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Valmiki Meerabai Jayanti: Bless Supreme Energies of Dharma, Fulfillment of Soul, Mind, Body, Remove Offenses


Dasavatara Maha Homam


Holy Dasavatara Homam A Celestial Wish Fulfilling Gem, Bless Divinity, Absolute Truth, Dispels Sin


Scheduled Live stream on October 31, 2020 @ 6:00 PM IST


Dasavatara Maha Homam - Boost Life Values, Blessings of Lord Vishnu Removes Sins, Devastation, Depression in Life, Bless Material Existence, Delightful Desires of Life


Dasavatara Maha Homam is performed for Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu who took the unique forms to protect the universe from demonic force, evil spirits and restore Dharma. Each Avatar of Lord Vishnu will be worshiped individually chanting the Rig Vedic Hymns of each avatars invoking the energies of Lord Matsya, Lord Kurma, Lord Varaha, Lord Narasimha, Lord Vamana, Lord Parashurama, Lord Shri Rama, Lord Balarama, Lord Krishna and Lord Kalki Avatars.


This Homam on this day also clears the Navagraha Dosha of the devotees which influence the existence of life on Earth, on this day of auspicious time period giving relief from Graha Doshas and it is said to be the time when Lord Rama expelled Goddess Sita doubting her "pureness" where Sage Maharishi Valmiki who is also revered as contemporary of Lord Sri Rama has rescued Goddess Sita from desertion and provided her protection and shelter. This is the time Goddess Sita have given birth to twin Sons, Lava and Kusha. Also it is very auspicious to know that Sage Maharishi Valmiki had the cosmic power sharing the knowledge of epic Ramayana with Lord Rama Sons Lava and Kusha. This is the perfect time where Goddess Meera Bai also underwent severe pains in life towards devotion, love and affection towards Lord Krishna, sacrificing her life with quality of fearlessness without neglecting or disrespect to her Guru Lord Krishna. Performing this homam Bless Peace and Joy in Mind, Drive Away Evil Energy from Life, Bestows Good Health, Unending Boost of Wealth in Life, Material Abundance and Prosperity.


Greatness of Sage Maharishi Valmiki, The First Poet of Literature in Sanskrit

Valmiki Jayanti is the auspicious period honoring the celestial energy of renowned Adi Kavi Sage Maharishi Valmiki who is said to be the first poet of Sanskrit Literature drafting the first-ever Adi Sanskrit Sloka:

Maa Nishad Pratishtha Tvamagam Shashvati Samah

Yatkraunchmithunadekam Avadhi Kammohittam

Once he noticed a crane couple mating each other with happy moments. He saw an arrow took a shot on the male crane killing dead on the spot. He saw the female partner filled in sorrow screamed for the loss of the male partner also went into shock and died. As any human-being, Sage Valmiki heart melted at this sorrowful sight. The hunter was eager to see his arrow struck the crane was holding his bow and arrow showing his pride. Sage Valmiki was so emotional with anger and said against the hunter that "You will never rest for long years from Eternal World, as you have killed the birds which were in love with each other and you never took a look, before your action", is the meaning to understand the phrase of the first Shloka of the verses mentioned above from ancient Sanskrit Literature.


Sage Maharishi Valmiki Works and Sadhanas

He is more revered Sage of Treta Yuga, said to be lived around 5th Century BCE during the time of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. He is a popular author of great epic literature "Ramayana" comprising of 24000 verses covering in seven chapters, traditionally attributed to his period of existence, where he narrated the life of Lord Rama covering the fourteen-year life in the forest. His major works have unraveled the epic Ramayana literature for an outstanding historical growth and have set the tone for an incomparable compositional layers, have given rise to a great epic in world literature. Early Life of Sage Maharishi Valmiki was leading a life as dacoit Ratnakar robbing people for his livelihood after killing them. Once Sage Naradar through his cosmic sense has transformed knowledge to Ratnakar and changed him as devotee of Lord Rama. He did great sacrifice and penance where huge ant hill has formed around him reciting the word "Mara" which by time turned as "Rama", who after long years of meditation, got admired to Lord Rama who successfully accepted him as his follower and gave him a new name as Sage Valmiki.


Legacy of Goddess Meerabai

Goddess Meerabai was pure devotee of Lord Krishna and was deeply devoted to Lord Krishna. She was married in a Royal Family to Bhoj Raj, the prince of kingdom Mewar in 1516, but her husband died soon in a battle. Vikram Singh became the ruler and many attempts were made to kill Goddess Meerabai in so many occasions, but she remained patient and unharmed. Her devotion to Lord Krishna was not supported by Vikram Singh and underwent mental harassment, troubles and pains in life as her devotion to Lord Krishna was so immersed she was even been tortured with a poisonous snake but which turned into a garland to Lord Krishna. Her devotion was so close to heart she even believed have married Lord Krishna and finally got merged with the idol of Lord Krishna. Her praise and poems of Lord Krishna is immortal, incomparable and holistic and one of the wonders of literature of the universe. She is a poetess and was belonged to Bhakti Cult phenomena and an epitome of ardent devotee of Lord Krishna.


Moola Mantra of Dasavatara Incarnations

Lord Matsya Avatar - Form of A Fish - Rescuer from Ketu Graha Dosha

            Om Namo Bhagavate Matsya Devaya Namah

Lord Kurma Avatar - Form of A Tortoise - Rescuer from Saturn Graha Dosha

Om Aim Shreem Hreem Kum Kurmaaya Namah

Lord Varaha Avatar - Form of A Boar - Rescuer from Rahu Graha Dosha

Om Namo Bhagavate Varaha Rupaye

Bhur Bhuva Swaha Pataye

Bhupatitam me dehi Gadapaye Swaha

Lord Narasimha Avatar - Form of A Lion - Rescuer from Mars Graha Dosha

Om Ugram Veeram Mahaa-Vishnum

Jwalantham Sarvatho Mukham

Nrisimham Bheeshanam Bhadram

Mrityu-Mrityum Namaamyaham

Lord Vamana Avatar - Form as A Brahmin - Rescuer from Jupiter Graha Dosha

Om Namo Bhagavathe

deveśvarāya devaśya deva sabhūti kārie

prabhāve sarva devānā vāmanāya namo nama


Lord Parashurama Avatar - Form as A Warrior - Rescuer from Venus Graha Dosha

Om raam raam om raam raam

om parshuhastaya namah

Lord Sri Rama Avatar - Human Form - Rescuer from Sun Graha Dosha

Om Kleem Namo Bhagavathe

Ramachandraaya Sakalajana

Vashyakaraaya Swaah

Lord Balarama Avatar - A Disciple Form - Rescuer from Mercury or Buddha Graha Dosha

Om Kleem Balaramaya Namah

Lord Krishna Avatar - A Transcendental Human Form - Rescuer from Moon Graha Dosha

Om Kleem Krishnaya Govindaya Gopijana Vallabhaya Swaha

Lord Kalki Avatar - An Ascendant Form - Divine Protector - Rescuer from Lagna Dosha

Om Kleem Hari Kalki Swaha

Hari Kalki Hari Kalki

Kalki Kalki Hari Hari


Dasavatara Homam Procedure

Dasavatara Maha Homam is a two day long Homam performed to each of ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu as per Standard Vedic Ritual.


1st day full of Japa with 1,25,000 Ahurthis for all 10 Avatars of Lord Vishnu


2nd day Fire Ritual/Maha Homam

Number of Priest - 10 Priest


Starting with Ganapathy Puja, Punyaha Vachanam, Maha Sankalpam for Devotees, Kalasa Puja, Lord Vishnu Puja, Puja to Ten Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Navagraha Puja, Sacred Homam, Reciting Dasavatara Stotram from Rig Vedic Hymns, Lord Vishnu Yantra Puja, Dasavatara Puja Ritual with Honey, Ghee, Sugar, Sandalwood, and , Poornahuti Offerings to Lord Vishnu Ten Incarnations.


Combined Benefits


  • Powerful cosmic force, Bless endless positive energies, Invokes self-consciousness
  • Bless Desired Results, Gain Knowledge, Wisdom, Remove Bad Energies
  • Bless Joy, Peace, Harmony, Stable health, Cure Health related ailments
  • Remove Disharmony in Life, Love and Affection to Family, Boon for Childless
  • Remove Obstacles, Hindrances for Growth, Bestows Wealth Abundance, Prosperity
  • Dispels Sins, Bad Karmas, Destroys Evil Spirits, Enemies, Graha Doshas


Auspicious Homam, Temple Puja Invokes the Blessings of

Lord Vishnu Avatars, Bless Creativity, Protection, Dharma


Triplicane Parthasarathi Temple Puja - Bless Long Life, Cure Disease, Bestows with Professional Talents, Grants Abundance of Material Wealth, Devise the path of Salvation


The specialty of this temple is performing Puja to Lord Venkatakrishnan and Goddess Rukmini. This temple is enshrined with deities of Lord Krishna namely, Lord Satyaki, Lord Pradyumna and Lord Anirudha. Lord Satyaki is not only a powerful warrior, but also Ayurvedic physician and Able Surgeon. Lord Pradyumna and Lord Aniruddha are the Lords of auspicious Moksha Planets is all set to bless devotees with quality life, performing wonderful arts, possess high skill sets, talents, Attractive Appearance, Cure all Disease, Remove pains in life, Dispel Sins, Bestows Material Prosperity, Attain the path of Salvation.


Thiruvidanthai Bhoo Varahar Temple Puja - Remove Negative Energies, Invoke positive spirits, Attain success in life, Desired Wealth, Righteousness, Prosperity


This temple enshrines the auspicious Boar Avatar of Lord Vishnu with his consort Goddess Lakshmi as Goddess Varahi. This Avatar have killed the demon Hiranyaksha and retrieved the Earth from the Ocean, thereby restored "Bhudevi" to her place in the Universe. Lord Vishnu as Varaha is with his Conch and Sudharshana Chakra in his hands blessings devotees with desires in life, liberates from Problems and Obstacles, invoke good qualities, nurtured behaviors, orderly and principled life, Win Legal Matters, Save from enemies, Bad Spirits, Bless Abundance, Wealth, Property and Attain Salvation


Lakshmi Narayana Yantra - Bless Long Life, Relieve from Adverse Loss, Bestows Wealth Abundance,  Protection of Wealth Assets, Remove Loss of Wealth


Lakshmi Narayana Yantra is a symbol of prosperity, divinity, compassion and good fortune, bless devotees with high yield, wealth, heavenly treasure. Lord Vishnu is the protector of universe from evil energy protects the environment from negativity, prevent sudden loss of wealth, unpredicted business loss. Energizing the Lakshmi Narayana Yantra the divine pair of cosmic energy build high financial stability, save from hardship, stabilize the progress, blesses all with abundant of richness, success in endeavors, kind and compassion, good health, material abundance and prosperity.


Tulasi Beads - Invokes the energy medicinal properties, Improves Focus on Deeds, Clear Health Problems, Brings Abundance of Rich Environments, Prosperity


Tulsi Beads are energy of spiritual well-being, bless disciplines in life, purification of physical body, mind and spirit, Purifies the place with medicinal properties, gain good health, positive vibration, remove evil energy, ward off evil spirits. Wearing Tulsi Beads bestows siddhis, riddhis, spiritual power, promotes high thinking, worth full ideas, sharpens intelligence, analytical thinking, gain knowledge, wisdom, power of wealth, prosperity.


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  • Tulasi Beads