Maha Sudarshana, Ayushya & Dhanvantri Homam

High Radiant Triple Power Homam Invokes Life Protection, Long and Stable Life, Cure Diseases

Scheduled Live on February 19, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


VIJAYA EKADASI - Bless Love and Affection and Family Bonding, Clear Disparity

Sacred "VIJAYA EKADASI" ,known as "Hari Vasara", is the eleventh lunar day, a very auspicious occasion for absorbing unbroken fasting abstinence from diet, is a dedicated day for Lord Vishnu, the eternal power. The word "Vijaya" denotes victory and offering fast on that day will enable victory to the observer overcoming Obstacles and Troubles during difficult times in life.

Maha Sudarshana Homam on Ekadasi -Destroy the absurdness, Enmity, Bless Purification, Pride and Prosperity

Maha Sudarshana Homam is a highly powerful Vedic Ritual invokes divine blessings of Lord Sudarshana, the leading deity. This Homam is performed by Vedic Scholars the celestial divine event, who was practicing for many years on this sacred "Ekadashi" day, known as "Hari Vasara", is the eleventh lunar day, is very auspicious occasion for absorbing unbroken fasting an abstinence from diet, is a dedicated day for Lord Vishnu, the eternal power. Those who are serious about the importance and the cause and effect, shall forgo eating grains as one of the abstinence, among other fasting principles. This Homam takes place on Shukla Paksha Thiti, the period where moon is on the brighter side, is in a waxing phase. Generally, the fasting is broken on the "Dwadashi Thiti" the next day, after sunrise.

Sudharshana Chakra is a Vanquished, hold and use most Powerful Weapon fully obedient, who is holding in his Index Finger by Lord Vishnu was given by "Guru Brihaspati" according to ancient mythological story exhibiting the origin of Sudarshana Chakra, has the power of 108 serrated blades with a jagged edge, which can travel several million kilometers, which is  measured in "yojanas", in a blink of a second. This Sudharshan Chakra is used as a mystical weapon imitates Shadow Emulation Techniques, with a wide range velocity, paralyzing the shadows of enemies' on the spot, triggering the force of chakra flow after chanting sacred Mantras. This Sudharshana Chakra is collating with anthropomorphic attributes, a divine manifestation of Lord Sudarshana is a supremely powerful, rarefied, multi-armed personality in medieval period serving the preserver of the Universe, a loyal caretaker of supreme deity Lord Vishnu in his works and accomplishments, one who has manifested in different forms on earth to reinstate "Cosmic Law and Order" and goodness. Lord Vishnu stood to the situations when threatened by the evil spirits, dealt very brilliantly, have liberated the mankind from the forces of evil spirits, saving the universe. Lord Vishnu is present everywhere, is present among us and worshipping will propagate astonishing benefits to the worshippers.

Maha Sudarshana Gayatri


“Om sudarshanaaya vidmahe mahaajvaalaaya dheemahi | tanno chakrah prachodayaat”


Repeat the above mantra for 11 or 108 times daily in the morning or evening, before sunset.


Maha Sudarshana Maha Mantra


Om Kleem Krishnaaya Govindaaya Gopeejana vallabhaaya

Paraya Param Purushaaya Paramathmaney

Para Karma Manthra Yanthra Thantra

Aabhichara Aushadha Astra Shastraani

Samhara Samhara Mrithyur Mochaya Mochaya

Aum Namo Bhagavathey Maha Sudarshanaaya

Deepthrey Jwaala Pareethaya Sarwa Dhikshobhana Karaaya

Hoom Phat Brahmaney Param Jyothishey Swaaha


Lord Maha Sudarshana is the divine controller of senses, and beloved Lord of Devotees, the Supreme Soul , the Paramatma, one who protects me from all evil effects, bad chanting and weapons.


Ayushya Homam - Fulfill Life Desire, Remove Threats, Fear of Life

The Birth Star Homam is called "Ayush Homam", performed on the day, the birth star is emerging during the birth month of a native. This Homam is performed to enhance the blessings of "Lord Ayur Devata". This practice is inherited from the earliest period of human ancestors an "Archetype", is a universal pattern of worship. On the day of "Ayush Homa" the native is bestowed with long and disease free life, relieve from physical and mental disturbances, improving physical and mental image, bless good health, wealth and prosperity.

Ayushya Homam Mantra:

“Om Haam Aayur Devataaya Swaha”


This Ayush Homam is a Remedy From Serious Ailments, Which Invokes the Following Divine Energy:

  1. Markandeya - Invoke the spirit of rebirth, overcome fear of death.
  2. Chiranjivis - Immortality, Eternal well-being
  3. Ashwatthama - A living Survivor, Immortal Spirit, a conqueror
  4. Mahabali - Fertile, Long lived, Joy and Happiness to Universe
  5. Vyasa - Defuse, Compiler, Long-lived
  6. Lord Hanuman - Disciplined, achieve great heights in life
  7. Vibhishana - Personality Traits, Righteousness, Regularities
  8. Kripacharya - Regal Sense, Mentor, Long Lived
  9. Parashurama - Mental Equilibrium, Warrior, Super-Power

Dhanvantri Homam - Build Self Image, Remove Ailments, Disorders

Lord Dhanvantri is "God of Medicine". God of Medicine symbolizes two tier doctrines. One being "Let Food Be Your Medicine", Second "Let Medicine Be Your Food". The former is "Knowledge" and latter is "Ignorance". The medicine is loved as an art, relates humankind, the "Love of Humanity". The doctrine envisage the path of spirituality to declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future, to enjoy good health, true happiness to the family, peace and harmony in our endeavors. Lord Dhanvantri is a true follower of "Ayurveda" medical practices, which is an ancient medical therapy. Dhanvantri Homam is performed to gain healthy life, wealth and prosperity. This Homam is done with sincere devotion is a powerful solution for any kind of a incurable ailments and diseases and lifetime health-related problems.

Lord Dhanvantri Mantra

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya Dhanvantaraye Amrita-kalasha HastaayaSarva-amaya Vinashaaya Trailokya Naathaya Dhanvantri Maha-Vishnave Namaha.”

Significance of  Maha Sudarshana, Ayushya & Dhanvantri Homam on Ekadasi - Bless Divine Strength, Protect from Enmity, Fear of Death, Cure Sickness

Tri-Power Homam on Ekadasi day is a combination of three divine strongholds, by the support of Powerful Weapon, Life Long-Standing and Disease Free Life.  Lord Vishnu is in a powerful form of Tri-powers where Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, are the other two powers of infinity. On this auspicious day of Homam, Observing Fast, Chanting "Lord Vishnu Sahasranamam", "Lord Narayana Mantra" and donating food to Hindu Priest is all a powerful weapon to succeed in Life with Abundance. Performing Homam shall bless devotees with long and happy life, cleansing heart and soul, prosper personal and professional life, overcome obstacles, gain knowledge and wisdom, achieve will-power and courage, attain Salvation and many more. This is a divine achievement makes life joy and happy, blissful, inspirational, good health and prosperity.  The Homam trigger Industrious, Energetic and Active well-being, a combination of tri-fold powers of creator, protector and destructor, with the wielding weapon, possess divine spirits and medicinal doctrines, offer protections from life threats, leading long and healthy fruitful life, attain life desire of material and spiritual blessings.


  • Bless divine spirituality, remove Toxic revulsion
  • Bestow with will-power, courage, Remove depression
  • Gain knowledge and wisdom, remove ignorance
  • Cure Disease, Bless joy and happiness in Life
  • Overcome Obstacles, misfortunes, bless abundance in Life
  • Purify body and soul, remove spiritless


Added Puja - Add Power to Maha Sudarshana, Ayushya & Dhanvantri Homam 


Goddess Arokya Lakshmi Puja at Temple - Bless Healthy Life, Wealthy Gains, Evade Un-Stable Expenses

Goddess Lakshmi, the super-natural power of Fortune and Wealth, the consort of Lord Vishnu, is amalgamated in the welfare of devotees  in the aspect of Health and Wealth is none other than "Arokya Lakshmi". Doing Puja at this temple, will be blessed with Disease Free Life and Healthy Financial Status in Business, Profession and Personal Life.