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Kaumari Homam

Keeps Heat Related Diseases In Check


Kaumari Homam - Keeps heat related diseases in check

Who is Goddess Kaumari Devi?

Goddess Kaumari Devi is one among the Ashta Matrikas. She is depicted same as the Lord Kartikeya ( Muruga) and her vahana also same as the Lord Skanda the Peacock. Goddess Kaumari is also referred as Karthikeyani and Ambika. She has the power of Lord Kumara the God of battle or war.

Why Kaumari Devi Homam?

Goddess Kaumari Devi Homam is well recommended for an individual to safeguard from the natural tragedies and diseases like Chicken pox etc. Goddess Kaumari blesses her devotees with more power and confidence to overcome the bad effects and frequent misfortunes in life.




Benefits and Significance of Kaumari Devi Homam

Goddess Kaumari represents the form of Lord kumara (Kartikeyan) those who perform this homam are blessed with the power to defeat the struggles.

By performing this homam one can get relief from diseases caused by heat.

Goddess Kaumari Devi Homam is well suited for those want to get relief from mental disturbances.

Ideal Days to Perform this Homam

The most preferable days to perform Goddess Kaumari Homam are Tuedays and Fridays apart from pournami to get better results.

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