Ultimate Ekadasa Rudra Homam on Pradosham

Expand Assets, Remove Fear, Destroy Rivals,
Enjoy Long Life & Get Rid of Diseases, Misery

Scheduled Live Stream on July 7, 2021 @ 6 PM IST

This event has been completed.
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Pradosham – Favourable Time for Ultimate Worship of Lord Rudra

Pradosh or Pradosham is the thirteenth lunar phase or trayodashi. It’s the best time to worship lord ship as the very word means removal or doshas or sins. Pradosham appears both during the waxing and waning phases of the moon and is considered very auspicious. According to spiritual texts, the Pradosha kaal has six ghatikas (naligai) after sunset and each ghatika is 24 minutes. So, 24x6=144 minutes, the perfect time to worship Lord Shiva who is said to be very ecstatic during this time. According to Shiva Purana, performing pujas, fasting and other ceremonies during Pradosha can fetch wealth, children, happiness and honour to the devotees. Rudra or Lord Shiva grants mukthi (Salvation) and absolves sins.

Ekadasa Rudra – Eleven Forms of Rudra That Restore Universal Order

Ekadasa Rudra are eleven forms of Rudras. They appear when calamity strikes, to destroy the evil forces and restore order in the universe. They influence every aspect of creation, and destruction sets in when they ignore our calls. And hence prayers to the Rudra forms are paramount for benevolence and protection, to alleviate our life problems. The eleven forms of Rudra are:

Mahadeva (the supreme)
Shiva (the auspicious)
Maha Rudra (destroyer of sorrows)
Shankara (destroyer of doubts)
Neelalohita (blue throated)
Eshana Rudra (ruler of north east)
Vijaya Rudra (victorious)
Bheema Rudra (the tremendous)
Devadeva (lord of lords)
Bhavobhava (the origin of existence)
Adityamaka Sri Rudra (one who lives in the soul)

Their consorts are namely Dhee Devi, Dhritti Devi, Ushna (Rasala) Devi, Uma Devi, Neeyut Devi, Sarpi Devi, Eela Devi, Ambika Devi, Ieravati Devi, Sudha Devi and Deeksha Devi.
Rudras are terrible vibrations that destroy the bad energies, to free the soul so that a new one can generate in order to enhance creation. In Vedic astrology, especially in the Maharishi Jaimini version, there are 11 Rudra for 12 zodiac houses ruled by a Rudra. The divisional chart D-11 is called Rudramsha or the Ekadashamsha, this is used to determine any untoward incidents like death, destruction and other traumatic or painful events in your life.

Srirudram Removes Fear, Averts Bad Planetary Effects, Grants Longevity

Sri Rudram Chamakam also called the Srirudram, or Rudraprasna, or Shatarudriya and Rudradhyaya, is one of the greatest hymns of Vedic times as told in Yajur Veda. It looks upon Lord Shiva as the ultimate god. Chanting of Rudram Chamakam is a direct method to seek enlightenment.

Ekadasa Rudra homam comprises of two sections, the Namakam and Chamakam. In the former, the prayers plead with the Lord to give up his savage, dreadful and fiery form and transform into a calm being and bless his devotees with greatness. He is also wished to remove the sins of his followers. Due to the repeated use of the word Namo, it has derived the name Namakam. All eleven forms are invoked for seeking various needs of the devotees. Some of them are, copious rainfall, protection of family, expansions of assets, victory against enemies, easy childbirth, avert bad planetary effects in one’s natal charts, protection of progeny, education, longevity, premature death, wealth, good spouse, stable career, fear removal and many more.

The Rudram Chamakam hymn corresponds to the recital of eleven mantras each having a meaning and benefit of its own that include education, benefit of progeny and destruction of enemies. In the second part, the devotee asks God for fulfilment of wishes. Here the devotee invokes the benevolent aspect of Lord Shiva and not the terrible aspect in order to fulfil his wishes. He connects himself with the Lord and asks him to grant everything. He wishes for his sensory organs to be healthy, for a sound mind and a peaceful old age. He seeks spiritual uplift, body fitness, good food, precious stones and sound body. The devotee asks the deity to grant him all the materials needed for the yagna and also involves higher spiritual elevation and hence called jnana homam. Chamakam recital is a call for seeking all material desires and a final sense of fulfilment. The verses describe God as the ruling deity and that he is immortal, infinite and has no barriers and he is the reason for heaven and earth, space and time and He has no death.

Ekadasa Rudra Homam

Ekadasa Rudra Homam - Expand Assets, Avoid Premature Death & Gain Victory over Enemies

The main objective of performing Ekadasa Rudra homam is to acquire protection against the negative impacts of Karmic issues and to overcome the potential threats in an effective manner.

The significance of the yagna is to invoke the Lord through oblations offered in the sacred pyre and solicit to grant all boons. It is the most important ritual, according to Vedic scriptures, for neutralising the Karmic issues which cause serious problems with matters relating to health, finance and career, etc. The devotee can assure success and achieve desired benefits by performing the ritual. It helps to expand assets, avoid premature death and become triumphant over enemies.

How Ekadasa Rudra Homam can be beneficial on Pradosham

  • It removes negative effects of Karma or negative actions of life.
  • It not only wipes out harmful karmas of previous birth but also steadies one’s mind to lead a successful life.
  • It helps find solutions for delayed marriages and keeps married couples happy.
  • To lead a very happy life and find peace Shiva homa purifies the soul.
  • Helps destroy bad temper in a very effective way
  • It gives courage and power to win over enemies and evil spirits.
  • The recital of Rudram Chamakam allows you to fulfill all sorts of desires.
  • Calls upon Lord Rudra to grant a healthy and trouble free life.
  • Sri Rudra Homam eradicates evil spirits in an effective manner

Auspicious Rudra Abhishekam Puja & Energized Rudraksha Mala - Removes Sins & Blesses with Prosperity

Rudra Abhishekam Puja - Wipes Out Sins, Shani Dosha, Bad Omens, & Blesses With Prosperity, Happiness of Nature

Even as Rudra, Lord Shiva is extremely benevolent. A rudrabhishekam is the finest and purest form of worship to the Shiva lingam by invoking the 11 forms of Rudra with sincere devotion, one gets the blessings of Lord Shiva. The puja is performed with sacred materials as per Vedic instructions. This ritual bestows the devotee with liberation from past karmas, spiritual growth, ablution of sins, removes negative energies and it is said that even nature flourishes as it becomes happy. It also a means for good health, protection, love and care, clear sins and bad omens, invites good vrishti or copious water resources in the form of rain, and fulfills desires. It conquers death, removes negative effects, and washes away sins, bad karma. It also removes negative effects of moon and bestows a strong mind, health and wealth. It negates shani planetary dosha.

Energised Rudraksha Mala - Ensures Growth, Self-Empowerment, Positivity & Intuitive Ability

Rudraksha mala is a divine rosary of Rudraksha beads that represents Rudra or Lord Shiva. It is a perfect tool for meditation as it energises the central system of your body. It also removes depression, obstacles and mental blocks. It helps to attain self-development that leads to growth, it strengthens inner personality, eliminates negative traits in an individual and ensures inner positive vibrations. It grants happiness, prosperity, intuitive ability, desire fulfilments, harmony and self-empowerment. It also enhances intellect, creates self-awareness, and removes all negative vibrations including those of planets.

Basic Package (One Devotee Only)
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  • Ekadasa Rudra Homam
Gold Package (Upto 6 Devotees Only)
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  • Ekadasa Rudra Homam
  • Rudra Abishekam Puja
Platinum Package (Upto 10 Devotees Only)
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  • Ekadasa Rudra Homam
  • Rudra Abishekam Puja
  • Energised Rudraksha Mala