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Lord Vamana Vishnu Homam


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Gain Success in Life Tasks, Heal Mind and Body, Remove Mental Stress, Gain Prosperity, Overall Growth


Legacy of Appearance of Maha Vishnu as Lord Vamana Avatar

A great king by name Bali Maharaj, grandson of Prahalada Maharaj, is the king of the demons, who fought Lord Indra, conquered heaven, which worried Aditi and Kasyapa Muni, the parents of demigods.


The parents of demigods worshiped the Lord, to protect their sons and other demigods. Their prayers were heard by the Supreme Power, Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu decided to defeat the asura King Mahabali Chakravarthy, who has capitalized enormous power over the universe. Lord Vishnu appeared in his natural form in a Dwarf Avatar with a conch, disc, lotus and club, assumed the form of a Brahman, as "Lord Vamana".


When did Lord Vamana met Maha Bali Chakravarthy?

Lord Vamana came to know that Bali Maharaj is performing a sacrifice, was present in the arena sharing his participation. On his arrival Bali Maharaj worshiped Lord Vamana, started washing his Lord Vamana's feet. Bali Maharaj asked Lord Vamana what is your desire? will be provided, whatever you ask for.


Lord Vamana was pleased by Bali's gesture. Bali being from the royal family, grandson of Prahalad, is quite generous and heart-whelming. Lord Vamana was wiser, asked only for three (3) steps of land. Bali noticed that being poor Brahman, Lord Vamana is not much intelligent to ask more, and agreed to donate 3 steps of land.


But Sukracharya, alerted his disciple Bali, that the dwarf Brahman who has come is a Supreme Power, Lord Vishnu, has come here to help the demigods, though he asked for 3 steps of land, he would take everything from you. But Bali said having given his word, he cannot go back, is a person of promise, never goes back on his words and decided to give what Lord Vamana has asked for.


How did Maha Bali Chakravarthy honored his commitment to Lord Vamana?

Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Vamana, grows to his cosmic image in his Lord Vamana Avatar. The first step he takes the entire earth, sky and all directions, second he covered the heaven, planets and rest of the universe.  As there is no other place left anymore, for the third step, the demon king Bali came forward offered his head, sacrificing his life.


Significance of Lord Vamana Vishnu homam

Lord Vamana Vishnu homam is suitable one for those who want to eliminate potential threats from enemies. Moreover, it is possible to attain success in all endeavors with this homam by meeting exact requirements. One can be able to clear obstacles and other issues after organizing it in proper methods. Furthermore, Lord Vamana Vishnu homam plays a significant role in removing Jupiter planet problems to lead a happy life.


Lord Vamana Moola Mantra

Om Namo Bhagavathe

deveśvarāya devaśya deva sabhūti kārie

prabhāve sarva devānā vāmanāya namo nama


What we understand from Bali Maharaja? - The Life Lessons

  • Though being Rich, fallen from his highest position due to blind pride, due to inorganic constitution, never driven positive intelligence, never able to learn, adopt and practice dharma.
  • Got defeated with Lord Vishnu and left deserted
  • Suffering the pain of being bounded by his unnatural behavior
  • Learnt many lessons, even at the time of challenges, never gave up his truthfulness
  • Shows way of peace and satisfaction, liberation from material world
  • To lead life with content, get satisfied with what we possess
  • Serve the needy with the basic need, food, clothing. Use time to share peace and knowledge with others, which gives satisfaction, shows a path of destiny, to attain Salvation.


 Lord Vamana Vishnu homam –Blessings of Lord Vishnu, Win over Negative Energies, Greed, Jealous, Blind Pride, Bestows Self-consciousness, Assets of Wealth, Positivity 


Lord Vamana is the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu who saved the earth from evil forces. It is believed that performing certain ritual on him will change the life of a person, to positive directions. The Lord Vamana Vishnu homam is mainly meant for overcoming difficult situations in life to achieve goals. This homam is a suitable one for those who want to obtain the blessings of Lord Vishnu for getting protection to lead a secured life, create positive energies, fulfilling the desires of devotees. Devotees who face malefic effects, get relief from karmic problems, choose this homam for ensuring optimum results. This homam shows the way for overcoming afflictions of Jupiter planet in the birth chart to gain better prospects, gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom, reduce complex issues in life, dispels sins, karmas, Solves ailments, physical disorders, mental illness, bless long life, good health, prosperity.




  • Ushering heavenly life desires, remove the afflictions of Jupiter Malefic Effects
  • Gain spiritual knowledge, wisdom, lead life in right path, reduce complex issues
  • Suppress misconduct, injustice, enrich healthy society, lasting relationship
  • Boost Immunity Power, Vitamin Deficiency, Bless Good Health
  • Remove greed, jealous, physiological disorders, bestows quality thinking, charisma
  • Obtain good tactics power, intelligence and knowledge building
  • Solves conflicts, Creates bondages, wealth abundance, wisdom, prosperity


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