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Thai Amavasya Tharpanam

Propitiate Ancestors, Receive Blessings, Solve Pitru Dosha, Disharmony, Unwanted Desires, Brings Good Fortune, Wealth, Good Health, Prosperity

Scheduled on Febrauary 09, 2024


Thai Amavasya at Arulmigu Marundeeswarar, Thiruvanmaiyur Temple Tank - Invokes tribute to departed souls, bless posterity with prosperity, remove Pitru Dosha, Indebtedness, Fulfil Life desires

Thai Amavasya Tarpanam is offered at Arulmigu Marundeeswarar, Thiruvanmaiyur Temple Tank to appease the ancestor souls, who lives in "Pitruloka", a cosmic place between the earth and heaven, keeps them happy, seeking their blessings for the next generations well-being and prosperity. Marundeeswarar Temple is very auspicious for offering tarpan, instantly remove curses and obstacles, in life. Once Sage Vasishta cursed a divine cow to turn into ordinary cow, regained its power pouring milk on Lord Shiva Linga, in this temple. Sage Valmiki also visited to this temple to pray and get Lord Shiva blessings blessed him to keep away from all health-related problems. In this temple Lord Shiva is called as "Meenakshi Sundareswarar" in the form of Lord Shiva Linga is very powerful deity clearing all troubles and pains in life. Once Saint Bharadwaja also performed pooja in this temple, who was saved from a curse of Lord Indra. Once, devotee Markandeya, to attained immortality i.e., to remain always by age at sixteen, underwent atonement, secured the blessing of Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu visited this shrine with his family to be blessed with a son, secured after worshiping Goddess Parvati, in the form of Goddess Meenakshi. Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Marundeeswarar is popularly known for his remedial medicinal herbs and this temple is said to be a place of worship for people suffering from disease and health related problems. He is popularly known with this name has taught Sage Agastya about remedial magical medicines, through the powers of Vedic remedial cosmic power. Performing Tarpanam in this temple in the abode and temple tank of Lord Meenakshi Sundareswarar will free our ancestors to relieve them from absolute bondages of this secular world and be at peace in the eternal world, offering them complete liberation to rest in peace.

Significance of Offering Thai Amavasya Tarpanam

Thai Amavasai Tarpanam is one of the most auspicious occasion to remember our immediate ancestors and great greater ancestors which is adopted from age-old practice of worshiping, according to ancient scriptures. This is regarded with various names as ‘Thai Amavasai’ or Amavasya. The word ‘Ama Vasya’ denotes ‘to dwell together, i.e., to live and associate with family members unitedly with all blessings and divinity. Basically, the ancient traditional month is divided into 30 lunar phases, known as ‘thithis’, which is said to be a lunar day. A thithi is that part of the time that occupied by the Moon increases her distance from the Sun by 12 degrees. At that time when the Moon is not very clear and visible in the sky emitting darkness, that day is called Amavasya thithi. Amavasya day is considered as most appropriate day and auspicious for propitiating the ancestors, get their blessings to attain good fortune, good health, clearing all disease, pains and troubles in life, attain victory in all endeavors. Normally the first day of Thai month is observed auspiciously as “Makara Shankranthi” which is the time, a festival of harvest.

On this thai Amavasya, the pitru energy remove blind forces, bless their legal heirs with abundance in life. Thai Amavasai, is a sacred belief to appease the soul of the ancestors who are said to be formless and eternal, brings into family good fortunes and prosperity removes all negative karmas, disbelief, builds a secured path for successful future generations to grow and establish in the path of success. According to Vedic scriptures the ancestors visit the earth through eternal source to bless their legal-heirs of next generation for being truthful, dutiful, kind and generous, following all traditional practices, sets an example for the future generations to continue the sacred path of the family through generations. During Thai Amavasya the family members attain liberation from all odds, blessed with unending wealth growth, good health and prosperity.

How Amavasya Ritual is performed?

Amavasai ritual is carried out by reciting the ancestor’s names with Gotra name of the aspirant family, invokes the eternal souls of ancestors to offer Tarpaṇa with black sesame seed and as much as liberal quantity of water. First to keep the ancestors and greater ancestors to remain happy and fulfilled in the eternal world and secondly, seeking their blessings for our generations and family to live long life, togetherness, united with unending prosperity. By this way, what we owe ancestors, we pay them off for having given us birth in this world with a prosperous and safe life. Through this ritual performing as 'Tarpanam', the ancestors become happy, who shall remove all Doshas from our life, bless long life without disease and untimely death, bestow good wealth and prosperity

Legacy of Pitruloka

The time to Propitiate the ancestors during Amavasya is said to be that the Atma i.e., the Souls of three preceding generation of one immediate, shall reside in "Pitruloka", according to cosmic order, is a cosmic order of place of residence between the earth and heaven. The ancestors are said to be happy, feels fulfilled once we take care of them on this auspicious Amavasya day, remembering them and offering them, Tarpana. This cosmic place is ruled by the god of death, Lord Yama, who is responsible to take the dead man soul from earth to Pitruloka, after his death. If a family member of the present generation happens to die, the first-generation ancestor is said to be automatically shifted to the heaven who gets united with the God of abode and from then the Pitru Tarpana offerings gets ended-up automatically according to the cosmic order, as they leave from Pitruloka to other abodes. Therefore, only the three immediate generations in Pitruloka are given the Shradh ritual rites and Lord Yama plays a vital role in this department. This is the best period to offer your Amavasya Shradh to appease the ancestors, which falls during the first day of waning lunar period, a phase of New Moon.

Combined Benefits

  • Bless to purify heart, soul, purify bad karmas, overcome hurdles, dilemmas in life.
  • Bestow Abundance of all wealth, good health, fulfilled mind, clear sufferings.
  • Remove all obstacles, hindrances in life, progressive outlook, bless to win goals.
  • Early marriage in the family, harmony, desired spouse and family with children's.
  • Brings Peace, Consciousness, remove lack of confidence, clears all ill health, inabilities.
  • Remove long struggling disease, instable mind, bestows joy and happiness.
  • Clear all sufferings, misfortunes, bestow income and gains, stability and prosperity.

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