Vedicfolks Auspicious Aadi Velli Rituals- 1/4

Varahi Maha Homam

Destroys Strong Negative Forces, Solves Monetary Problems, Attracts Material Prosperity, Luxury and Wealth


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Varahi Homam on Aadi Velli Begets Grace of Mother Shakti for Solving Challenges and Inviting Prosperity

Varahi Homam

Goddess Varahi, consort of Lord Varaha, is also one of the Ashta Matrikas or divine mothers, a powerful aspect of Shakti. The goddess is half-boar half-human form that emerged to annihilate all types of evil. Since She’s the fifth of the matrikas she is also known as ‘Panchami’. She’s the commander of the army of Goddess Raja Rajeshwari and is considered an epitome of ‘Gnana’ or knowledge. Invoking Goddess Varahi on the propitious day of Aadi Velli grants protection against  negative forces, bestows power of wealth, negates your troubles, victory over enemies, and bestows courage and confidence. Varahi Homam will be performed on the first Friday of Aadi month. It’s that time of the year when the sun begins its journey southward from North and is called Dakshinayana Punya Kala. For devas, its night time or twilight zone and they are engaged in worshipping the Maha Shakti to remove darkness from their lives. Lord Shiva is with his consort and therefore her powers are doubled during this month. 

The mother protects her devotees from all negative forces and therefore regarded as the most auspicious month of the year for Devi worship. The Sun steers his way to enter the Kataka rasi (Cancer sign that is ruled by the Moon) and hence this month is also called Karkataka.

Friday, also called Shukravar is not only special for Shakti worship but the day symbolises Planet Shukra or Venus. The planet signifies beauty, wealth, and materialistic auspiciousness. A Vedic story tells that Goddess Lakshmi was given to King of Devas, Lord Indra by a sage. Lord Indra neglected the goddess which annoyed the sage who in turn cursed the Devas and asked the guru of demigods Shukracharya to look after the wealth goddess. He did as he was told and therefore his day Shukravar or Friday became so auspicious for female deity worship and invites material auspiciousness.

Vedicfolks will perform four Homas for four Fridays of Aadi month which is dedicated for austerity, spirituality and godliness. The rituals have been carefully chosen to wordship the super feminine powerhouse Maha Shakti who destroys evil and upholds righteousness.

Significance of Varahi Maha Homam

Goddess Varahi also called Dandanatha Devi in Lalitha Sahasranamam, is accorded the parental status on Sri Chakra and she is a warrior who fights all evil. She destroys the enemy and all wicked forces and evil spirits. She grants wealth boons, fame and good-will, and also ensures that you achieve degnified status in society. All types of black magic, evil eye and negativity can be destroyed by invoking her. She protects from accidents, diseases and life threatening situations, dispels fear, increases courage and confidence.

Sri Maha Varahi Moola Mantra

Om Aim Hreem Shreem
Aim Gloum Aim
Namo Bhagavathi
Varthali Varthali
Varahi Varahi
Varahamuki Varahamuki
Anthe Anthini Namaha
Runthe Runthini Namaha
Jambe Jambini Namaha
Mohe Mohini Namaha
Sthambe Sthambini Namaha
Sarvadusta Pradustanaam Sarvesaam
Sarva Vaak Sidha Sakchur
Mukagathi Jihwa
Stambanam kuru Kuru
Seegram Vasyam
Aim Gloum
Taha, Taha, Daha Daha
Hum Astraya phat Swaha ||

Aadi Velli Special - Varahi Maha Homam

Destroy Strong Negative Forces, Solve Monetary Problems, Attracts Material Prosperity, Luxury and Wealth

Varahi Homam can stump both internal and external enemies and also helps to destroy the negativity surrounding you. The ritual demolishes evil powers, removes barriers, and obstacles and also solves challenges and crisis. It helps to progress in business and career and also attain material comforts. The devotee is blessed with talent, victory and prosperity. Goddess Varahi Homam also alleviates negative impacts of Planet Rahu, reduces Sarpa dosha and solve monetary issues. Pleasing Mother Varahi through the ritual grants material prosperity, luxuries and wealth. It fulfills desires and makes your wishes come true.

Varahi Homam

Benefits of Varahi Maha Homam

  • Destroy all forms of enemy, remove wicked forces and evil spirits.
  • Stay protected from accidents, ill health and threats to life.
  • Get miracle wealth boons from the warrior goddess.
  • Attain knowledge, confidence and courage.
  • The ritual blesses with fame and good-will so that you can boost status in society.

Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai Temple Puja
Gives Relief to Ailments, Grants Marriage, Child Boons and Fulfils Wishes

Varahi Homam

In Thirumeeyachur, near Kumbakonam, there’s a temple for Lord Shiva who is revered as Meganathaswami. In this temple the Mother Lalithambigai, installed over a Sri Chakra, holds great significance. When demon Pandasura was harassing sages and gods in heaven, they requested Goddess Shakti for protection. She rose from a homa fire mounted on a Sri Chakra chariot waged a war and destroyed Pandasura. Seeing that she was in uncontrollable anger, Lord Shiva asked her to go to earth and perform penance to shed her fury. In this temple of Thirumeyachur, the mother as Manonmani arrived and became a soft and merciful deity. Sage Agastya sung the Lalitha Navaratnamala in praise of the goddess here. Many bizarre stories have been told about the goddess and in this temple devotees offer anklets to fulfill their vows. A puja in this temple cures diseases and blesses with marriage, child boons and fulfils all wishes.


Energized Varahi Yantra
Overpowers Enemies, Removes Evil Eyes, Protects from Financial Losses and Grants Abundance of Wealth

Varahi Homam

Goddess Varahi is one of the Ashta Matrika and an incarnation of Adi Shakti. She symbolises peace, purity and prosperity. She is said to be the commander of Sri Raja Rajeshwari’s battalion. Her energized yantra is a powerful one which gives relief from troubles and obstacles, dispels fear, overpowers internal and external enemies, protects from evil eyes, blesses with courage and strength, and eliminates financial losses. Worship of the yantra daily grants blessings of abundance of wealth, stability and safety.

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  • Varahi Maha Homam
  • Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai Temple Puja
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  • Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai Temple Puja
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