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Soundarya Lahari Series of Homam – 8/12

(for Verses 64-72)

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Master Artistic Skills, Receive Influence in High Circles, Favours from Leaders, Acquire Success and Precious Metals


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Goddess Adi Shakti is the Energy behind All Creation and Ultimate Destruction

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Soundarya Lahari has a perennial appeal that keeps the devotee awe-struck and ecstatic. Though the vocabulary is difficult, the chosen words of Sanskrit add a lilting charm to the whole process of describing the Universal Mother Adi Shakti from head to foot. She is the energy that’s behind all creation and the one who will absorb all the energies at the end of creation. She enables Lord Brahma to create, Lord Vishnu to maintain an equilibrium, and Lord Shiva to destroy. She is the force above all. The poetic metre used in Soundarya Lahari is ‘Shikarini’ which means ‘apex’ or ‘at the top’. It has 17 syllables for each of the four-lined mantras. With his Sanskrit embellishments, Shankaracharya has brought the goddess right in front of our mental eyes just like a sculptor who chisels a statue perfecting every curve to the minutest detail.

For the eighth of the series of Soundarya Lahari Series of Homam, Verses 64-72 will be worshipped. In this series, the saint compares the Mother’s tongue to a japakusuma which is a red hibiscus flower. This is the most venerated aspect where many gods reside and when we worship on the tongue, a devotee achieves immense knowledge and appeasement. The mantras also refer to Goddess Saraswati, the deity of music, fine arts and speech, who is forced to recede to the background as Parashakti's utterances are much more superior than the wisdom goddess' powers. When a person meditates on the Devi’s chin, (Verse 67), it restores peace, harmony and love in relationships.

Soundarya Lahari Verses (64-72)

॥ 64 ॥

Aviśrāntaṃ Patyurguṇagaṇakathāmrēḍanajapā
Japāpuṣpachchāyā Tava Janani Jihvā Jayati Sā ।
Yadagrāsīnāyāḥ Sphaṭikadṛṣadachchachchavimayī
Sarasvatyā Mūrtiḥ Pariṇamati Māṇikyavapuṣā ॥

Significance – Describing the Devi’s tongue, Adi Shankaracharya compares it with Japakusuma which means blood red flowers used for worship, and says that it is engrossed in muttering Parama Shiva’s heroics. He says that even the white-robed goddess, Saraswati who is seated on the Devi’s tongue also has turned red due to this.


  • Irresistible speech for women.
  • Ability to attract men.
  • Recovery from diseases.
  • Attainment of power to entice men.
  • Reunion with husband in case of separation.
  • Ability to pacify angry husband.

॥ 65 ॥

Raṇē Jitvā Daityānapahṛtaśirastraiḥ Kavachibhir-
Nivṛttaiśchaṇḍāṃśatripuraharanirmālyavimukhaiḥ ।
Viśākhēndrōpēndraiḥ Śaśiviśadakarpūraśakalā
Vilīyantē Mātastava Vadanatāmbūlakabalāḥ ॥

Significance – Gods of heaven like Kumara, Indra and Vishnu ignore Lord Shiva’s leftover food that’s meant for Chandikesvara, and instead visit Devi after victory over the demons, they remove their head gears to receive the Devi’s tambhula (betel leaves mixture), to chew them along with the white edible camphor. This leftover is said to give the gods immense knowledge.


  • Success in all walks of life.
  • Promotes intelligence.
  • Influence in high circles and among prominent people.
  • Development of intellectual faculties.

॥ 66 ॥

Vipañchyā Gāyantī Vividhamapadānaṃ Paśupatēḥ
Tvayārabdhē Vaktuṃ Chalitaśirasā Sādhuvachanē ।
Nijāṃ Vīṇāṃ Vāṇī Nichulayati Chōlēna Nibhṛtam ॥

Significance – Goddess Saraswati is embarrassed by the Devi’s impeccable narration of Lord Shiva that she wraps the Veena, covers it and puts it aside.


  • Cure of minor ailments.
  • Achieve skill in vocal and instrumental music.
  • Useful mantra for singers.
  • Induces sweet talk with great capabilities.

॥ 67 ॥

Karāgrēṇa Spṛṣṭaṃ Tuhinagiriṇā Vatsalatayā
Girīśēnōdastaṃ Muhuradharapānākulatayā |
Karagrāhyaṃ Śambhōrmukhamukuravṛntaṃ Girisutē
Kathaṅkāraṃ Brūmastava Chibukamaupamyarahitam ||

Significance – Describing the beauty of the Devi’s chin, Shankaracharya says that the Devi’s father had touched it with great affection when she was a child, and now Lord Shiva lifts it with a desire to kiss the goddess repeatedly. His hands are like a handle which holds the mirror – a comparison of Devi’s face to a mirror.


  • Rejuvenates the body.
  • Get Royal and government favours.
  • Power to visualise Devi.
  • Achieve success of plans.
  • Be loved by all people.

॥ 68 ॥

Bhujāślēṣān Nityaṃ Puradamayituḥ Kaṇṭakavatī
Tava Grīvā Dhattē Mukhakamalanālaśriyamiyam |
Svataḥ Śvētā Kālāgurubahulajambālamalinā
Mṛṇālīlālityaṃ Vahati Yadadhō Hāralatikā ||

Significance – Devi’s face resembles a lotus flower, Her neck is being embraced by Lord Shiva and hence looks graceful. It is adorned with a pearl necklace that has turned black due the application of aagaru paste making it look like the roots of the lotus. The meditation on the Devi’s neck absolves and purifies Samskaras (impressions that block materialistic and spiritual progress).


  • Get government favours, and that of rulers/leaders.
  • Charm and magnetic attraction.
  • Receive blessings of mass followers.
  • Have an influence on others.

॥ 69 ॥

Galē Rēkhāstisrō Gatigamakagītaikanipuṇē
Vivāhavyānaddhapraguṇaguṇasaṅkhyāpratibhuvaḥ |
Virājantē Nānāvidhamadhurarāgākarabhuvāṃ
Trayāṇāṃ Grāmāṇāṃ Sthitiniyamasīmāna Iva Tē ॥

Significance – The three lines on Devi’s neck is compared to the three threads of mangalyasutra (sacred thread tied around the bride at the time of marriage) that was fastened by Lord Shiva which shine like boundaries demarcating the three musical scales shadjaa, madhyama and gandhaara that are the sources of all songs and melodies.


  • Success in all endeavours.
  • Blessings of longevity of husbands.
  • Achieve skill and command in music and other arts.
  • Capacity to produce celestial, magnetic and melodious music.
  • Accumulation of jewellery.
  • Beneficial for vocalists and other musicians.

॥ 70 ॥

Mṛṇālīmṛdvīnāṃ Tava Bhujalatānāṃ Chatasṛṇāṃ
Chaturbhiḥ Saundaryaṃ Sarasijabhavaḥ Stauti Vadanaiḥ |
Nakhēbhyaḥ Santrasyan Prathamamathanādandhakaripō-
Śchaturṇāṃ Śīrṣāṇāṃ Samamabhayahastārpaṇadhiyā ॥

Significance –  Lord Brahma is praising Devi’s creeper like four arms which resemble the lotus-stalk to seek protection from Lord Shiva who had nipped off His fifth head.


  • Relief from fear and sins.
  • Fulfilment of specific vows.
  • Removes wrath of Lord Shiva and Shiva-apachaaraa (offence).
  • Beneficial for instrumentalists, sculptors and dancers.
  • Bestows great beauty, clarity and wisdom.
  • Maintains sanctity of life.

॥ 71 ॥

Nakhānāmuddyōtairnavanalinarāgaṃ Vihasatāṃ
Karāṇāṃ Tē Kāntiṃ Kathaya Kathayāmaḥ Kathamumē |
Kayāchidvā Sāmyaṃ Bhajatu Kalayā Hanta Kamalaṃ
Yadi Krīḍallakṣmīcharaṇatalalākṣārasachaṇam ॥

Significance – The splendour of the goddess’ hands are magnified with the lustre of her fingernails that mock even a freshly blossomed lotus. The beautiful hands have got their radiance from Goddess Lakshmi’s feet that has lac-dye applied to it and due to this the lotus has got its colour. But, the Devi’s sparkling hands are above everything else.


  • Relief from fears and control over yakshinis.
  • Purity of life.
  • Beneficial for instrumentalists, sculptors, dancers and designers.
  • Purifies mind and body.

॥ 72 ॥

Samaṃ Dēvi Skandadvipavadanapītaṃ Stanayugaṃ
Tavēdaṃ Naḥ Khēdaṃ Haratu Satataṃ Prasnutamukham ।
Yadālōkyāśaṅkākulitahṛdayō Hāsajanakaḥ
Svakumbhau Hērambaḥ Parimṛśati Hastēna Jhaḍiti ॥

Significance – Lord Ganesh and Skanda are nursing the Devi’s breasts that feeds the world, which destroys all sorrows. The elephant god mistakes the two globes on his head for the breasts and looks confused whether they are still present so that he can continue to nurse. This amuses his parents.


  • Freedom from fears.
  • Ensures safe travel, strengthens mind.
  • Increases milk productivity for nursing mothers.
  • Prosperity and peace of mind.


Energized Yantra 71 of Soundarya Lahari – Yantra 71 is a circle shaped tool with a star in the centre. There are powerful mantras in the empty spaces of the star that meditates upon the Devi’s hands and her finger nails. A person who worships this yantra is blessed with great artistic ability. It helps to overcome fear of evil spirits besides bestowing other wishes.

Mode of Worship - The Vedicfolks yantra will be made of copper. Sit facing south-east and chant Verse 71 1000 times daily for 45 days. You can chant Lalitha trishathi by offering red flowers. Devotees can offer cooked rice and honey as prasadam.

Soundarya Lahari Homam (Verses 64-72)

Master Artistic Skills, Receive Influence in High Circles, Favours from Leaders, Acquire Success and Precious Metals

As the descent of the kundalini begins from the Sahasrara, for this series the focus is upon the mother’s tongue, mouth (voice), chin, neck, throat, protective arms, the splendour of her hands and bosom. By worshipping mantras from 64 to 72 an individual can find success in all walks of life. Women can benefit by being blessed with irresistible speech, ability to pacify their annoying husbands, accumulate valuable metals made of gold (jewellery) and also achieve powers to entice men. Vocalists can find this prayer a great blessing as it gives them the power to enhance their voice quality to reach higher echelons of life.

Soundarya Lahari Series of Homam bestows the power to visualise mother Shakti in her royal splendour and receive her grace for beauty, clarity and wisdom. The homam facilitates government favours to achieve tasks including favours from rulers or leaders. You will be loved by all people as your charm and attraction increases. It fulfills specific vows and grants purity of mind and body.

Soundarya Lahari Homam

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Soundarya Lahari Special Yantra Puja for Mantra 71
Removes Fear, Controls Yakshinis and Gives Immense Satisfaction

Soundarya Lahari Homam

In a rare gesture, receive a Soundarya Lahari yantra for the eighth Soundarya Lahari series of homam for Mantras/ Verses 64 -72. Mantras of Soundarya Lahari have a direct connection to the yantras and when mantras are chanted a specific number of times with a focus on the yantra, it is believed to grant specific benefits to the devotee. The chosen yantra 71 of Soundarya Lahari is a powerful tool with great beneficial results. It relieves the devotee from fear and controls yakshinis who are spiritual beings sometimes benevolent and can be malevolent too. Instrumentalists, sculptors, dancers and designers can meditate on this yantra for desired outcomes.


Energized Soundarya Lahari Yantra 71
Supports Art Buffs, Bestows With Positive Energy, Happiness, Peace and Auspiciousness

Soundarya Lahari Homam

Energized Soundarya Lahari yantra 71 is made of copper and is said to be very powerful. It is advised to sit facing south-east. Chant the Mantra 71 facing south east preferably under a banyan tree at least 2000 times daily for 45 days. A devotee can also chant Lalitha Trishathi offering red flowers. Also cooked rice and honey can be offered as prasadam. Besides fetching the benefits above, the yantra can keep your environment radiating with positive energy and ensures much happiness, peace and auspiciousness.

Before start of any Vedic practices, it’s advisable to take the advice of a qualified Master or Guru.


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