver the best results to you.

A Rudraksha can cure anything from diabetes till uterus disorders. It is a wrong concept to believe that only saints and pious people can wear a Rudraksha and one has to be adhered to rules and regulations on wearing a divine rudraksha. It has been quoted in the Vedas that anyone and everyone can wear a rudraksha based on the needs—after all this is why the Lord sent this to the human kind!
A rudraksha can be very effective to a student who is serious about pursuing studies. It can cheer up a student emotionally and mentally in a divine way and give on the strength to handle peer pressure, the competitive world and so on.

A student’s birth chart is also analyzed for the need of the rudraksha and then an expert will prescribe which rudraksha the student should wear for the betterment of his/her studies.

There are many things a student has to face in the competitive world of studies. Right from handling the expectation of parents till meeting the expectation of the teachers, it is the student who solely has to perform to prove his/her ability. Wearing a rudraksha can give the child the power and divine force to focus on studies and thereby improve their performance in academics.
A human being who is afflicted with karmic effects has to undergo problems in every relationship he/she maintains… this ranges from the relationship with the parents, till your life partner and your children. A relationship stands long until the human being finishes his purpose of birth on the earth plane.

A rudraksha, verified from God’s own world, can definitely help you towards maintaining a better relationship with people around you. You can be guaranteed with the divine force which will help you keep a smooth and hassle free relationship with your parents, family and even your colleagues—make your living space the best one to live in!
Avoiding accidents
If you are prone to the accident zone, you are in dire need to wear a rudraksha.

Wearing a rudraksha close to your neck, until the length of your chest or abdomen etc. saves you from many life accidents. An expert can thoroughly analyze your birth chart and let you know of which size, face, count and length of the rudraksha can save your life from accidents.

When you continue wearing the energized rudraksha, you will be completely sphered with divine force and energy that will keep you away from mishaps—your safety is guaranteed!
Why should you choose Vedic Folks for Ruratherapy?
We, at Vedic Folks have experts who can traditionally and truthfully look into the needs of your birth chart and fill the gaps with the related rudraksha to make your life’s picture the best one to cherish. Our rudrakshas are ENERGIZED so as to instill the most powerful and positive vibrations in the wearer—it’s time you wear the God’s gift to make your life a cake walk!