3 Hours Package - USD 575.00
5 Hours Package - USD 1,299.00
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days) - USD 2,820.00

Ekadasha Rudrabhishekam homam

There are several factors which affect the growth of a person in life. Some people may face various problems due to karmic issues. They will cause effects in entire life cycle that hamper the development. People who want to get recovery from the past harmful actions must perform Ekadasha Rudrabhishekam homam for living a peaceful life. Anyone who has committed sins in the previous birth may face karmic problems in present life that ultimately hamper the development.

Why Ekadasha Rudrabhishekam homam important?

·   In order to prevent the negative effects of karmic problems, it is essential to conduct Ekadasha Rudrabhishekam homam for overcoming potential threats.

·   It mainly focuses on karma remedial process for resolving relationship issues and other problems to a larger extent.

·   Furthermore, this homam plays a significant role in removing the obstacles to ensure optimum results.

·   Anyone who wants to live a happy, wealthy and prosperous life can choose this homam for achieving goals.

The advantages of Ekadasha Rudrabhishekam homam

·   Many people may face doshas in present life because of karmic issues. Ekadasha Rudrabhishekam homam primarily focuses on removing them effectively to gain more benefits.

·   It also provides methods for neutralizing karmic issues to experience desired outcomes.

·   Another advantage is that one can able to find solutions for the problems which are related to health, business and other issues after performing this homam.

Booking services from Vedic folks

Before conducting this homam, one should consult with a vedic firm which delivers excellent services. Vedic folks is a renowned company which offers services for those who want to organize the homam according to needs. Expert vedic scholars from this firm have a wide knowledge on chanting mantras correctly to get positive effects. Priests will give ideas on this homam to live a peaceful life. They also help to arrange this homam at affordable budgets.

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Even though there are fixed timings to conduct such Homas, your horoscope will be analyzed by our Vedic Astrologers, according to which the time slots are arranged.

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3 Hours Package
USD 575.00
  • No of Priest - 2
  • Up to 1008 Ahurthis
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
USD 2,820.00
  • No of Priest - 07 to 10 Priest
  • Up to 125000 Ahurthis