Vikata Sankashti Chaturthi Rituals to Lord Ganesh Solve All Problems, Assure New Beginnings and Fulfill All Wishes

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Special 54 Ganapathi Series of Homam – 3/54

Mohana Ganapathi Homam

Abolishes Complex Issues, Ends Hurdles, Gain High In Profession & Win All Endeavours


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Lord Mohana Ganapathi Helps to Attain Charm, Radiance & Victory

Mohana Ganapathi Homam

Mohana Ganapathi is a special form of Lord Ganesh, and the word Mohana means attractive, charming, beauteous, etc. One of the 54 forms of Lord Ganesh, Mohana Ganapathi removes karmic afflictions and doshas. He eliminates complications from life to assure your victory. He also confers blessings of success in career and business. According to ancient Vedic literature, the people who worship Mohana Ganapathi can achieve major benefits to lead a victorious life. It also grants protection by overcoming threats from evil forces and enemies. It wipes out bad qualities of a person and blesses them with all-round prosperity and well-being. Vedicfolks will perform Mohana Ganapathi homam as part of the 54 series of Ganesh Homam on the day of Sankashti. Mohana Ganapathi is a special form that strikes royal grandeur, has three eyes, holds a lotus flower and guava fruit, mace bow, rope and fruits, rice awn, and gem studded pot in his hand.

Mohana Ganapathi Homam will be organized on Vikata Sankashti Chaturthi which is observed in the month of Chaitra/Chitra as per Vedic panchang. It’s also one of the 13 Sankashtahara Chaturthi vrat days of Lord Ganesh. Devotees keep a strict fast on the day and say prayers to the lord who is believed to keep away all problems and fulfills all wishes.

Mohana Ganapathi mantra

Om Vakrathunda Yega Dumstraya
Kleem Hreem Gum Ganapathaye
Varavaradha Sarvajana Mey
Vasamanaya Swaha

Significance of Mohana Ganapathi Homam

The Mohana Ganapathi homam is performed for rise or growth in life. The lord brings effulgence to a person’s appearance and transforms him by changing the gunas or virtues. A bad-character person could look repulsive when his mind is infected with bad thoughts, the homam could change the situation positively and make the person attractive. The homam is an effective one for generating devotion or attachment to the God instantly. The lord returns their original looks by restoring calm and peace to the mind.

Mohana Ganapathi Homam

Mohana Ganapathi Homam Abolishes Complex Issues, Ends Hurdles, Gain High In Profession & Win All Endeavours

Mohana Ganapathi grants protection from occult forces that cause great anxiety in your life. He destroys enemies and destroys their bad intensions. He is the one with great knowledge and wisdom and these boons from the Lord helps you to progress in life. It helps you to become a winner in all endeavors and tasks. If karmic imbalances and dosha are causing distress to you, then this is the right homam to choose. He removes bad thoughts that makes a person look repulsive and bestows charm and radiance.

It’s the best solution to overcome problems related to your business and career. It enhances your confidence and helps you achieve big in your chosen professional life. Lord Ganesh is a ‘vignaharta’ and therefore will remove all barriers that prevent you from succeeding in life. The homam helps to put an end to major complex issues so that you achieve major success in all fronts. In the Mohana Ganapathi mantra, Vara means boon, which is just not material wealth but the fruits of the ritual and also that the grace of the lord will reach the sadhaka, not once but always. Sarva janam denotes the blessings will be given to not only the outside world consisting of people, places, animals, bountiful nature, etc. But the ritual will also have a positive effect on your internally purifying the Indriyas which comprises of the sense organs and motor organs, the thoughts, the speech and others. The energies of the deity, Lord Ganapathi are invoked in the fire or agni, and therefore the word swaha as the element fire controls all actions during the process of the homam.

Advantages of Mohana Ganapathi Homam

  • Destroy your foes who try to harm you.
  • Remove all hurdles that prevent your success.
  • Gain high in your vocation, work related matters, etc.
  • Achieve victory in your tasks and ventures.
  • Gain the power of beauty and attraction.
  • Purifies you senses, mind, thoughts and action.

Bhagavadh Vinayaka Temple Puja Clears Unsolvable Problems, Incurable Diseases, Removes Navagraha Negative Effects & Ensures Triumph, Prosperity

Mohana Ganapathi Homam

The Bhagavadh Vinayaka Temple is a very popular shrine situated in the holy place of Kumbakonam. The presiding deity Lord Bhagavadh Vinayaka is very beautiful and got the name after Bhagavar Maharishi worshipped Him in the temple. He is also known as Kubera Vinayaka or Vetri Vinayaka. The Navagraha Vinayaka in this temple has the Sun in the fore-head, Moon in the navel, Mars in the right thigh, Mercury in the left lower hand, Jupiter on the head, Venus, in the left lower hand, Saturn in the right upper hand, Rahu in the left upper hand and Ketu in the left thigh. A puja in this temple to lord removes all doshas related to the planets that may be in the form of unsolvable problems or incurable ailments. The god blesses the devotee with all round prosperity and triumph. The puranas glorify this temple as holier than Kasi.


Energized and Unique Vellerukku Ganapathi Idol Imparts Great Positivity, Helps to Fulfill Dreams & Pleases the Deity

Mohana Ganapathi Homam

Vellerukku is a small plant commonly known as Auricula or Erukku in Tamil. It bears flowers both white and blue that are used to make garlands for Lord Vinayaka. The plant has a lot of spiritual significance and has the power to attract mantras and hence therefore appeases the gods. The roots of the white flower bearing plant are used to carve images of Lord Vinayaka and is considered to be very powerful and auspicious. The Energized Vellerukku Vinanayaka Idol has enhanced powers of the ritual and the devotee receives highly positive vibrations. It also fetches the grace of the lord and can fulfill all desires and dreams.

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  • Mohana Ganapathi Homam
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  • Mohana Ganapathi Homam
  • Bhagavadh Vinayaka Temple Puja
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  • Mohana Ganapathi Homam
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