Vasant Panchami Special

Nigumbalai - Ugra Pratyangira Devi Yagya

Solves Black Magic, Witchcraft, Rahu-Ketu Doshas, Recover Losses, Blessed with Abundance in Life

Scheduled Live on January 29, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


Nigumbalai - Ugra Pratyangira Devi YagyaNigumbalai Special Pratyangira Devi Maha Yagya  - The Goddess who Invokes Life Time Protection From Destructive Forces

Goddess Pratyangira Devi is a powerful aspect of divine mother, dark complexion Hindu Goddess affiliated to Goddess Shakti, being in the form of Adi Parashakti. Her consort is Lord Sharabha a divine form of Lord Shiva. Goddess Pratyangira Devi lights the heart of every creature with a male lion's face, who is comfortable with a female human body symbolically demonstrates exemplary and heroic enactments, intelligently co-acts the combined triple powers, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakthi, which represents unity of Strength to balance the battle-line of good and evil, disaster and challenges, protector of witch-craft, Serpent Doshas due to killing of a snake or hurting Lord Subramanya and other evil spirits. Regardless of the power of unfamiliar forces, is a steadfast personality, who maintains Dharma on the earth. Her photographic red eyes is glaring like a first color of a spring is completely an honest admiration, which suits her Character, one who  protects the universe from wrong-doers. Deep Red indicates the real colour of rebirth and good beginning. Her four hands symbolically represents, to aim-high, attain wisdom of thought and action, who holds a trident, serpent as a noose and a hand drum, is an outstanding dynamic leader who slaps the dragons during destruction and encounters, overcomes adversities in life, builds the future of the devotees, is a determined fellowship act.

Goddess Pratyangira has came into existence from the feather-wing of Lord Sharabha, to appease Lord Narshima after slaying down the demon king Hiranyakashipu. As per Vedic text, she bore different forms for prosperity.  Goddess Pratyangira as Siddhilakshmi is another form, comes from the tradition of "Shaktism", a single faced, called as Goddess Guhya Kali. Another avator is, Lord Narshima who appeared for Vaishnavas. Yet another form is a disastrous power of Lord Brahma as "Purna Chandi" and Goddess of Adharva Veda, as "Adharvana Bhadrakali". Yet another story says, rishi Prathiyangira and Angiras was meditating and given life for two moola mantras for Prathiyangira Devi, was blessed to be named after Rishis, was empowered through a sacred chanting, which has infused another form of Goddess, have given life in the name of Priatyangira Devi, originally was nameless when she was a child. She is also called Goddess Narsimhi where 'Nara' means human and 'Simha' means lion, appearing as lion's face and human body.

Significance Of Goddess Pratyangira Devi - Cure Delay In Marriages, Fear Of Death, Bless Couples With Children's And Abundance In Life

Goddess Pratyangira is a change maker, just don't exist as an image, but brightens life to solve the challenges. The word 'Prati' means reverse and 'Angira' to attack, means reverse the attacks. She destroys the black magic, evil thoughts and spirits. She chants the Vedic text, lauds through speeches and praises, acts as a doorway to the hearts of the devotees, the place where love and affection resides, also called the ruling goddess of Atharva Veda, one who is born of Vedic chants reciting from the greatest divine scriptures. The spells of the chants, experienced as spiritual and magical which heals the hearts through the light of divines, depression, splits, loneliness, heartbreaks, oblivious and soliloquy.

Goddess Pratyangira is a chief victorious warrior of Goddess Lalita Triupura Sundari's who leads an army by name Shakthi Sena. Goddess Pratyangira is an able warrior and she scored two boons from Goddess Adi Parasakthi, an invincible force, even Goddess Adi Parasakthi cannot break, if she wishes. She is a popular Goddess of courage and braveness among Kshatriyas, an ultimate Goddess for defensive and offensive strikes, who forms an invincible host against difficulties, hurdles, misfortunes, acts by presence, provide invincibility and sure victory, to true devotion.

Nigumbalai - Goddess Pratyangira Devi Maha Yagya - Removes Nagabali/Kalsarpa Doshas, Protects From All Odds And Evil Spirits, Bestow Peace And Prosperity

This Puja is the Most Ancient Powerful Goddess Pratyangira Devi Ritual. In the epic Ramayana, Demon King Ravana's son Indrajit, was advised to perform a Powerful Yaga which is none other than "Nigumbalai Yagya", worshipping Goddess Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi, to defeat Lord Rama in their divine efforts. But both Lord Lakshmana and Lord Hanuman having known the intentions of the demon Indrajit, was creating hindrance during the Yagya before completion, could not carry out successfully. If ever have completed the Yagya successfully, he would have got the powers to kill Lord Rama. This Yagya is performed to appease the goddess to achieve the worldly powers, win powerful enemies, legal battles and achieve huge wealth.

Goddess Pratyangira favourite food is offered during Yagya is Panakam (jaggery crushed in pure water, flavoured with cardomom, dried ginger), Paruppu-Vellam Payasam (made with Kadalai Paruppu, Paitham Paruppu, Jaggery, Coconut and Pure Milk), Ulundu Vadai, Ellu Urundai, Red Banana (Chevvazhai Pazham), Pomegrante, Dates.

Also Following Are The Goddess Pratyangira Favourite Color Of Sarees is Sacrificed During Yagya.

 1.Deep Red (preferred by Shantha Pratyangira & Ugraha Pratyangira)

 2.Purple (preferred by Shantha Pratyangira)

 3.Yellow (preferred by Shantha Pratyangira)

 4.Black (preferred by Ugraha Pratyangira)

Vasant Panchami auspicious time, setting of monsoon gives the sense of pleasure intimating the progressive time for the harvest. This Maha Yaga protect the natives from ferocious act, various ill-effects, sufferings, negativities, witchcraft, evil spirits and endless traumas and bestow with boons,  wealth and prosperity.


  • Profuse compassion, remove darkness, injustice
  • Cure health problems, remove physical and mental illness
  • Bless the power to dispel the ill-effects, Cherish good-side of Life
  • Protect from devils network, bestow with joy, wealth and prosperity
  • Gives you success in business ventures, destroy the evil-eyes and cut-throat
  • Remove tragedy, prolonged perversion, gain good spirit, joy and accomplishment

Here Are The Other Added Auspicious Rituals For The Day


Narasimha Puja - Vasant PanchamiNarasimha Puja - Overcome Depression, Bless Victory 

A special Puja is performed to appease Lord Narasimha to attain a more meaningful life. Chanting the divine text of Lord Narasimha shall remove all problems in life, free from disease, bless with long life, power of self consciousness, pride and prosperity.

Sarbeshwarar Puja - Vasant PanchamiSarbeshwarar Puja - End Oppression, Achieve Pride and Prosperity

This Puja achieve divine blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the form of Lord Sarbeshwarar, with Lion's face, eagle's wings, took this form to calm down Lord Narasimha from his ferocious state of mind after killing the demon "Hiranyakashipu" an important Puja attain cleansing the heart and soul, free from evil effects, financial instability, eliminate struggles from wedding lock, bless with abundance in life.

Saraswathi Puja - Business Ventures Thrive, Fertility Multiplies, remove path of Blindness

A very auspicious time for performing for progress and prosperity. This day is much suited for Goddess Saraswathi Puja, who is the Goddess of knowledge, music and arts. She Symbolizes creativity and divine power in all forms of life including love and affection.  The significance of celebrating Saraswathi Puja is to respect the Goddess of education and learning to provide us the courage, strength and self-consciousness every day, in every walks of life. Goddess Pratyangira is an avatar of Lord Narsimha and Goddess Adharvana Bhadrakali, is a companion to Goddess Tridevi , Saraswathi and Lakshmi, which is the combined prayers and bless the  devotees with good health, wealth and prosperity.